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For those of you who like to think down the road in the instances that this could possibly happen. So I write this in thoughts to what I would do to survive because most of what we know about the show, many things don’t add up.
Furthermore, basic knowledge of trap making and environment can help you to nest and get protein in your system. You won’t understand the importance of a pet until you are by yourself with no one to share the extremes that you are in. Originally, this was a three part series about how camping and hiking can prepare you for the Zombie Apocalypse.
Just imagine it, it’s going to be hard enough to just stay alive, let alone find the appropriate gear to survive. Having the right gear is going to be a salient matter when you’re running for your life. So, here we have the importance of having a Zombie Survival Pack before the inevitable comes. Would love to see an exclusive Assault Outfitter 4 with a secondary camouflaged fly on the outside with blackout material inside to prevent zombies from seeing light escape and to cut IR signature.
But to be even more safe, I would get to higher ground where the only water that is coming to you comes from either remaining glacier or mountains from winters past. I would find a great sturdy tree and sleep high up in a tree as to get myself off the ground. With this, the fourth article, we have another aspect to address: creating your own Zombie Survival Pack. So, it’s imperative that we make a Zombie Survival Pack BEFORE the dead rise from their graves and try to hunt us down.

Your backpack is going to hold all of the supplies that will keep you alive, so it’s something that warrants a lot of consideration. The supplies you choose will be varied depending on your location and what you think you need. Look for a compass that has a floating baseplate (this makes sure that it will still be effective in wet conditions), a large, full-size sighting mirror with both inch and millimeter scales, and that is made from durable parts, ensuring the compass lasts for a long time.
Luckily, there are some companies like Eureka Tents and Silva Compass that appreciate the threat of the apocalypse and have made products that are great for protecting yourself. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This is really the only way to know the water hasn’t become infected with the diseases or bacterium of the dead.
If you think that you’re going to be hiding out in a city, or any populated place, let me be the first to tell you this : NO!
This is where you are going to be living for years to come, if not longer, or how ever long it takes to find a cure, or to eliminate every zombie.
You want a backpack that won’t weigh you down, but one that is still able to pack enough supplies, one that offers good weight distribution and easy access to your supplies. And, as we’re all waiting for the end of the world, we can use this gear while we camp and hike. Troy has over three year's experience writing a broad range of topics including poetry, graphic novels, screenplays, short fiction, and e-sports articles.
I hear many people think about hiding out in a grocery store, or a mall, or someplace silly.
So, you want a tent that is of high quality, and that can handle an array of weather conditions.

Having a decent first aid kit with you at all times is imperative, as smaller cuts can lead to bigger problems if they’re not treated correctly in a timely manner.
The reason why I say this is because most disease are contracted from person to person, airborne contamination, but because this disease is already very complex, drinking water would without a doubt be contaminated with the disease. Isolation 65L at Eureka Tents has all of these features, and a plethora more to keep you one step ahead of any walking dead. Guns run out of bullets and make loud noise, I would use what Darryl uses to kill, a bow and arrow.
Those people are food to the zombies, so they’re going to be right behind those survivors. Luckily, Eureka Tents is fully aware of the threat of the Zombie Apocalypse, and their lines of merchandise are prepared to handle the job. A compass is a needed tool for any person that spends any amount of time in the outdoors, so you can imagine how important a high quality compass will be when you’re forced to live in the vastness of the world. Even if not contaminated with the disease, bodies get infected or decay, which runs off into the natural aquifers feet below the ground. But, if we find a nice outdoor location, on a mountain or something, there won’t be any people within ten miles, which means there will be no zombies. Isolation also offers a removable floating top lid, to distribute weight better, a padded and ventilated back to keep you cool and comfortable, and numerous straps for adjusting the size and fit of the pack.

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