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The fondest memory I have of watching this episode is in sixth grade when my family watched it with me.
Anyway I think it's one of the most focused episode, and it's about a secondary character so there's not too much distraction between Krusty and Bart and Lisa. One of my favorite jokes from the history of the show and one of the best Season 3 jokes is Krusty's reaction after the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon "And didn't Scratchy Junior look happy playing with his dad until they got run over by a thresher?".
I really think that the combination of the animation with the ever looming shadow of the comet and the music gave the episode a greater sense of believability. As for the fun stuff, there's lots of it in this episode and many of them are: "Hurrah for science, woo"? So overall, it's a fun and enjoyable episode, well worthy of being part of the sixth season.
Directed by Bob Anderson, assistant director Mike Anderson, animation by Noah Miller, Eric Stefani, Lance Kramer, Istvan Majoros, Jordan Reichek, Shaun Cashman, and Tom Woodall. Noah also did the scene where Bart catches the comet, which burned up to chihuaha head-size, complete with a chihuaha for comparison. Eric Stefani animates the sequence when Bart hijacks Skinner's astronomy and phones in his comet sighting to the observatory. Lance Kramer's nibblet eyebrows turn up when Bart tries to use his bike generator, and in many of the scenes with the "super friends".
Shaun Cashman draws the sequence where everyone is on the roof, and Homer ellaborates on his back up plan. Shaun also did the bit where Homer insists the Flanders should get out of the shelter because he is useless. Jordan Reichek animates the scene at the end where Homer and the kids are scared that his vision came true.

I quite like how it evolves and pulls the whole town into it; it suits with the comet threatening the town and all. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, check out these cosplay chicks dressed as your favorite Cobra intelligence officer. You must register as a member before you can post at the NHC; registration for new accounts is free. It starts with Krusty doing the show and ends with him in reconciliation with his dad, again on the show. I couldn't tell exactly what's the moral of the show but I think is that As long as you do something that makes people happy you can honor your family and your history at the same time even if your job seems derogatoring.
This really helped in driving home that fact that something serious is happening and the fate of Springfield is very much in doubt. Here, after Bart sabotages Principal Skinners weather balloon which is launched as part of an school science event by unveiling much less than flattering Skinner-related additions to the balloon (which is found funny by the students) he is caught and is punished by having to help Skinner with his astronomy sessions early in the morning.
The episode is well paced and does a good job introducing the comet plot via the intro with Bart being forced to help Skinner with his amateur astronomy and the characterizations and portrayals of the characters is very good, except for Homer who gets a bit iffy and definitely leans on the 'jerkass wall' (as I'd like to call it) when in the bomb shelter and wants Ned to get out, but he never really turns that unlikeable to me (it does feel a bit odd how he suddenly changes his mind and goes out to join Ned, but Homer is known for changing his mind rather quickly and sometimes going for "the lesser of two evils" which I guess can be applied here, choosing to join Ned instead of being locked up with a crowd of people who are arguing and bickering for a pretty poor reason; it all boils down to the fact that I can buy how he acted and it doesn't bother me so much at all). The comet plot is really good and has got some very funny moments and lines throughout, the animation is really good (especially the stuff connected to the comet and it's approach) and it's just an really nice episode from start to end. The scene where they drive home from the town meeting, with Homer confessing his faith in the government system, is Tom Woodall animation. While the unprepared are still sitting around twiddling their thumbs and going doo de doo doo doo de de da da dooo. It breaks your heart seeing Krusty like that but it's just an absurd and funny reaction to a kids' cartoon. As I said earlier the emotional aspect of the episode seemed to be manufactured with the citizens of Springfield eventually joining Ned outside the bomb shelter but having Homer's prediction be right and the family seemingly more frightened of that was a good ending.

As Skinner, who wants to discover something in the sky and have it named after him, spots the humilating balloon and attempts to catch it, leaves Bart alone with the telescope and the boy discovers a comet and calls it in, whereupon it is named after him. There are no guest stars here and if they would have had any, they would for sure have felt at least a bit shoehorned or something like that since the story does sustain itself really well without any outside help from any guest stars. I definitely like how it is Bart who discovers the comet instead of Lisa, which would have been an easier, more obvious and maybe not as good approach so it's good they went with Bart and added something new to his list of accomplishments: getting a comet named after him.
Afterwards, he is introduced to the Super Friends gang at school, which consists of some of the biggest nerds (one of them Lisa), and it is then discovered that the comet it heading for town, turning the amazement for fear and worry.
I wouldn't say the episode is perfect or one of my favorite episodes nor one of my top favorites from the season, but I definitely do like it and think it's something of a classic episode, with the solid plot it has and funny as it is. I would have had Lisa or Marge be the one to go out and join Ned outside and have Homer to be coerced into joining the rest of the group. After an attempt to blow up the oncoming comet with a rocket, everyone fears the worst and that the time has come for the town and it's citizens, which leads to pretty much everyone gathering inside Ned Flanders' bomb shelter and Ned being forced out because it's overcrowded. All in all, it's quite an memorable outing from season six and one of those episodes every fan and regular watcher should see.
Ultimately, everyone follows Homer out to join Ned and wait for total destruction once the comet which is nearing the town arrives, but it doesn't go as they all had expected. I guess you could call this an infamous "Jerkass Homer" moment that doesn't quite sit well with me.
I also thought that Lisa being a part of the "super friends" didn't quite fit since she is a loner most of the time but I guess this was a way to have Lisa and her smarts interact with Bart more.

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