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Hello hello!Here are some rough sketches and the final design for the Zpocalypse box cover.
Well over the past 3 days I have finished just over 200 custom survivor portraits from the Zpocalypse kickstarter. Zmaster using the Left for Dead scenario is my (Ricky) new favorite way to play Zpocalypse, more on that later! MMM.I just finished up a T-shirt design, its a black T-Shirt that says, "I Helped Spread the Infection!" Zpocalypse. If not tell him to get back to work, he has started creating the 500 + custom Survivor portraits. A huge thanks to everyone who came by and played!Here are a few photos from the weekend!Back to the gind!

I'm a huge fan of the pc game Doom, you might notice that while looking at the final image . Color is very important as well, I went with bright warm oranges and reds to try and get this cover to pop. Each player selects item to place in their house, including weapons, lumber, gas, first aid, etc. You will be controlling a squad with fellow players, tactically moving and exploring the FEMA Camp and Hospital. Knowing that this image would be used at conventions and game demos, color and contrast were even more important.
Second part of the game brings your fears to light as the zombies start heading towards your house, tearing down your barricades and creeping in.

You may have a chance to make it to town for some additional supplies, hopefully avoiding the zombies there, leaving your family to defend against the walking dead. These do not include the "chainsaw girl" "shotgun guy" or "dog" or any of the zombies, I can post those later I suppose. I also posted up a quick promo graphic I recently made for Jeff that we will be handing out at all the conventions. These promo cards actually show off a close to final graphic for all our miniatures.Back to the grind with my bag of doughnuts and large glass of milk.

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