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In general terms, it is a portable kit designed to be prepacked and grabbed in event of an emergency.
BOB’s are a CONSTANT WORK IN PROGRESS as they are based on items that individual has learned how to use.
There are times when we receive coded messages from brigadiers that are both awesome and important. So with a salute to the Blue Brigade, here’s one of your own, Judy, with a note about the importance of go bag preparation. Ok, so maybe my family and I take this whole Go Bag thing too seriously, though I did love their presence in those hurricane commercials last summer. Sure, I’ve noticed the strange looks when asked why my daughter is buying that very sharp, oddly shaped, knife. However, a Go Bag really does have practical applications, if you aren’t one to embrace the possibility of zombies.

A comfortable pillow that rolls up small — how sharp will you be if you are completely sleep deprived? Bandanas — preferably official, color-coordinated ZSC buffs (just a little plug, there) and goggles. Camping utensils and cookware — the kind that all fold up and lock together to save space and weight on your back. Well, David made his picks for the top three items in his Go Bag should the Zombiepocalypse arise. Wondering how a brigade of ZSC members wearing bright orange shirts can become virtual ghosts? Login to the site, or take the chance to sign up, and the secrets of the Orange Brigade and their commander R.C. Although there are hundreds of variables to these, each is packed by the individual with what gear THAT INDIVIDUAL DEEMS ARE THEIR NECESSITIES based on their own individual skills, needs or how much weight they can carry.

It would be like saying that everyone can carry the same amount of weight or have the same skills. I know you were wracking your brains trying to remember that frantic moment in The Boondock Saints when Rocco threw whatever he could into a bag as Norman and Sean watched in amusement. For correctly guessing the baseball bat, and since she said bottled water, which we decided was close to a modern day canteen, she gets the prize.
For some, this is basically an overnight bag of extra clothes, medications and hygienic items, but for others its an emergency evacuation kit including food & water supplies for up to 3 days of survival. After deciphering it, Juliette realized that it needed to be shared with the rest of the ZSC ranks.

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