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So you got some extra cash to spend, and you really want to be prepared for the pending zombie apocalypse? The transition from chainmaille armour to plate armour seems to have taken place in the 13th century. Dapenko, I look through this site every day, and honestly when I see you post something I have to look because you always have some interesting stuff.
And best part is with that Luke in his undies figure you are one step closer to a custom OSOK figure.

Purchase this Full Body Riot Suit and you should be good to go, whether you are fighting of hordes of the undead, or even if you fall into a pit of rabid, ravenous Honey Badgers. Totally believable too, in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns graphic novel 60 year old Batman beat the snot outta Kal-EL. Combine with the Apocalypse Survival Kit and you will be a geeky force to be reckoned with. The entire protective suit is worn by riot control officers who are facing down hostile crowds.

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