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The Ronin is a tactical helmet with ANSI-rated polycarbonate removable lenses, removable cheek plates with built-in magnets, and a defogging function. The EOCs rear plate bag can be independently raised to offer better rear armor protection to a wider range of users. The EOC is a plate carrier available in the following patterns: Kryptek, MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Instructor Red, Black, and M81 Woodland. Mission Spec is announcing the addition of Kryptek™ Highlander, Kryptek™ Typhon, and Instructor Red to the available patterns for the Essentials Only Carrier (EOC) and optional (sold separately) Shoulder Savers mkII. These additional options include (excluding Instructor Red) pattern matching and licensed Kryptek™ 55301 spec PALS webbing to maintain the patterns consistency. The EOC fits two (one front, one rear) medium or large sized shooters cut (e,x)SAPI armor plates. Mission Spec Shoulder Savers mkII (sold separately) are also immediately available in the new color and patterns. This testing video for Italian company B-Max’s Level III armored plate is pretty standard, until you notice the testing overseer with an open shirt and later without the shirt and with a cigarette in his hand.
How could UD Replicas possibly top the awesomeness that was the Stormtrooper motorcycle suit? Essex Junction, VT, USA (May 4, 2012) –   Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, announces the much anticipated retail debut of its Batlskin Modular Head Protection System.
The Batlskin Multipurpose Front Mount is thecornerstone of the Batlskin Head Protection system. The Batlskin High-Threat Mandible Guard provides lightweight blunt force, blast and ballistic protection for the lower jaw. The Batlskin Three-Position Visor is an optically correctface shield that can be worn one of three ways from maximum coverage to maximum breathability: locked, vented or up. Revision develops and delivers purpose-built protective equipment for military use worldwide. Thanks to US PALM for sharing this on their Facebook page and feel free to go LIKE ’em. After the popularity of their Kiddie Plate Carrier (KPC), Extreme Gear Labs has released the Micro Melly PC. From UD Replicas comes the most awesome motorcycle suit ever come from a galaxy far, far away. They are apparently looking forward to making (no kidding) tactical corsets that provide ballistic protection, using such gel material as the British MoD’s (Ministry of Defense) d30 material.
The dude who designed the bear-attack prevention suit is applying his inventing talents to protect troops in the field.
Geekologie explains: The suit is called Trojan and the inventer describes it as the "first ballistic, full exoskeleton body suit of armour" and he hopes to get it deployed for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and US soldiers in Iraq. Like the chemical weapons suits that protect you against nerve gas only until you have to take a leak.
Can I just point out that both UK and US troops are currently deployed without the (much cheaper) armour that we already have?
A full suit of medieval plate armor weighed about 20 kilos (fighting armor, not jousting armor).
It needs a heads-up display that puts cross-hairs over your field of vision, and features lots of rapidly changing numbers.
Gundam are here except for the jet pack, rocket launcher and cool night vision laser sensor.
I also wonder about the psych factor: would being encased in such armor make a professional fighting unit more cautious or risk-taking? Even if the suit is not immediately practical, I think it's a line of research that should definitely be pursued. It would be good if police entering a home to arrest someone wore such outfits INSTEAD of tossing in stun grenades and smoke grenades.
More likely though, they would wear such outfits and STILL toss in stun grenades and smoke grenades.
Look, if we are going to take this outfit seriously, rather than as a weird bit of sci fi come to life, we need to think about the kinds of jobs the military actually has to do. RickD - Compare the relative contributions that could be made by a person who is only temporarily down due to a bruise resulting from a bullet deflected by armor to a person who is seriously wounded and not only cannot fight, but requires medical attention. The armor comes with a price - slower movement, more frequent rest stops, bigger logistical tail.
As a reductio ad absurdum, consider the impact on field effectiveness of putting each soldier inside a spherical steel ball with foot thick walls.
