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It is my pleasure to introduce our next featured artist of the Undead Bazaar, Philip Hynes. Phil realized he could make money from his talents from the feedback he would receive from work colleagues.
The first zombie sculpture to spawn from Phil's hands was a 30mm Zombie Surfer made for Hasslefree Miniatures. At a loss for a costume until the very last moment, a flash of inspiration had me riding out to Ocean Beach where I quickly found a broken surfboard ineffectively half-jammed into a public trash can.
After making some caricatures for friends, he offered a custom wedding cake topper on Ebay. You guessed it; The custom zombie busts and zombie magnets we offer are all hand-made by Phil. I then make a wire armature and bulk it up with clay to get the basic form, then it's baked hard.

A brief stop at Sutro Baths for some seaweed, a second-hand wetsuit from Goodwill and some quick scissor work with my Leatherman and voila! This subplot will center Intensive Carrot and Thyme Warp catching all-new Boot-legs and learning more secrets of their past and what they are. Characters that have ever interacted with Blover in his main adventures cannot be in this subplot.
Any resemblance to places, or persons living, dead, or undead is coincidental, or used with permission. We featured Phil in last year's bazaar, he is an active member of our facebook community, and has provided many of us with amazing sculptures of zombies. This subplot will have no interactions with the main plot, meaning the characters in this subplot will not interact with people such as Blover, Sucky, Lemon and etc.
As many know, Phil is the talent behind the custom busts and magnets that we offer in our zombie toy store.

You provide a few pictures of yourself along with a description of how you would like your zombified form to look. I don't mind making straight forward busts and Wedding Cake Toppers, but mix in a Zombie theme and you've got yourself a new best friend. If this sounds sounds too good to be true for a zombie fan, read a bit further and I'll tell you how you can win one for free!

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