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The documentary "Sexy Baby," which was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, follows Winnifred's adolescence from age 12 to age 15, and delves into the world of porn before puberty. Winnifred's mother, Jenny Bonjean, is a feminist who says she's trying to raise an uninhibited, empowered girl.
Winnifred's father, Ken Alpart, described the two reactions he and his wife have to balance. The risk is that allowing a child too much freedom to express her sexuality can lead her to act on it. Winnifred said that when she was in eighth grade, boys watched porn on their phones at school. According to the award-winning filmmakers of "Sexy Baby," Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, one in every five kids between ages 9 and 11 has watched porn. The film includes a former porn star named Nicole who is an unlikely voice of reason about what porn sex is and isn't. According to "Sexy Baby," 30 years ago, 40 percent of adults said they watched porn, and now it's 80 percent. Nicole, the former porn star and stripper, told the filmmakers she used to have to drive far and wide to find an adult store at the mall to buy her strip-club outfits. Perhaps ironically, given the "pornification" of America culture, the filmmakers are editing a tamer version of "Sexy Baby" for educational use -- to spark the healthy dialouge they see as vital. Clark, Ellen, Rusty and Audrey Griswold are an All-American family of boneheads, cheerful, ignorant and clueless.

After winning an all expenses paid trip through Europe in a pork-themed quiz show it all goes wrong from minute #1 and never lets up as the Griswolds progressively wreak good-natured havoc utilising their own combination of blissful ignorance and plan stupidity. European Vacation hasn’t actually aged that well, something about a lack of mean spirited comedy and no random body fluids will do that, but Chevy Chase is still a master of grafting the subtle gormless laugh at his own expense, and there are enough chuckles to convince you not to turn it off if you catch it on TV late at night. While I try to throw a joke or two into proceedings when I can all of the opinions presented in my reviews are genuine. Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey) and Tiny Tim (Gary Oldman) stars in DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL. La serie beneficie egalement d’une tres belle utilisation des decors, qui, des couloirs aux escaliers, de la cave au grenier, sont magnifies par une photographie lechee, des eclairages judicieux et une camera souvent en retrait. Casting de reve pour la nouvelle exclu de Microsoft, a mi chemin entre le jeu video et la serie TV. Winnifred's journey in the documentary reflects that of many pre-teens today, and through her eyes parents worldwide get a glimpse into the hyper-sexualized culture their children are facing today.
They hope their film will start a conversation between parents and their kids about how to maneuver the sexualized social media world.
Now, she said, she can walk into any mall, look in the windows and stripper clothes and shoes are everywhere.
They were introduced to the world in National Lampoon’s Vacation, and when that proved a big unexpected success a sequel was inevitable, and rather than reinvent the wheel they decided to simply change the destination.
In truth the funniest moment hands down is when Chevy Chase clearly yells ‘FUCK!’ in a car chase near the film’s conclusion only to have ‘Darn it all’ overdubbed.

Les acteurs, eux, sont excellents, a commencer par Jessica Lange, voisine faussement hospitaliere, mere violente et ambigue, qui rode autour de la maison hantee du premier au dernier episode. I rewound that bit three times, I wanted to fast forward everything else (bar the German girl).
A l’image de cette magnifique sequence ou la mere, Vivien, fait connaissance avec la premiere locataire de la maison (morte dans les annees 20) croyant avoir affaire a une acheteuse potentielle. Tout va trop vite, a commencer par la presentation de la famille Harmon, dont on apprend au detour d’une engueulade, que monsieur a trompe madame, laquelle en a perdu son bebe, tandis que leur fille leur envoie de gros signaux de detresse sous forme de scarifications seulement visibles par le telespectateur.
Une histoire d’horreur americaine, declinee sous forme de flashbacks presentant les differents revenants avec lesquels il va leur falloir cohabiter. A ce petit jeu, la serie gagne parfois (le couple originel, pratiquant les avortements en toute illegalite et les meurtres en toute impunite), perd souvent (le couple d’homosexuels, limite caricatural. Et la starlette Elisabeth Short, qui n’apporte rien au show, sinon un soupcon de ridicule).

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