Do a major fraction of our casualties in Iraq come from small-arms firefights, as opposed to IEDs, mortars, RPGs and that sort of thing? Though the armor built specifically for the Trojan, named Shadow Armor, in not present throughout the suit, it is being sold with the suit for the buyer to reproduce at will. Let’s just hope whoever wins it will actually try to get this project off the ground and give Troy the credit he deserves.

I think his big problem is attempting to sell without the backing of a company and attempting to sell in such a well established market.
While the technological ingredients are still in their infancy, the direction was, suprisingly, correct. If you wish to achive the credit that I believe you deserve, begin developing a power supply that can elevate the Trojan from simple deadweight to a physical amplification exoskeleton capable of extravehicle operations. I am a 19 ear Veteran of the United States Army recently converted from enlisted to commissioned officer.
With proper research, anyone can see that Troy Hurtobise armor is in fact layered with a soft version of armor beneath layers of exoskeleton. I’ve seen your video, and if that suit proves to be everything you say, then this is amazing. Flowers has expanded upon his Galac-Tac Mandalorian-inspired combat wear, and it’s now featured on its own website. Flowers came up with this more contemporary take on Mandalorian armor, modifying multiple components and integrating what appears to be an armor carrier. Both the EOC and Shoulder Savers mkII are covered under the Mission Spec Limited Lifetime Warranty. Note that this is for the entire set; individual components can be purchased as the jacket, pants, gloves, and boots.
Designed for use with the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), the system is now available for purchase by active duty military and Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) within the U.S. It is a robust and lightweight universal NVG mount that triples as the visor dock and mandible guard attachment point.
Its durable, low-profile design is engineered for rapid attachment and removal while on the run.
It is designed to provide maximum field-of-view and can be worn with or without the Mandible Guard. The company, which began with eyewear, has expanded to face and head protection and continues to develop its capabilities for integrated, performance-enhancing soldier systems. Rumors that Kolt Raynor could kick Mandalore the Preserver‘s ass are unconfirmed, but highly probable. This itty bitty operator sized plate carrier, with foam SAPI plate insert, are sewn identically to real plate carriers except for scale (and they’re set up so they won’t actually accept plates, to prevent any accidents on the part of the phenomenally stupid). The exact amount of load capacity at this point is unknown and is likely dependent upon the size of the operator. Then you might want to follow the example of Ivan Owen and build a set of street sign armor. The suit has stood up to an elephant gun, and is made from high-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam. In asymmetric warfare, guerillas will always be able to find the few weak spots of troops wearing these suits. It's possible that 18 kilograms distributed throughout the body might be less tiring than wearing an 8 kg interceptor armor suit with the weight load concentrated on the shoulders, much as knights found plate armor to be less tiring to wear than mail, which concentrated its weight on the shoulders.
You don't make inroads with the local population by looking like an invading space robot.
Soldiers dressed like this in Iraq, for instance, will be no better at trying to negotiate disputes at the neighborhood level between Sunni and Shi'a.
What good is looking like an invading alien force if you can't sound like a storm-trooper while doing it? I would be pretty upset to hear that some paintball or cosplay enthusiast buys this and we NEVER hear from it again and end up being stuck with our bland and boring military equipment we have now.
When I say well established I mean large government contracts that would look embarrassing if they admitted that some guy working in his own work shop produced something that was far superior to what their millions (possibly billions) of dollars could produce. Hurtubise, If your reading this, I want to you to understand that you are heading in the right direction.
In my current position I am able to make key decisions which affect the lives of 100 or more soldiers.
Can withstand small arms, frags, and IED’s, has full body protection including an Air Conditioning system in the helmet powered by solar? In true supervillain organization fashion, they just had to put their logo on the Plate Frame. This Batsuit replica features a motorcycle-grade mesh Cordura base and is made from Grade A cowhide leather with highly-detailed leather molding and form molded hard and soft shell Kevlar details.
This allows the warfighter to adopt the ideal balance between enhanced protection and lethality. It offers greater stability than current NVG mounts with a 3-point helmet attachment assembly AND it provides the mechanism for mounting advanced protective equipment. To that end, Revision brings together the most advanced expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and finest technical minds. Potential loadouts are projected to include a spare bottle, tactical bink (the word pacifier cannot be used to refer to gear like this), an emergency dash of baby powder and definitely some non permissive environment suitable butt wipes.

