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By clicking Confirm, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. A London-based designer has come up with a collection of zombie-proof vehicles, just in time for Halloween. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Although making functional weapons can land you in trouble with the local authorities but it is none less the fun building your weapon of mass destruction sans any violence of course. Made from two Glock 18 pistols with scope on top to closely pin point the targets, this automatic weapon is one straight out of the Max Payne and Lara Croft action sequels where enemies go flying in all directions once this thing sets into action. Have a look at this wrist-mounted laser crossbow made by Patrick Priebe which is completely homemade and powered by two AA-batteries hidden inside the palm band.
Made in a household space the homemade the Tesla Gun by Rob Flickenger is crafted out of 20 volt cordless drill battery and transformer from old TV. Have your fears that the zombie apocalypse will have the better of you then you definitely need to make Ultimate AR-15 Mall Tactical Zombie Destroyer assault rifle for yourself too. Although you might not be able to survive a zombie apocalypse with this sole weapon it can still be good for personal protection and setting things on fire in case you get lost in the woods.
Looking more like a gun straight out of some sci-fi movie this laser weapon is upbeat and functional.
If you are a diehard Assassin’s creed fan then you very well know the potent arm blade weapon used in this epic gaming title. Build using parts like cell phone charger for low voltage circuit needs this 1.25kJ Coilgun by Jason can pack a real punch.
This improvised firearm inspired by the 1950’s and 60’s gangs of New York City is made from tubing used in coffee percolators or automobile radio antennas, strapped to a block of wood to serve as a handle. Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the United States government launched an extensive study chronicling the readiness of the government to respond to various natural disasters possible in American life. Here are the two best options if these options fail we suggest you read the rest of this article. Just be mindful of the constant 'I KNEW THIS WAS COMING!' crazy rants that this person is most likely to splew out.
There are a plethora of zombie varieties and each type has different strengths and weaknesses you should be aware of should you want to live. Around 80 to 90 percent of all zombie invasions are preceded by the scattered appearance of lone zombies. Remember that the media will always fail to take the threat seriously and will downplay the appearances as some freaky disease, alien invasion, Muslim terrorism, illegal immigration, food poisoning, a militant gay pride group, democrats, etc.
Gather some friends, check the weaponry section below, and seek lone zombies in dark, creepy areas.
While they move with a slower gait than normal Horde Zombies, Fat Zombies are a formidable foe.
Elvis Impersonator Zombies These are usually the rarest, if not the most entertaining variety of undead you may encounter. When you know a Smart Zombie is around, the best thing you can do is avoid him at all costs.
Sewer Zombies like to spend all their time in sewers and in drain areas, they are afraid of light so taking a flashlight is a good idea.
Once feared and respected warriors of Japan, the zombie infection has made them some of the most terrifying zombies to invade your country. In order to get infected by a zombie, you need to be bitten, or bite one of them, although I have no idea why you would ever want to. Zombies are as a rule dumb as hell (excluding the rare Smart Zombie), especially if you live in the Deep South. Most of all Resident Evil or horror films and countless Hollywood scenes show the awesome power of the chainsaw. Chainsaws are freakin' hard to control, so you might be trying to behead a zombie but you can't guarantee it won't turn on you and slice your own damn head off in the process. Imagine using a sword to kill a crowd of zombies and you stab some zombie through the skull in the brain.
Meant to slice a zombies head clean off their shoulders rather then trying to stab them to death.
Pistol: short range, small clip, small bullet, only use on small groups, otherwise you are dead (or undead). Sub-machine gun: decent gun against zombies, it can be useful against large groups of Horde Zombies. Assault Rifle: Much better, make sure to reload often though, that full auto will dry out that ammo at all the wrong times (like when a zombie is stuffing your own arm up your ass).
Shotgun: The second best weapon for zombies, there buck shots will blow off the heads of several zombies, the person who is carrying a shotgun will survive most zombie outbreaks.
Using a baseball bat, cricket bat, or a sledgehammer is one of the most effective way to kill a zombie because you can use it over and over again, it does not get stuck to zombies, it is quiet, fun, will never run out of ammo and it is easy to carry (note that the 1.5 lb chainsaw was "VERY heavy", but the sledgehammer is "easy to carry").
This is considered by many veteran zombie hunters as the ultimate melee weapon against zombies thus earning it a separate mention from its closest classification Blunt weapons. If there are no other blunt weapons available, you can always run to that janitorial closet(provided you didn't stuff zombies in there earlier) and take out a Long, Wooden, MOP! Insert into the mouth and let the fun begin (not usable for groups, will become the zombie's "fun")! A flame thrower is relatively inexpensive to put together and fairly cheap to run (except in the UK where we get screwed on everything) and is capable of destroying MASSES of zombies!
