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It's September 1st, 1859, and the Earth looks more or less like something out of an apocalyptic movie or Sci-Fi novel. EMPs Do Bad ThingsAn electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a sudden burst of electromagnetic radiation that usually comes from explosions, solar flares, and fluctuating magnetic fields. In January, another huge CME caused problems with air traffic control, satellites, and high-precision GPS.These images from EMP Cover's Attack Simulator show how big the blast radius of medium-sized and multi-megaton attacks would be. What Is a Faraday Cage?The Faraday cage was invented in 1836 by English scientist Michael Faraday.
In computer forensics, a Faraday cage called a screen room is used when investigators need to analyze electronic components in an environment with no electromagnetic interference. DIY Faraday CagesIf a Carrington or huge nuclear attack happened, you wouldn't have much use for your electronics without power or an Internet connection. You can test the effectiveness of your homebrew faraday cages by putting a cell phone inside them and calling it. Learn 5 different ways you can make a Faraday cage to protect your priority devices from an EMP strike or solar flare. Budget Prep: Faraday Cage Protect Your Electronics From an EMP With this Simple Solution Published Dec. Cell Phones while driving your car can turn your car into a Faraday cage while talking on your mobile phone. Faraday Building, and check out Faraday Building on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The Post Officea€™s first London telephone exchange served nearly two-and-a-half square miles of the capital a€“ notable subscribers included the Treasury, the War Office and Fleet Street.
Take-up of the telephone by the public was very quick so that by 1905 the exchange capacity was extended to 10,000 subscribers, and full capacity was exhausted just three years later. To meet the growing demand from businesses in the City, a new common battery exchange was installed in 1906 with a capacity of 15,000 lines.
In common with other exchanges in London, Central was able to connect subscribers to the Electrophone exchange at Gerard Street. In 1933, Faraday became the telephone centre of the world with the opening of the international telephone exchange. The construction of the Faraday Buildings obscured the riverside view of St Paul's Cathedral and directly led to the legislation protecting the views of St Paul's that has been used to thwart large buildings being erected around the various vantage points to see the cathedral.
During the second world war, the Faraday Building was transformed into a redoubt where the Cabinet could retreat if the need arose and the Prime Minister run the war in greater security than Downing Street could provide.

Faraday Cage: How to Make on the CheapThis may well be the best Faraday cage you can make on the cheap and the best Faraday cage at any price.
An sign prohibiting trespassing seen at the Apex Industrial Park north of Las Vegas on Wednesday, Nov.
The 90,500 sq ft block on the site of the Faraday Building was granted planning permission by Manchester City Council last week.
The GEIC, designed by Rafael Vinoly Architects, will be built on the site of the Faraday building on the University's North Campus. The proposed new site would be created in a purpose-built three-storey laboratory block tacked onto the university's existing Faraday Building. All communications have failed, it's so bright outside at midnight that people are getting up and making breakfast, and people all over the world are seeing auroras.
EMPs can cause voltage surges that damage electronic equipment, vehicle engines, or even the entire power grid if it's strong enough. Scientists have studied both natural and man-made EMPs (the things we do in the name of knowledge) since the first nuclear weapons testings in the 1940s.
It also blocks signals, so a phone or credit card can't be tracked by RFID or GPS when it's inside.
But the types of solar storms that just damage your expensive stuff and mess up communications for a few days are much more likely to happen, so a Faraday cage is a good thing to have. Brian Green made this awesome, yet stylish iPhone pouch with some aluminum backed Cuben Fiber and Velcro. This pouch could also easily be made to fit other smartphones, or you could make a bigger one for your laptop or gaming console.Want something you can throw all your gear in at once?
Microwave radio frequencies are electromagnetic waves with wavelength with the sizes ranging between 1mm – 1m.
It started life as the Central telephone exchange at the Savings Bank building in Queen Victoria Street, opening for business on 1 March 1902 with just 200 subscribers.
Electrophone allowed people to listen to performances at certain London theatres and music halls while sitting at home. The complex task of switching subscribers over to the new exchange involved 60 engineers and the opening was the culmination of more than 15 monthsa€™ hard work.
The City of London School and another telephone exchange, Baynard House were built between the riverside and Faraday House but are restricted in height to just three levels above ground. The solar storm that produced the electromagnetic pulse and caused all this mayhem is known as the Carrington Event, and storms like it happen about about once every century.It's been 153 years.

And the worst part is that we're totally unprepared.If another Carrington level event happened today, it could kill as much as two-thirds of our population because we depend so much on electricity for survival. It's relatively simple to build, and it can be as large as a room or as small as a wallet or a pouch for your iPhone. A person inside a strong Faraday cage or suit can be hit with 500,000 volts of electricity and can even shoot lightning from their fingers. Plus, anything electronic in it (including RFID chips) can't get a signal or be tracked, so it also takes care of those pesky listening devices.Let's start simple.
Jed Daniels made this DIY Faraday Cage with a few things you can get at any hardware store: a few lengths of wood, aluminum screen, copper wire, and a hinge to attach the lid.
I always just thought it would take out the power grid and anything running on that grid at the time. Seems the Carrington event made a bunch of telegraphs spark and catch fire, but they didn't exactly have any wireless gadgets back then.
The Faraday Building is erected on the former site of Doctors' Commons, which had been the location of the Admiralty, Probate, and principal Ecclesiastical Court in England. Most of us would die of starvation and disease, and there would be no civilization left to speak of.
From space.So what happens when it's closer?The K ProjectThe Soviet Union conducted a series of nuclear tests called The K Project. A booster bag, which is a shopping bag lined with aluminum foil that's used to shoplift items with RFID tags, is a Faraday cage. You can make a Faraday wallet with just some aluminum foil and duct tape, or add protection to the one you already have. The last few were called Soviet Test 184 and used weapons much smaller than in Starfish Prime, but they detonated them over a populated area in Kazakhstan where the Earth's magnetic field was also greater. This EMP was so strong that the electric current it produced caused a fire in a power plant in Karaganda.Geomagnetic and Solar StormsOn March 9, 1989, a solar storm sent a million-mile-wide coronal mass ejection (CME) flying towards the Earth. It hit three days later, knocking out the power for 6 million Americans and Canadians for nine hours and making the Northern Lights visible all the way down in Texas.In 2005, the solar storm in the video below sent an X-class flare, the strongest kind, into space. It didn't affect Earth, but it was the biggest since 1989, and the proton storm that it caused would have been bad news if anyone had been walking around on the moon that day.

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