Although the exact details are scarce, the piece was constructed from forming street signs using an anvil and ball peen hammer and affixing said signs to a belt harness. The jacket and pants zip together, converting the suit into a one-piece unit, while raised rib detailing on the sleeves, shoulders, legs, torso and midsection perfectly replicate the look of rigid armor. Your favorite fightin’ wench can add mag pouches or a hydration pouch or whatever you want. Included in the suit are compartments for emergency morphine and salt, a knife and emergency light. It would be hard to be unobtrusive, but being bullet-proof is probably better than being inconspicuous.
Unless they are woefully underequipped, guerilla forces will likely have weapons strong enough to make the suit useless, like mortars and RPGs.
If nothing else, it shows that it's possible to make a relatively inexpensive suit of body armor to protect armed forces and police officers. They won't be any better and learning the local dialect and figuring out who their enemies are, and what grievances allow their enemy to recruit followers. The successful bidder will own full rights to the formula, a sample piece, layering system and materials used.
Our currect level of technological progress has reached the point where we are beginning to outstrip our power supplies.
Given my Infantry background as well as my Maintenance background of 15 years and degrees in electronics, automotive and computer programming, I have interactions with individuals in many other fields of expertise.
If this armor weighs only that and protects that much, with that much coverage, then this is the twentieth century holy grail of armor so far, granted it’s cheap too.
All design, testing, and manufacturing is performed in the United States with US sourced components. The jacket sleeves feature fully adjustable leather gauntlets while the gloves feature anti-skid Kevlar. Built into the forearms are a small recording device, a pepper-spray gun and a detachable transponder that can be swallowed in case of trouble.
Although, 18 kilograms is almost half my body weight, so it might not be very practical for getting those action shots. In conventional warfare, say in a shooting war with China, it will make sense to deploy these suits, but only until the other side develops the technology to counter them, such as rifles with sufficiently high muzzle velocity.
There is an interesting disclaimer at the end of the auction, stating that the suit is “Being sold as memorobelia and costume paraphanelia only.
I am well versed in teh concept of armored technology and familiar with the various systems available to military personnel for protection against IED, small arms, and sonic impact. The full compliment of armor a Soldier has to wear (which is only torso protection) weighs over 75lbs.
Department of Defense, the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization, the German Federal Defence Force and the UK Ministry of Defence.
The whole suit comes in at 18 kilograms and covers everything but the fingertips and the major joints, and could allegedly be mass-produced for about $2,000. Even if it never catches on for the average infantry-man, think of the possibilities- point-men and door breachers for SWAT units?
From the standpoint of the mission, the armor is only worth it if the slower movement (i.e.
Troy Hurtubise will retain the right to reproduce the exoskeleton of the Trojan suit itself. The US government isn’t above letting a few good men die for no reason to make a buck.
My Infantry experience, and the experience of Infantry soldiers in MOUT ops will quickly dispell the misconceptions that this armor is based on. I have viewed Troy Hurtobise Trojan Technology and if the armor claims all it is cracked up to be, then he is in a perfect position already.
Meaning, if Troy Hurtubise wishes to make further Trojan suits in the future, he may do so. Troy Hurtubise accepts no liability whatsoever for injuries incurred using the Trojan Suit, shield or armour for anything other than a costume setting”. Troy Hurtubise will not, however, have the right to reproduce the armor called Shadow Armor or reproduce the formula bought by the successful bidder. As I write this post there’s seven days left in the auction with an impressive 15 bids, sitting at $5,100. Troy would save himself and Sarcos valuable time and assets, as well as recupe all his current expenses, in addition to providing himself valuable contacts and a great income. I do however have questions for Troy directly, regarding outfitting his system for convoy operations in IRAQ with a unit I know is deploying soon and interested in his armor, and has the funds and authorization to purchase.

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