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Developers built docks, and ramps to those docks in Delta Coves, on Bethel Island, but not the homes.
This multimillion dollar bridge in Mountain House, a town created by developers, is a road to nowhere, closed for now. A construction sign in a stalled and empty subdivision in Rio Vista, which is in Solano County. An abandoned boat on a closed road near Mountain House, a development that cost CalPERS millions when it crashed. Racers leave tire tracks on this shuttered road in northern Stockton, where development has been halted. Some construction is starting again in Mountain House, near Tracy, where prices have fallen by about half since 2006.
Delta Coves was supposed to have 494 homes and 416 docks, but no homes have been built for years. This walled-off zombie subdivision, off a Stockton highway, has a playground and lights, but no homes.
Grass is starting to peek through the sidewalks in the Rio Vista development, which was to be called Hearth and Home.
Many of the streetlights in zombie subdivisions don't work any more, since people have stolen the wires from them.

Ashes from a fire on a cul-de-sac in an abandoned subdivision in Stockton, near Janeen Milhorn's home. Mariana and Derek Wagner are real estate agents in the Pikes Peak region who understand the importance of being prepared for whatever happens. Acreage – Although several acres would be ideal, you can build a fantastic zombie-proof home on only about one acre. Power – Harness the power of the sun and wind by installing wind mills and solar panels on your property. Size – You will want a home that is large enough to live comfortably, yet small enough that you could effectively guard it all by yourself. Security – You will want surveillance cameras and a system that will notify you if  zombies (or looters) try to access your home. Back Up Power – Stock up on batteries and have a couple generators to hold the power that you generate from your windmills and solar panels.
Mariana Wagner is a Realtor® in the Colorado Springs area that may or may not be slightly obsessed with the Zombie Apocalypse.
Not everyone will have the luxury (or the luck) to live on acreage when the zombie apocalypse hits. Urban Gardens Inc – Urban Gardens offers residential landscape design, backyard landscape design, landscape architect and landscape installation in the Stapleton development and surrounding areas in Denver.

The researchers looked at Facebook to see who was interested in topics like paintball, martial arts, survival skills, laser tag, and Ironman triathlons, while they turned to census data to determine active and retired military personnel.
Considering Colorado has consistently ranked as the Nations MOST FIT state for many years in a row, and the fact that there is ALWAYS an opportunity to run a 5k*, and we have a ton of military bases, and we like guns … it totally makes sense. I am thoroughly convinced that THIS is the perfect home in the event of a zombie apocalypse. The state and local governments are no better at creating a functioning viable alternative to the deep bureaucracies of the federal government.
Accessibility  – You will want to find a home that offers easy access to major thoroughfares and supply sources, yet be on a plot a land large enough to accommodate the security and survival measures that you will need in the event of a zombie apocalypse. This will vary, depending on your needs and the number of people who will be living with you during the apocalypse. The Web site America’s Health Rankings rounded out the rankings with reports on obesity and physical activity.

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