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Love her n hope she sticks with GH wish is in need of a comeback n they need all the fave they can get to do that.. I wish daytime actors would be used in primetime for guest spots and story arcs on current series.
GH is in need of a comeback at the moment(im still watching but its loosing the addictiveness it had for me 1 year ago. ReplyMary SF replied July 2nd, 2013 at 4:03 pmI was a bit surprise to read this comment from a veteran soap watcher as yourself. I began watching last fall based on the raves the show was getting on this website and I only had to watch a week to know, no daytime drama could keep up the pace I was seeing back then– so the bubble bursting did not catch me off guard. But you know how daytime dramas work– you have to look at their time, not our time to determine how long it has been since a character has been on.
Also most daytime dramas play out like a book with shows being like chapters with the various characters coming and going to tell the larger story of the plot.
I think it is that method of storytelling when most daytime dramas are more integrated together makes GH seemed choppy and unbalanced but since getting the knack of it, I don’t find it all that bad once you know you not going to see certain characters until it is their turn at the can. I have watched almost as long as you have, not quite as long, but up there and I have to disagree with your notion that story writing was better in the early days. My point being the stories soaps told in the sixties and seventies were topics never discussed on television before, abortion, divorce, premarital sex, drug use, adultery, addiction issues, domestic violence, etc and for those us growing up with the society at the time, these were exciting stories to hear. Also I have changed; before I had life experience under my belt, certain story lines interested me, like what is it like falling in love for the first time, finding Mr.
So today I don’t think there is a story a soap could tell that would get me excited to watch like I did when I was younger. And thank you to follow poster for allowing me to high-jack this thread to discuss a topic that has nothing to do with KS.
ReplyMo replied July 3rd, 2013 at 6:29 amWhy did you put sick in quotes like you don’t believe she was really sick?

CBS Daytime's: "Not Safe For Daytime" has released its next vignette which features B&B's Karla Mosley, Linsey Godfrey and Scott Clifton in a spoof of Saturday Night's Live's send-up on the soaps, "The Californians". GH's Finola Hughes Talks The Emotional Griffin Reveal, Anna's Relationships With Andre and Paul, Scrubs Goodbye Scenes & Nabbing Carlos Rivera! Of course, there is not as much episodic television as there once was, but still, with daytime’s mroe rushed schedules, larger casts, and frequent hiatuses, surely Kirsten Storms could spread heer wings on an ABC, ABC Family or Disney show. I was glad Another World was on at 3pm when i was in high school when i got out at 2pm and got home in time to watch. Ironically i was at a relatives house while they were watching ATWT on the day it was interupted for JFKs assasination. I’ve been watching her since she was Belle on Days, and Maxie is my favorite part of General Hospital. Someone who is nice, wholesome, true to herself, mature, talented, charismatic, versatille, her talents and personality compliments are endless! Kirsten could definately pull it off and I would love having another something to watch her on! Guests: Finola Hughes, Maura West, Kassie DePaiva, Melissa Reeves, Tyler Christopher, Jacob Young, Linsey Godfrey, Bryan Craig, Dee Wallace, Obba Babatunde', Nicolas Bechtel, Brooklyn Rae Silzer with Co-Hosts: Laura Wright and David Michaels!
I do wish we saw here more on GH though, maybe as it gets closer to Maxie’s due date we will. So you could not have been surprised that GH could not keep up the level of storytelling they had leading up to the 50th anniversary?
DOOLs was super cool too when it was mostly the Hortons, and i enjoyed The Doctors and still trying to figure the name of the song nurse Lauri James used to sing on that show. I would love it if Jack Wagner could come back for the birth, I really enjoyed their scenes together.
My all time favorite was the vampire soap Dark Shadows with its colorful characters, twist and turns, and every episode ended almost everyday with a cliffhanger.

Also Edge of Night, Return To Peyton Place, Somerset, Strange Paradise, Mary Hartman and so many others in that same era i had watched. She is practically the only pregnant soap character ever to have not fallen down some stairs or have had stress induced cramps or had some sort of mysterious bleeding by this point in the pregnancy. Give her at least one of those or a heart attack or give her charge of crimson when connie leaves and make the stress have a strain on her, something, anything, come on, the fans are begging for more maxie!!! Dool, Passions, and Oltl i watched the most while ATWT, GL, and GH was on again and off again for me.
Then a year ago i got addictive to gh, watched dool occasionally and stopped watching the cbs serials but i sometimes watch y&r on occasion. DOOLs got real good in the past month and now its my favorite while the last two weeks ive started to loose interest in GH. I dont mind the rotating cast and storyline when the show was so good there for several months before the NB and for a few weeks afterward but now it feels like the stories are going nowhere and i dont see any big payoff down the road. I waited 8 years for them to reveal Mike Hortons paternity on Days and waited 6 years for Doug to marry Julie on the same show. But back then the shows were smartly written, there were rarely any characters i disliked and even when days credits appeared after the shows last scene even made the show more interesting and i couldnt wait for the next episode. I know it takes 9 months to have a baby but Maxis pregnancy seems to be taking longer than those days stories i just mention.
Think that Britt living with Sabrina and Felix shouldnt be…i liked these three for awhile but they are too stuck together and need to give Felix his own story. Thanks for your reply Mary…i often enjoy reading your comments whether its a reply to me ot not.

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