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WHITE ZOMBIE, HEAD, and CIRQUE DU SOLIEL Members Unleashing “Black Sunshine” Cover on Halloween! Den Headz, members of White Zombie, HEAD, and Cirque du Soliel to release “Black Sunshine” cover on Halloween! The song was recorded during sessions for an intended EP that was to be the groups followup to their highly acclaimed debut album Awakening, which showcased a unique blend of Metal and World music. Healer was formed in 2005 and toured briefly from 2005-2007 which included a stint on the Van’s Warped tour. Black Sunshine will be available October 31st via iTunes, Spotify, and other online retailers! Sign up to receive the latest breaking news, as well as all of your other favorite headlines from The Metal Den via E-Mail! In Arizona Sunshine, players leave their car to investigate some strange noises, only to stumble on a zombie apocalypse.
On Friday, Kevin and the HTC rep rolled into the office with a box of toys and a ZOTAC 980 Ti VR system. The black boxes are called Vive Base Stations with Lighthouse technology and, once placed on tripods in your room’s corners, are able to map out your movements in a fraction of a second.
As for the demo, the GameCrate team took a turn on the VR system, playing any number of four games -- whales, zombies, paint, and robots. After we were done, HTC opened the VR system up for everyone at Newegg next door to take a turn.
While I’ll get into my personal feelings about the Vive and the VR movement in detail in another article, here I want to focus on the casuals.
But the Google Tilt Brush demo, where one paints in the open air much like a ribbon dancer, drew people into the virtual world in ways that were both engrossing and emotional.
In many ways, VR taps into that childlike all-ages fun factor that was last seen on the Wii. With the painting game, the technology is just light years beyond the Wii, from both an accuracy point of view as well as gameplay immersion. More importnatly, shooting a zombie in VR makes every other shooting game seem tame and old school. Platforms: PC (Reviewed), PS4, Linux, Mac OS Enter the Gungeon is one of those rare games whose entire premise is perfectly encapsulated in its title.
Platforms: PS4 (reviewed), PC When I think of twin stick shooters, I tend to expect a level of high octane, nonstop, relentless action.

Coming in with a trailer just under 50 seconds long Daedalic Entertainment keeps what they show of AER short and sweet. Arizona Sunshine to najnowszy projekt firmy Vertigo, ludzi odpowiedzialnych miedzy innymi za World of Diving i Perils of Man.
Na razie nie wiemy zbyt wiele na temat Arizona Sunshine, akcja gry ma toczyc sie w tytulowym stanie, a konkretnie w okolicach Wielkiego Kanionu Kolorado.
Gra jest budowana od samego poczatku z mysla o nowym urzadzeniu VR HTC Vive, tworzonym przez Valve i HTC. Pierre are slated to release a cover of the White Zombie classic Black Sunshine under the moniker of HEALER. They disbanded in 2008 with St.Pierre returning to Cirque du Soliel full-time and Von Heldt soon after joining Head (the solo band of the nicknamed former Korn Guitarist). Why, a horde of hungry zombies shambling across the Arizona desert in virtual reality, of course. Hopefully, that will help combat virtual reality sickness, the feeling of nausea that some users feel while playing VR games, especially for extended periods of time. After all, I was promised hoverboards (real hoverboards, not the flaming wheeled planks) and flying cars and VR. At CES 2016, I tried the newly premiered HTC Vive Pre at the ZOTAC room (read about my VR adventure here).
Seriously, most of the guys at hardware companies don’t understand review sites let alone go to the lengths he did to set up a demo for a bunch of nerds.
The Lighthouse tech is the laser system inside the box that tracks your movements or, more accurately, the movement of the various sensors all over the goggles and controllers. Anywhere you turn, crouch or jump, the Base Stations have you covered. After only a few minutes, many people didn’t want to leave their paintbrush creations behind. Everyone could play the Wii because everyone inherently understood tennis and bowling and physical games. Even someone as jaded as me recognizes that everyone -- including my 75 year old mother -- will want a VR system.
In 2011 de Prume and Von Heldt reunited and have been working on material for a new Healer release which they hope will see the light of day by early 2013! ZOTAC is a manufacturer of hot graphics cards and mini-PCs, specifically ones that are now VR-ready.

And HTC is still a little hesitant about letting their pre-release hardware into the hands of jaded journalists looking to run benchmarks and declare winners and losers.
The big round donut on the top is for motion tracking, the buttons are all along the stalk. I asked about a wireless headset but, at this point, the bandwidth needed to wirelessly stream VR doesn’t exist yet. The Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and others are more tech demos, they don’t have near the tech or power to make the VR experience real. When asked, not only did they want to share their 3D personal paintings, but stay in the world and visit it again and again.
Vive is easy because the hardware and software are so solid that the frustration level is practically zero. Really, I was expecting to write this review and say “yeah, it works, but…” Instead, I'm saying it works, period, full stop.
Maybe if they port it to VR I will play it but, right now, my excitement is all around VR shooters, not the trusty keyboard and mouse.
That’s not hyperbole, that’s seeing 100 people play the Vive for 5 minutes each and come away with giant grins and credit cards waving. He had the biggest smile and a clear sense of wonder on his face, like he had just witnessed a miracle.
After CES, I hit up Kevin at ZOTAC and asked him about getting a private Vive demo for GameCrate and Unlocked at Newegg HQ. With Kevin out front, I’m excited to see what new products ZOTAC has to offer in the coming months (I’ve heard some rumors and it’s cool stuff).
Even for people who would never play a shooting game, they found the satisfaction of zombie destruction an immense joy. But, for now, it’s going to be Vive and Oculus making all the VR news in the coming months.
Heck, even an old maintenance worker who doesn’t speak a lick of English tried out the Vive.

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