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Two-way communication between emergency responders and pipeline operators is a critical component in promoting pipeline safety. With the current threat of terrorism at the national and global level, increased security awareness on the part of pipeline personnel and public sector emergency responders is essential. Due to its physical state, natural gas can be a logistical challenge to transport over long distances where pipelines do not exist or to overseas international markets. Pipeline companies are continually seeking ways to improve security at remote, unmanned locations.
Learn how to safely and effectively respond to a pipeline emergency, how pipelines work, how different products impact response, response leading practices, how to better prepare to respond to pipeline incidents and roles in pipeline response. 811 is the nationally recognized number to provide notification of pending excavation activity so that utilities can properly locate underground assets.
To access the API-AOPL Emergency Response Team's free First Responder Online Pipeline Training, click here.

The Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) is offered as a standalone application on Microsoft Windows PCs, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, Google Android devices and Blackberry devices.
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ERG 2004 Mobile is designed to run on either a Windows-based PC or a Pocket PC personal digital assistant (PDA) to allow first responders maximum flexibility to access and use the information contained in the guidebook. The administration for the Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service is handled by four full-time personnel, and one part-time officer. Administrative policies are managed by the department's (8) captains.The administrative offices are located at Stn.
At Kinder Morgan, we strive to not only communicate with first responders, but also to ensure we are providing them with the information and tools they need to effectively respond to a pipeline incident. Liquefying natural gas so that it takes up less space allows for transportation by cryogenic road tankers or ships.

Videos feature interviews with pipeline and emergency response experts, covering a wide variety of emergency response disciplines. If you are planning to dig or excavate, or notice any activity along a pipeline Right-of-Way, please call 811. Intelligence Community assesses the likelihood of a mass casualty .WISER Updates Across All Platforms New releases of WISER are available for every current platform. See the details below to .At room temperature, anhydrous ammonia is a colorless, highly irritating gas with a pungent, suffocating odor.
Definition: A burn is the partial or complete destruction of skin caused by some form of energy, usually thermal energy.

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