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The Zombie Survival Course is made for those who want to take their zombie prep to the next level. About 7 years ago, we were sitting around watching some Zombie movies with a friend who was way ahead of the curve regarding zombie preparedness. Because we use live firearms and other potentially dangerous implements of destruction, we set the minimum age for the day class to 15 yrs old and they must attend with a responsible adult.
There is not a lot of preparation that we recommend other than to show up with a great attitude and an open mind, ready to have some fun. The Zombie Survival Course is for anyone who recognizes the need to be prepared for a natural emergency or disaster or any catastrophic event.
Will there be zombies? You will have an opportunity at the camp to test your skills against “zombies”. We cannot expect that everyone who takes the class will become an expert survivalist in an 8-hour class, or even a 3-day weekend.
We offer private classes for corporate team building events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other events. The day and weekend camps are similar in content, except that during the weekend camp we have the opportunity to spend more time on the classes, allowing more trigger time for firearms and crossbow and more time for questions and discussion.
The creators of the Zombie Survival Course have decided to give one lucky person a taste of their course! Our mission is to be the voice of the independent zombie community and bring awareness and uncensored entertainment to the zombie loving masses.
Scientific supply company Optics Planet is selling a survival kit for the zombie apocalypse. It's called theA ZERO Kit (which stands for Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations, of course) and if you want one, it'll set you back $24,000. MSU's immersive online zombie course is conducted through an intense, real-time group simulation requiring students to survive while a mysterious catastrophe engulfs Michigan. Course materials range from traditional readings on human behavior and disaster management to dramatic videos that present groups with life-or-death decisions. While he was devising his course on disaster management and human behaviors in catastrophes, Stutzkya€™s college-age grandson had a piece of advice for him. Journal entries and videos produced by students show a high level of commitment and immersion that many teachers must dream of. To begin, students are divided into groups and become stranded in the midst of an unknown disaster.
The Z Team had been sure to include personal items in the girl's backpack to humanize her, so were genuinely shocked by the group's decision. We asked him what the best way to survive a zombieA apocalypse was,A a€?be able to run faster than the guy next to you for one thing,a€? he said. Then again, Glenn admits, maybe hea€™s not the best person to be around when the time comes. It is a course designed to educate you in the art of being prepared, and gives you a chance to test what you have learned.
This was only a few years after The Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks) came out, but she already regarded this as her “bible.” She had a bug-out bag, and slept with a machete under her pillow (non-reflective, of course, so it won’t draw attention).
We run camps during the spring and fall of each year (we try to avoid the extreme weather during the East Coast summers and winters). There are some parts of the camp that will make you work up a sweat, but all classes are optional. The weekend class is limited to 21 and older (because we do have some adult beverages during the evenings). We focus on teaching the skills that people will really need in a range of emergency situations, from common emergencies like car accidents or house fires, to the more unexpected events, like a true apocalypse.

