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With that business out of the way, it comes as a pleasant treat to all of us at Luceo to have bumped our meeting timeframe up from once to twice a year. This summer we took advantage of the days following the Look3 festival to book up a hotel suite, order in some pizza, and hash out the big plan for the next six months.
It's interesting that after 14 hour days of talking about photography that everyone would be so compelled to blow off steam by picking their cameras up off the ground to make more photographs. Three of Slaby's photographs have been selected to show in the final edit of Art from the Heart, a fundraiser-benefit for The Vanderbilt Republic Foundationa€™s Masters project this fall.
The show will be in the Galleries at Calumet Photographic and curated by Audrie Lawrence & Celeste Holt-Walters ofA Heart Art Productions. Preview the show atA Calumet Photographic, 22 West 22nd Street, New York City Sept 8-9th or attend the opening from 7-10pm on the 10th.

David Walter Banks spent a week covering the tragedies surrounding the Virginia Tech shootings in Blacksburg, VA.
Matt Eich won the 2008 Alexia Foundation for World Peace student Grant for his project on rural poverty in Ohio.
A We've been that busy and, in spite of our weekly conference calls, the lock-in method for getting stuff done just can't be replaced. A No announcements are forthcoming just yet, but the meeting minutes span some six pages of single-spaced fun and our listserve is popping like its got a fresh new set of sparkplugs. A Donors will have the opportunity to select an unframed print from the show for their collection. A I promise you this much having scoured the dictionary to be sure it didn't mean something that occurs every other year.

A Could be OCD, could be a nervous tick, but it's exciting to see that we have no shortage of enthusiasm for the practice of making pictures. A That word, to the credit of those who framed the English language, bears no resemblance to biannual. A Impossible to cross wires or mistake it for the word we have chosen to describe the timeframe in which our meetings happen.

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