Reason 2: Sure it may be fun seeing your favorite Zombie-Person being blown to bits but afterwords you have a bunch of sticky wet zombie gore all over the place that you have to clean up. Reason 3: If you are storing you grenades in your base and they "accidentally" go off they end up blowing a HUGE hole in the side of your base and the Zombies will hear the explosion and probably come from miles away while you are cowering in your base wondering if suicide is better than being torn-to-shreds by a Zombie Horde (and yes suicide would be the preffered option saying as all your Ammo and Guns were blown up in the explosion if not then fight the horde you MIGHT survive). This blessed weapon of righteousness is excluded from the above warnings, as it has proven to be the ultimate weapon against anything evil. To properly use, the script must be read from the Book of Armaments, found at a local Walmart near you. Upon sight of those of the undead persuasion, thou must ask that they stop their feasting of brains of the innocent for a time, so that the previous chapter, already being stated, may be stated again in all readyness. Failure to do so results in being naughty in His Holiness's sight, and shall be punished accordingly. After the reading of the eighth verse, ninth verse, tenth verse, eleventh verse, twelfth verse, thirteenth verse, and fourteenth verse-which must be read in Nerglish-Thou shalt count to three, as spaken in the second chapter of the book of same, and lobbest in a same manner as spaken in the second chapter of the book of same.
The first and arguably most important step in surviving a zombie outbreak is to create a Zombie Survival Kit (ZSK) which will at least give you a chance of living through the hellish, moan filled nightmare of a zombie attack. The second item is a Club, Staff, or in fact any blunt weapon, such as a mace, as they infer a +50% damage to Undead, which comes in handy when your shotgun is out of ammunition or otherwise unusable.
The third item to acquire is a stock of Human Brains; these come in handy when you wish to escape a concentrated Zombie Cloud (term used to describe a pack of zombies). The underarm throw; the brain is grasped firmly in the preferred hand, with the other hand pointing in the direction you wish the Zombie Cloud to go, the body is also angled in this direction. The over arm throw; uses the same basic principles as the underarm throw except the brain is held in a position above and behind the shoulder and the throwing arc angles upwards rather than down, the over arm throw can also fling the brain a greater distance and with greater force. The brain-ball; the brain is grasped in the hand and is thrown towards the ground at an approximately 45° angle, the intent being to use the brain’s natural spring to propel it over the heads of the oncoming zombies. The fourth item to acquire is the ever-useful fire extinguisher; as it is a known fact that whenever a zombie outbreak occurs the surrounding area is covered in spontaneous fires and, in some cases, cheap spark effects. The Sixth item is a Storm Survival kit; a Storm Survival kit contains all the useful items that you will need to survive once the endless clouds of zombies have been destroyed.
The Seventh item is Healing Magic; it is common knowledge that healing- or holy-based magic is very effective against all manner of Undead. The Eighth item is a 10 Pack of Condoms; Condoms are one of the most useful items ever created in the history of the universe.
The best way to pull this off is to have an impenetrable fortress with untiring robot guards (especially like the Servos in The Sims 2) manning the machine gun, rocket launcher, etc. A Zombie-Proof Shelter, or Zombie Shelter (ZS) is similar to a Bomb-Proof Shelter in that it is designed to give its residents protection against the outside world and syphilis.
The basic ZS is a small 5m x 5m x 5m cube constructed of pure unadalterated WIN, reinforced by a solid 10m deep foundation made out of a single piece of diamond. Place your diamond cube in the hole, filling the gaps around the side with high quality cement and strong titanium mesh. Rivet one of the titanium sheets down to the center of the diamond cube; this will act as the floor.
Take 4 of the remaining titanium sheets; with 3 of them you need to install the sheets of diamond, which will act as windows.
Attach the LED Flood Lights to the four corners of the roof; they will act as a deterrent to any zombie that survives the moat of fire. Dig out a deep trench surrounding your impenetrable zombie cube and fill it with the napalm; if you need more napalm, now would be the time to acquire it. Note: Condoms have various uses such as for storing ammunition, food, cool hats, and it's main use of safe lewd pleasures.
It is recommended that you stock your ZS with all the requirements, such as food, water and a large flat screen TV, with cable. Those are the basic steps on how to create a single person ZS, for each additional person add double the materials.

These super smart, super evil scientists spend their days in oversized laboratories, trying to create some kind of super evil thing.
