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In the film, their fate (if any) is left ambiguous.In the video game, they are trying to prevent Pinocchio from fleeing but Pinocchio destroys them like whirling at the end of the song I've Got No Strings.
Their appearance is never completely revealed; they are shown only in shadow, save for their glowing yellow eyes, and they never speak. The Coachman's minions do get a comeuppance in the Pinocchio Super NES video game; they are trying to prevent Pinocchio from fleeing but Pinocchio destroys them like whirling at the end of the song I've Got No Strings. It is unknown if the goons are actual black creatures, or if they are real human beings dressed in dark costumes. One goon had black pupils when he opened the gate when the Coachman threw Alexander into the pen where the boys still talked. The Coachman's minions had no counterparts in the original story; apparently it was a one-man operation. Italian artist Angela Vianello, has taken some of Disney‘s most beloved characters, such as Belle, the Beast, Snow White, Ariel, Eric and Rapunzel and has given them a make-over manga-style.
I love that she has taken what is one of the most well known western styles of drawing and animation and has translated it into the style of what is its counter half, the insanely popular Japanese manga. And if the idea wasn’t enough, the fact that Vianello pulls each transformation off flawlessly makes me swoon. Not only does Vianello translate these characters into manga perfection, she also gives some of them a modern twist.
If you like the above and below examples of Angela Vianello’s work, then you should definitely check out her site, so that you can view her full portfolio (it is gorgeous). Susie is a comic book reading, anime loving, Batman obsessed, musician, artist, cosplayer, gamer, occasional supervillain and all round very nerdy girl.
When not working on content for NLY and sneakily fitting in the odd zombie kill (on X-box 360), she can be found writing entertainment posts for national news entertainment site The Metro as well as writing guest posts for Bit Rebels and for Bad Haven. Susie is also the author of acclaimed blog A Twin Adventure as well as the geektastic Deviant Geek Girl tumblr blog.
In a nail-biting announcement, singer Conchita Wurst was last night voted through to this year's final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Conchita Wurst, the representative for Austria, was the last contestant to find out that she had received enough votes to qualify from Thursday's second semi-final. As is traditional with Eurovision, winners in the semi-finals are announced in a random order, rather than in the order of the number of votes each has received. Conchita is a favourite to win this year's contest and her performance last night went down extremely well with the 11,000 members of the audience in the B&W Hallerne, where the event is being held. Leaving her name till last led to a nerve-racking climax to Thursday evening's show, with audience members chanting, "Austria!

Conchita is the drag persona of Tom Neuwirth, who identifies as gender-neutral but uses female pronouns for herself.
Describing himself as a private person, Neuwirth, now 26, confides that he suffered discrimination as a teenager. He then studied at the Graz School of Fashion, where he graduated from in 2011, the year that Conchita rose from Neuwirth’s shell.
Conchita Wurst's first appearance was in 2011, when she appeared in Die gro?e Chance, a show on Osterreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), Austria's national public-service broadcaster. Creating her as a statement, to highlight the need for tolerance and acceptance, Conchita is known as the Bearded Lady — by virtue of the fact that, while dressing in female attire, she chooses to sport a beard. Writing on her website, Conchita says of her look, “It’s not about appearances; it’s about the human being. BTRC is a member of the organisation that runs the Eurovision Song Contest, the EBU, whose rules make clear that state broadcasters must show the contest in its entirety.
Teo wasn't the only boy band to win through to the final: Finland's rock boy band, Softengine, wowed viewers with "Something Better" to secure their place. Thursday evening's second semi-final was held at the B&W Hallerne, which is situated on the recently revamped Eurovision Island, just off Copenhagen, the capital city of this year's host country, Denmark. The five countries knocked out of the contest in the second semi-final were: Macedonia, Georgia, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania. Now, 26 countries will compete in the Eurovision grand final, which will be held on Eurovision Island this coming Saturday, May 10.
Ten countries (from 16) had already won through to the final when they competed in the first semi-final on Tuesday, May 6. The remaining six — last year's winners, Denmark, and the Big Five: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — have an automatic place in the final. Ahead of yesterday's second semi-final the BBC launched its dedicated pop-up DAB radio station, BBC Radio 2 Eurovision, which will continue to broadcast from now till Sunday. At it's launch, Bob Shennan, BBC Radio Controller, Radio 2, 6 Music, Asian Network and Radio 2 Eurovision, said of the pop-up station, “Every year, Eurovision is a moment that unites many people around the UK, as well as Europe.
Meanwhile, in countries around the world, official and unofficial Eurovision parties are and have been taking place during the whole week. The Eurovision Song Contest is organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Two years ago, after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Palombo was paralyzed on parts of his left side. Palombo hopes his images’ popularity will convince Disney to create a protagonist with a disability.

While the boys enjoy themselves in the fairground area of the Island, the Coachman cracks his whip, ordering his minions to shut and lock the main doors, preventing the unwitting boys from escaping.
However, it can be discerned from the silhouette of a minion that they have arms resembling that of a gorilla; they are also whipped by the Coachman, suggesting that they are beasts.
She has transformed these characters into what is in my opinion, even more gorgeous versions of themselves. Her style, her clean lines, the colouring, the detail and the facial features are all perfection. I think it is a really nice touch that Snow White has been updated and her apple has become her iPhone.
Just as a pre-warning though, if you are not Italian have your Google translator at the ready, as her site (to state the obvious) is in Italian. He first came to public prominence in 2007 when he took part in the Austrian casting show, Starmania, and went on to found the boy band Jetzt anders!.
Given that the programme is a massive ratings winner for BTRC, and given that Belarus’s own entry — "Cheesecake, " sung by the boy band Teo — also made it through last night to Saturday’s grand final, it can safely be assumed that the broadcaster will ignore their government minister. However, the fact that the Coachman refers to them as "blokes" suggests a certain amount of humanity. Her artwork is inspiring and it leaves me curious as to what a full anime feature for some of these characters in a remake of their classic films would be like? The Peter Pan and Little Mermaid ones are my favorite:) I also really like that new Disney favorites were included such as Tangled. When, finally, the hosts confirmed Conchita had succeeded in going through to the final, the auditorium erupted, while the singer herself looked absolutely shocked but relieved. Despite the “Euro” in “Eurovision”, eligibility is not determined by geographic inclusion within the European continent and bears no relation to the the membership or otherwise of the European Union (EU). They are next seen loading donkeys- the naughty boys transformed -into these crates, under the Coachman's watchful eye.
Their history and reasons for obeying the Coachman are unknown, and they carry out their master's orders with golem-like efficiency and obedience. On hearing the news that Austria was sending the Bearded Lady to Eurovision, as reported by Gay Star News, the Information Minister of Belarus called on his country’s broadcaster, BTRC, to either edit her out of the programme or to cancel the broadcast altogether. Rather, any country that is an Active Member (as opposed to an Associate Member) — of the EBU can take part.

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