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The strange UFO turned out to be the first biofluorescent sea turtle ever discovered.The hawksbill sea turtle was apparently drawn to the lights the crew was using to film nearby coral.
Biofluorescence was previously discovered in jellyfish, coral, shrimp, and fish, but had not been discovered in any other species. The hawksbill sea turtle is a known species, but researchers hadn’t yet discovered its ability to biofluoresce.

The glowing effect only happens at night, and only in blue light.Shortly after making the discovery, Gruber also found another species of sea turtle that glows, loggerhead turtles. These turtles biofluoresce green under similar circumstances to the hawksbill sea turtles.This discovery has opened up a number of new avenues for research as it raises many questions about the purpose of the florescence in the turtles.
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Gruber was filming coral off the coast of the Solomon Islands when he came across what he described as a "bright red and green spaceship".

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