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The Gym Master Home Gym Power Rack has been designed to provide you with the extra piece of mind you need when lifting heavy free weights at home, while still offering the isolation exercise benefits through a cable pulley system. This product article looks at the rack design in a bit more detail, as well as suggesting some very effective exercises that this could be used for when combined with a free weights set and bench. The main aim behind the design of the Gym Master Home Gym was to provide you with all the benefits and safety of a free weights workout in the rack, without losing the isolation exercises that cables can bring. The result is a spacious frame design with plenty of room to perform front squats, back squats, shrugs and any other barbell exercise where you might need support or a spotter. The simple frame design includes a horizontal bar at the front with knurling along certain sections to improve your grip when performing pull ups. If you prefer lifting with a little more freedom of movement then there is a further set of barbell rests attached to the vertical frame supports at the front. The cable pulley system has been kept as simple as possible, while still maintaining a respectable maximum weight limit of 60kg on the weight pegs.
By providing both a high and low cable pulley, the Gym Master Home Gym makes isolation exercises such as bicep curls and tricep pushdowns possible.
While the lat pulldown can be performed without a weights bench, it is recommended to have one to increase stability and focus on the contraction of your back muscles.

Probably the closest power rack to the Gym Master Home Gym in terms of design and cost is the Bodymax CF375, but there are still some important differences. The workout area with the Gym Master is larger than with the Bodymax design, but the maximum weight it can hold on the racks is around 30kg less according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Aside from these measurements there is still the obvious benefit of having the cable pulley system attached to the Gym Master Home Gym, which makes a wide range of isolation exercises possible. The Gym Master Home Gym Power Rack Workout Cage has been well designed to provide you with a mix of both free weight and cable exercise possibilities.
By creating the barbell hooks with a larger circular face, this makes it possible for advanced lifters to use resistance bands for a different style of training in the compound movements such as squats and deadlifts.
While more advanced lifters may find the 60kg weight limit on the cable pulley and 150kg limit on the rack restrictive, this is the perfect addition to any home gym for anyone starting to get more serious about their weightlifting and overall muscle development. Solid, compact and effective, the Gym Master Home Power Rack is strong enough for gym use, while designed to fit into any home.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The barbell hooks positioned inside the frame either side of the cable pulleys are ideal for if you are unracking the barbell for heavy squats and need the support of the safety rails.

Both sets can be adjusted through a wide range of positions to cater for different heights and exercises. This features a heavy duty steel structural integrity the Gym Master Home Power Rack is built to take a pounding.
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And, with a Class A rating, the Gym Master Home Power Rack is unmatched in its class and will give you solid and intense workouts for many years to come! This Power Rack will also enable you to do 100s of different exercises you never thought would be possible without visiting a gym. Featuring fully adjustable band pegs, lat pulldown, low row and safety rails the combinations of possible exercises is endless.

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