Similar to evil geniuses, government labs are where some military-designed virus escapes and everything goes horribly wrong. Hospitals are world renowned for their ability to save lives, and charge way too much to do it.
Some curse used by a powerful shaman causes a recently-dead person to rise from there grave and do the bidding of said shaman. Indians (Native Americans for the slaves of political correctness) have been known to place curses to deter desecration of their burial grounds.
Fluids emitted during masturbation can, when left alone long enough, ferment into a very simple zombie-like organism. A virus that causes vital organs to shut down and causes the frontal lobe of the brain to disintegrate. Be wary whenever your town is about to be the first to test some variety of chemical or medicine. Sometimes if a bunch of really evil guys get killed, most notably Totenkopf SS troops or Knights Templar who believe the Church's lies about themselves and assume they're evil, they'll periodically come back to feast on the flesh of the living. It came back, the dead rose; as with "Vengeance" above, "lack of an identifiable mechanism" is distinct from "Absolutely no reason whatsoever" but about as much help. Every once in a while, America will make a mistake, and Democrats will find themselves in charge of the country. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.
You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. Donal O'Keeffe from Cork in Ireland, created the Zombie Survival Series with 3D rendering after being inspired by his love of horror films.
Photographs, books and rosary beads are among weapons such as knives and rifles, as the driver tried to imagine people who 'live, drive and survive' in the modified vehicles.
Geek nerds out there are not going to let go of opportunity to build any potent weapon that leaves on lookers bamboozled and amazed.
The crossbow has carbon fiber wristbow bolts having brass and steel tips which provides good stability while shooting.
This very transformer boosts the 20 volt current into 20,000 volt for a mind numbing visual performance. Studded with 30-round magazines, four flashlights, three lasers and three separate sighting crosshairs to pick up blood drained walking dead from 100 to 300 yards away the zombie gun has it all. Called as the Flamethrower Pistol this homemade flame pistol is a short to medium range tool.
Build be a laser obsessed geek this Pulse Laser Gun took 70 hours to build with use of materials like Plexi, brass and aluminum.
Youtube user [Angelegend] has created his own DIY Assassin’s Creed arm Blade creaded from very simple things and complete with all the nifty little modifications.
The unique trigger method disconnects the charge circuit and triggers the SCR that dumps the capacitor energy into coil for some reloaded action. A rubber band provides the power for the firing pin, which is pulled back and released to fire.
He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring.
From movie and video game reviews, to survival strategies and bug out bags, we've got you covered so you can be prepared for the zombie apocalypse! One of the more shocking findings of the study was that the American people were shockingly under-prepared for a zombie outbreak.
He should be carrying a camera or Dr Barnaby and about 10 weapons depending how far through the game he is, and dressed in either a brown suit and loafers or something completely stupid, like gym shorts and a Lego man helmet. They require much more potent weaponry to approach with confidence, but are easier to flee and avoid.
For some reason unknown to science today (perhaps transition of fat into muscle from whatever made them a zombie.), the transition from "Fat Person" to "Fat Zombie" gives super strength and an unchallenged resistance to bullets and rockets.
There is really no way to kill grue zombies unless you have Chuck Norris or can successfully pull off the shoop da whoop.
They can be easily identified by their signature hairdo, glittery pretentious suits, and trademark lurching walk which they plagiarized from Elvis. Some of the zombie abilities he is theorized to possess include infecting people by burping on them, complete cellular regeneration (means he can't be killed.
He has two dual glocks, and is not afraid to use it.beware the ultimate power!Since the zombies corrupted the rest of the info, i think you should find out more about these peanut zombies. All have high level martial arts skills and requires extreme weapon tactics to wipe out; if using hand-to-hand combat, the chances are you will not survive.
The saliva and blood of a zombie have the potential to infect a person and eventually turn them, so keep your mouth shut if you're the dumbass using a chainsaw.
There are rare exceptions in which zombies learn not to walk on land mines or that electrocution will put them down for good.
Note: Being prepared for a Zombie Outbreak is sometimes referred to as having a 'Zombie Plan' write that down so when someone asks you if you have a 'Zombie Plan' you don't look like a total NOOB!!! Finally, if you do manage to get used to the weight and how to kill zombies with it, it will only do good against 1-to-8 zombies, not a WHOLE FUCKING SWARM, because as soon as you use it on those few 8 zombies, the roar will attract A LOT of zombies from miles around, rendering the chainsaw a veritable lunch bell. You know how hard one of those things are to lift, let alone to a position that the blades can even do their work. Cuts through dead (And live people alike) like a hot knife through butter, don't forget to keep your blade clean by spinning it in your hand and fanning the blood everywhere like a bad ass. Only to be used against 5-6 zombies, otherwise the long and heavy mop may sort of, backfire on you.
