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Sarah Palin and her family were reportedly at the center of a brawl that erupted at a party, reports ABC News. Daughter Bristol Palin “was punching [a male partygoer] in the face like six times; it was an assault if I’ve ever seen one,” said one guest, Eric Thompson. Sarah Palin, husband Todd and children Bristol, Willow and Track arrived in a stretch Hummer, the story says. Palin didn’t mention the alleged incident when she appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” show Thursday, and the family didn’t respond to requests for comment, the piece adds.
Why Executive Producer Gavin Polone (‘Gilmore Girls,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’) Is Suing Warner Bros. We Love the Title of This Late-Night Show in Development — But How Will It Sit With Pat Robertson? Megyn Kelly Says She May Not Choose to Stay at Fox News When Her Contract Expires After the Presidential Election. Heir Apparent to Disney CEO Robert Iger Leaving the Company — Will Disney Go Outside the Company for Its Next Chief Executive?

Two Artists, One You Know, the Other You Don’t Know — Bruce Springsteen and Al Kallis — Implore Us: In the Time of Your Life, Live! It’s Being Called One of the Biggest Collapses in the History of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Why the Creator of ‘Dilbert’ Thinks Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President (Forget Politics, It’s Not About That). He Was, Arguably, the Most Beloved Supporting Player on a Drama in the Late 1980s—Early 1990s.
Report: FCC is Near a Decision on Charter’s Plan to Buy Time Warner Cable in a $55 Billion Deal. Debate Coach Grades the Performances in Last Night’s [March 10th] GOP Debate — Which Candidate Got an ‘F’?
Viola Davis, Ellen Pompeo, Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington Appear in Political Commercial for Hillary Clinton. ESPN Pulls Ditka From ‘Sunday NFL Countdown’; Did Ditka’s Pro-Trump Activity Prompt the Move?

In a Cute Bit, ‘The Tonight Show’ Gets a New Theme Song, Based on the Theme Songs of Old Sitcoms.
The fighting started after that, and the Palin family was reportedly asked to leave after Track Palin allegedly attacked another guest, the piece adds. Ernie Els — Who Was Once Ranked as The No.1 Golfer in the World — Takes 6 Strokes to Sink a 2-Foot Putt at the Masters. Here are the Final Minutes of Tonight’s NCAA Men’s Championship Basketball Game: Villanova v.

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