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Tank japonais, situe a bord d'une epave de cargo imperial de la flotte japonaise de la 2nde guerre mondiale.
Epave du navire gargo "Giannis D" de 100 metre de long, une des plus grandes epaves que l'on trouve dans la mer Rouge. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. A color scan of the original computer printout of the "Wow!" signal as detected by the Big Ear Radio Observatory in 1977. While pointed in the direction of 3 star systems named Chi Sagittarii, in the constellation of Sagittarius, Big Ear detected a 72 second radio wave burst, a signal far stronger than background noise. This excitement wasn’t an overstatement, it was this kind of signal he was looking for, the kind of signal astronomers thought a technologically-capable alien civilization would produce. However, since that day in 1977, a detection of a signal of that strength has not been replicated. Now, Antonio Paris of St Petersburg College, Fla., an ex-analyst of the US Department of Defense, hopes to solve the mystery and he suspects that an entirely different cosmic phenomenon is to blame. The bummer is, however, that comets contain copious amounts of hydrogen in their atmospheres.
In 2017, Comet 266P will once again orbit in front of Chi Sagittarii and Comet 335P will do so the following year and Paris wants to test this hypothesis. Proxima Centauri lies in the constellation of Centaurus (the Centaur), just over four light-years from Earth. Deployed by the thousands from a mothership launched into Earth orbit, each nanocraft would unfurl a sail and catch a laser pulse to accelerate to 20 percent the speed of light—some 60,000 kilometers per second. Breakthrough Starshot is the latest of Milner’s Breakthrough Initiatives, a multidisciplinary collection of projects marshaling private funds to address existential questions about life in the universe. Serious planning for the project began about a year ago, when Milner consulted experts to consider options for practical interstellar travel.
Loeb and his fellow consultants noted that we already routinely accelerate subatomic particles to near light-speed in modern particle physics experiments, and that the smaller a spacecraft is, the more likely it can be made to travel at an extreme velocity. After evaluating and dismissing propulsion options as exotic as rockets fueled by antimatter annihilation or nuclear fusion reactions, the consultants narrowed their considerations to laser-powered light sails, a concept dating back to the 1960s. But as steep as that sounds now, the market prices of just 10 years ago would have rendered it a hundred times more expensive. In addition to making practical interstellar flight a reality, Worden says, the Starshot project could also be transformative for other applications closer to home.

Already, the planning for Breakthrough Starshot is changing how members of the Breakthrough Initiatives organization view its other related projects, such as Breakthrough Listen, the effort to tune in to deliberate or inadvertent transmissions from cosmic civilizations. Mais il en existe qui, dans un passe lointain, naviguerent fierement dans le meme monde que celui des hommes, avant de sombrer dans d'obscurs fonds marins et demeurer dans l'oubli. Je trouve personnellement que ca enjolive vraiment le paysage, de veritables monuments de la mer en soi.
Il y a aussi l'epave du Liberty a Amed, en Indonesie, pour ceux qui font de la plongee ou qui voudraient faire leur bapteme de plongee. The languagues, used for this blog, are Dutch, English and French.You can find the articles of a collegue by selecting his category. This particular code first uses the numbers 1-9 and then the alphabet A-Z to denote signal strength. It just so happens that cosmic neutral hydrogen naturally radiates at this frequency -- it is therefore an abundant signal that is commonly used in astronomy.
Salla will reveal startling first hand testimonies of people claiming to have witnessed events and documents concerning secret agreements with extraterrestrial life.
Each pinging photon of light would impart a slight momentum to the sail and its cargo; in the microgravity vacuum of space, the torrent of photons unleashed by a gigawatt-class laser would rapidly push a nanocraft to relativistic speeds. Using a sophisticated adaptive-optics system of deformable mirrors to keep each pulse coherent and sharp against the blurring effects of the atmosphere, the laser array would boost perhaps one orbiting nanocraft per day.
NASA has already sent five spacecraft on trajectories taking them beyond our solar system, although even the fastest of these would require more than 30,000 years to reach Alpha Centauri. The probes will also need to transmit observations back to Earth using onboard lasers with just a few watts of power—a problem potentially solvable by using the giant Earthbound laser array as a receiver. Driven by demand in consumer high-speed telecommunications systems as well as defense-related projects, the cost of critical technologies for a gigantic laser array are now decreasing by approximately a factor of 2 every 18 months, Lubin says. Those solutions would then feed into a prototype system that could perhaps be built for a few hundred million dollars more. Starshot’s final laser array could prove useful for detecting and characterizing potentially threatening near-Earth asteroids, and its many deformable mirrors could be repurposed to make the array a massive telescope for gathering starlight rather than creating laser beams.
If we can seek out potentially habitable planets in other star systems and use lasers to send flotillas of miniaturized spacecraft to investigate them, there is no reason to assume we are the only ones in the Milky Way doing so.
Certaines de ces tristes epaves sont cependant toujours visibles, en surface ou dans des eaux accessibles.
Il offre un contraste saisissant entre sa haute structure de rouille et l'etendue infinie du lagon turquoise.

Un bateau, c'est quand meme un bel ouvrage, c'est pas la canette de biere que tu vas jeter quand tu prend l'apero sur la plage.
ET when astronomer Jerry Ehman used the Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope to sweep the skies for signals that may have originated from an extraterrestrial civilization. This is no coincidence; through alien-hunting logic, should there be an extraterrestrial species wanting to make contact, what frequency would they use? He will analyze the scope and nature of these agreements, and how they influence public policies concerning extraterrestrial life.
Each laser pulse would contain as much power as that produced by a space shuttle rocketing into orbit.
Like Breakthrough Starshot, which involves the most sizeable lump sum ever dedicated purely to achieving interstellar flight, these other initiatives offered similar financial sea changes for their respective fields—which due to their extremely speculative nature have long languished in the hinterlands of federal science funding. With minor tweaks, that roadmap offered a notional template for Breakthrough Starshot, and Lubin is now one of the project’s key scientists. Those exponential rates of change suggest that in 10 years a giant laser array’s per-watt cost would drop from $10 to 10 cents. Le spectacle qu'elles offrent est impressionnant, mais surtout charge d'une mysterieuse melancolie. Firstly, as we only have ourselves to use as an alien template, we have to assume that hypothetical aliens will likely use radio waves. With no onboard ability to decelerate, they would briefly gather data about any planets in the Alpha Centauri system and beam it back toward Earth before plunging deeper into interstellar darkness and out of communication range. Governments would be one possible sponsor; collectives of billionaire philanthropists would be another. Such instruments and telescopes could be turned to other nearby stars, too, possibly revealing additional targets for interstellar voyages.
Secondly, if they are using radio waves to communicate with us, they would likely use a frequency that other intelligent aliens would be naturally tuned into. Along with Milner and Hawking, the third member of Breakthrough Starshot’s board of directors is Mark Zuckerberg, the wealthy founder and CEO of Facebook. Ultimately, nanocraft in their wispy millions could fan out on photons to explore many more stars, transforming what we do and know on galactic scales.

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