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Zombie culture has exploded in recent years with the popularity of The Walking Dead, the box office smash World War Z, and an outbreak of zombie walks across the continent.
It’s a three-day event that teaches participants how to properly survive a zombie apocalypse, says Dominic “the Butcher” Etynkowski, an instructor for the camp. Although the camp is focused on fending off the living dead, Etynkowski said these skills can be applied to any sort of disasters.
With great feedback and a high turnout just two years in, the camp’s outlook is encouraging.
The zombie camp organizers, after the success of their fall camp, will be running a summer camp, the date and place of which has yet to be determined. Participants at a "Zombie First Responder" class learn the proper method to throw a hatchet March 11, 2012 in Sandy, Oregon.
Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Boot Camp (5) Location Worcestershire Gift for 1 Season Any time of year Valid for 12 months A?99 BUY NOW The original zombie fighting adventure!
Palanai Island Guidebook 1Guidebook is at the main road to southern east from Paradise Survival Camp.

Palanai Island Guidebook 2Guidebook is at the main road on southern east from Paradise Survival Camp, on south from Kiwi Camping.
Stop when you get at the camping site and clear a landscape point on south from the main road. Palanai Island Guidebook 5Guidebook is in the trailer in the northern west part of swamps (on north from Pierre's Magasin).
In an intensive 2-day curriculum participants train in everything from wilderness and urban survival, nerf or nerd weaponry, stealth and evasion, and proper zombie "disposal". Zombie Boot Camp is an Live-Action Role Play (LARP) experience that puts you in a alternative universe where a super virus broke out and put your existence under a question. What we teach, however, can be used for any sort of disaster situation ranging from tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.” Now in its second year, the camp has grown substantially from where it started. Furthermore, the increase in its popularity has brought greater revenue and increased publicity.
Deidter “The Soldier” Stadnyk, an instructor for the camp and five-year veteran in the Canadian Armed Forces, was doing a documentary for third-year university on zombie apocalypse culture he came across (the Zombie Survival Camp),” Deidter said.

A team of highly skilled military instructors will teach you some basic zombie survival techniques.
The event combines two training packages: Public Order (using riot shields and batons) and Close Quarter Battle training (using Paintball rifles). When Space TV covered our first event we were able to purchase new recurve bows, training knives, and targets to make the camp a lot better.
We expect to be doing a lot more corporate events, team-building exercise for companies, bachelor parties, weddings, birthday parties.
High population density, not a lot of of easily defensible positions, plenty of places for zombies to hide or surprise attack.

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