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Sullivan is a former emergency and critical care nurse who recently graduated from medical school in Ireland. By the time she opened up the on-board medical kit and put on one of the two pairs of sterile gloves included, "Delivery was imminent," she says.
However they couldn't clamp the umbilical cord properly to cut it, because that requires two clamps, until one of the nurses had an idea. She credits her Northern nursing experience for helping her make do with what was available. When the plane landed in Yellowknife, the mother and child were taken by ambulance to Stanton Territorial Hospital while the remaining passengers stayed on board. Sebastian Jones of Dawson City had to haul a bunch of gear across the ice-covered Yukon River. Stefan Trischuk had to resort to an emergency landing last Friday just outside of Yellowknife, NWT, after his engine cut out. Stefan Trischuk, an aerobatic pilot from Saskatoon, was bound for Yellowknife, NWT, last Friday, when the engine of his aircraft began to sputter. Trischuk said his Ultimate Biplane, an aircraft specialized for aerial acrobatics, is not made for gliding, so he only had about 20 seconds from when the engine died to find somewhere to land.

Stefan Trischuk's plane being towed from its landing site, on a small road near the Yellowknife airport.
An Air Tindi Cessna Caravan made an emergency landing on Great Slave Lake in the early morning of Nov 20 due to icing.
Air Tindi expects to transport its damaged Cessna Caravan back to Yellowknife this week. Al Martin, president of Air Tindi, says they plan to remove the wings and sling the plane back to Yellowknife by helicopter. The plane made an emergency landing on Great Slave Lake in the early morning of November 20 due to icing. All five passengers and the pilot escaped unharmed, but the impact of landing on the ice ripped the aircraft's undercarriage and damaged a wing.
Fred Gottfried, who says he's been flying for nearly 50 yearsa€‹, was flying his Cessna 172 from his home in Slave Lake, Alta., to Yellowknife when the incident occurred. About 30 kilometres north of Enterprise on Highway 1, he says he found a straight stretch of road with little traffic. 14 when flight attendants made an announcement asking if there were medical personnel on board, Sullivan said.

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But when his machine broke down, he had to pick it up and try to push it across the finish line. He says crews moved equipment to the site Sunday and will be working to dismantle parts of the aircraft so it can be airlifted back.
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