What we do hope is that all our recruits learn some essential skills that become the foundation for future training. He was the creative force behind the development of the camp, including all of the course curriculum. We also have several auxiliary instructors with expertise in various topics, who are brought in as necessary depending on the class size.
We recommend that all recruits wear comfortable clothing to move around in, suitable for the weather. The camp is about an hour from Philadelphia and New York City, and accessible from major airports in Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Newark, NJ. Classes do usually sell-out prior to the camp date, so we would recommend that you sign up as soon as you see a date that is convenient. We do require a minimum of 18 people for a private day class, and a minimum of 12 people for a private weekend class. You’ll get to test your skills, and learn some new ones in one of their fantastic classes! We appreciate it that you take the time to read our site, and have come this far in preparing yourself for the apocalypse. Little has changed since our first camp, except that we have refined the individual classes as we’ve received feedback from camp recruits.
Our motto is “The better prepared you are today, the easier tomorrow will be.” We’ve heard over and over from our recruits that they truly learned things that will help them be more prepared. Many of our recruits are couples, families or groups of friends who want to have fun while learning practical survival skills. Mark is an NRA-certified instructor in multiple disciplines, including pistol, rifle, shotgun, personal safety and range safety.
He has been with the Zombie Survival Course since the beginning and was an essential contributor to the development of the course curriculum.
He has an exhaustive knowledge of medieval weapons, and is convinced that after the apocalypse, society will revert to the Dark Ages once all of the ammunition runs out. All classes are held outdoors regardless of weather conditions, so recruits need to be prepared for rain if it’s in the forecast. While we hold multiple day camps during the spring and fall seasons, we usually hold only one weekend course during each season. All participants must meet the minimum age requirements for the type of class (15 for the day class, 21 for the weekend class). We shoot 3-4 different rifles, including semi-automatic, lever action and bolt action, all with a variety of optics. The fun part of the weekend camp is the down-time on Friday and Saturday nights, when we watch zombie movies, play some games, and sit around the fire pit enjoying a few beers.
We also offer pre-paid options which are great gift ideas if you are not sure of the date your gift recipient wants to attend. An evil pirate princess and her parrot in a small hamlet from the great state of Texas raised Sheena. But through making decisions, exploring their environment, and solving puzzles, they gradually learn more about the unfolding catastrophe and often have very different responses to it. For the private or corporate camps we are very flexible and can accommodate much larger groups if we need to. We’ve also had recruits tell us that they were able to put their learning to practical use, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. We also offer private classes for corporate team-building events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or other events, and we can customize the length of the camp to meet the needs of the event.
We’ve had teenagers attend with their parents or grandparents, groups of people in the military and law enforcement, doctors and other people from the medical field, “preppers” looking to gain more knowledge, and of course zombie enthusiasts.

Mark is also employed in the firearms industry by one of the top firearms manufacturers in the U.S. She is a certified personal trainer and was a competitor in the fitness industry for a number of years. Jonas also created Zombitsu, a defensive fighting style that focuses specifically on how a zombie would attack. Mehr+ BD Review: Die Peanuts – Der FilmDas Wochenende naht, aber die Wettervorhersage trubt die Vorfreude.
They want to know if she has information, but some fear she could be carrying a deadly virus. It also gives you a chance to learn from instructors who can add to your bag of Zombie knowledge as well as test out your skills on “zombies”! Zombies were kind of below the radar at that point, so people weren’t really thinking about how to survive a collapse of society. Our camp focuses on building the basics of good survival skills, but we also give our recruits the information they need to continue expanding their skills after they leave the camp. He has over 25 years of martial arts training in a wide variety of styles, including some of the lesser-known combative styles.
At the camp, Sam teaches classes in crossbow, knife and ax throwing, firearms, and melee weapons.
While most classes take place on weekend days, we can also accommodate one-day classes mid-week if desired. Not only will you learn a lot of good survival skills at the camp, but you will also leave the camp with a plan to continue improving your skills. At the camp, Sue teaches classes on crossbow, building and leading your team, and post-apocalyptic wellness, and assists with firearms training. Jonas is also an NRA-certified instructor in multiple disciplines, including pistol, rifle, shotgun, personal safety and range safety.
We do have a rule that recruits cannot bring their own firearms or alcohol to the camp, for safety reasons. The next logical step was to take advantage of the gap and create a zombie survival course. Our course curriculum developed from the skills we knew the general population would need to master in order to survive an apocalypse. Mehr+ Astronautin tragt Star Trek Uniform im AllEs ging letzte Woche fast ein bisschen unter in der allgemeinen Gluckseligk.. Mehr+ Special: Weihnachts-Geschenktipps 2015, Teil IVAdvent, Advent, das letzte Lichtlein brennt.
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Pro Zombie-Welle werden rund 350-450 der Mutanten uber euch herfallen, also passt auf das ihr nicht erwischt werdet. Kunstblutbadern gespickt, durch die ihr euch kampfen musst. Laufer die von den Zombies uberumpelt werden, scheiden aus und werden selbst zu Zombies. Wer sich als Zombie meldet, zahlt keinen Eintritt und bekommt zudem eine Reihe Goodies, sowie kostenlose Verpflegung. Webseite Twitter Vorheriger Beitrag OMG-AR15 Unicorn - das Sturmgewehr fur kleine Madchen Nachster Beitrag [BD Review] Johnny English - Jetzt erst recht Ahnliche Artikel DoubleStar Zombie-X AK-47 mit Kettensage vs.

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