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In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control published a wildly popular (and successful) blog post about preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse. Our graphic novel, "Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic" demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy.
It's a comic style graphic novel that chronicles the beginning of a Zombie Apocalypse, and what steps could be taken to prepare, and what items to prepare with. It was so popular, their servers were overwhelmed with the traffic.  CDC blog posts typically get traffic between 1,000 and 3,000 hits per WEEK.

Daigle said that the number of the followers of the CDC's zombie apocalypse tweets was comparable to the number of followers of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton: "We were trending yesterday! Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary people into zombies. On the evening of May 18, 2011, a few days after it was published, the post received more than 30,000 hits.  (See sidebar at bottom of this story)  See that original blog post here. Stick around to the end for a surprising twist that will drive home the importance of being prepared for any emergency.

Included in the novel is a Preparedness Checklist so that readers can get their family, workplace, or school ready before disaster strikes.

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