Not only will you catch the majority of them on fire, they will then touch other zombies setting them on fire!
A relatively light weight bazooka looking thing that is best used against Hordes out in the open.
It may only be used by one of 'kingly stature' and only after the monologue has been delivered perfectly to your zombie audience.
And the Lord spake, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less.
It is vital that the script be read in a nasal voice, and that it be read by one of the Holy Cloth.
Thou mayest not pulleth the pin of the holy hand grenade at the number of three, unless the undead, having complied with thou request, ceased gormandizing of the brains of the countless children, elderly, diseased, helpless, frail, mentally unstable, and other undesirables. ZSKs come in a variety of different sorts, from the advanced Mass Zombie Extermination kit to the Save Yourself And No One Else kit, and are available from your local supermarket or hardware store.
Shotguns (preferably pump-action) are frequently used in Zombie Survival situations as their signature explosive sound and large blast radius can easily stop, or at least slow down, the advancing zombies in their shambling tracks, giving you that much needed extra time to make your way to your Zombie Shelter (discussed further on). It is suggested that you acquire a 6 socketed Maul and fill it with perfect Diamonds, as they add extra Undead damage. Once this position has been achieved simply step forward with the leg that is positioned to the rear while bringing the brain hand forward in a rapid motion, releasing the brain at a suitable position. If you have ever seen or played a game of Hand Ball you will be already have a good idea of the physics and theories behind Brain Balling.
If you are unable to acquire a brain this way Spam can be used as a substitute, as Spam is made using the brains of the homeless, door-to-door salesmen and American Presidents. Fire extinguishers can be easily bought at a local hardware store or “borrowed” from a local hospital, preferable while in the process of lighting a fire there, as one of the primary zombie outbreak sources are hospitals (more on this phenomena later). It is recommended that the simulation is run at midnight when there is no moon, with all the lights turned out, and the bass turned up full. It includes such items as batteries, bandages, saws and, in the better kits, an intergalactic space ship capable of moving you, and the other survivors to a more hospitable and zombie-free planet. The theory of how this works is as follows: When used on living tissue the Healing Magic causes the body to rapidly close any wounds and repair itself, in a similar manner to the way a body would normally heal itself. They have many uses, from being an effective aphrodisiac to a strong container, capable of holding many brains securely. This will prevent zombies from biting, punching, or stabbing you (and thus make you immune to zombification) by frying them with an electric current, which is one of the only ways to kill certain zombies. The cube is surrounded by a lake of napalm that, when required, can be lit on fire to prevent the legions of the damned from eating your brain. If all the steps are followed, a shelter with a high level of Zombie-Repulsion and Disattraction should be easily attained. The LED Flood Lights will emit light in a spectrum that zombies find repellent, and over a long length of time the Healing Magic Effect can occur. If you do not wish to create your own shelter, it is possible to purchase one from your local Sanitarium, or order one online from one of many retailers. Class Two outbreaks involve more than a hundred zombies, but may not last longer than a class one outbreak. In a situation such as this, the zombies have somehow adopted Chuck Norris as their king, and now live in a civilized, albeit bloody and barbaric new world.
Usually the escaping virus will kill everybody in the lab in very bloody and painful ways before escaping to kill everybody on the outside world.
There is a very high chance that it will all go horribly wrong, resulting in a zombie epidemic. Through creatively named traditions of mental brainwashing, the Democrats will slowly, and intentionally, begin to lead the country to intense zombification.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. The 31-year-old put the collection together after imagining what city-life would be like if the streets were taken over by wandering undead, from which there would be no safer escape than one of these modified, mobile fortresses. Building weapons on your own carries its risks, but hey if you are reading this then you already know that it should be done in controlled environment with utmost care. The pistol is fueled with butane but more dangerous for due indoors because of highly inflammable nature, so you better keep it to the outdoors. The gun has pulse laser head delivering a kW-pulse of coherent infra-red light and with a piercing capability through standard materials like Styrofoam or plastic you cannot take this weapon lightly.

The good thing about this DIY weapon is that once you lock open the blade it stay in its place for some chopping mania. To address this situation, we have provided the following basic guide to surviving a zombie outbreak. If you can find Frank, stay with him and you will survive the outbreak, unless Frank dies from 2 minutes of not having food. While Chavs were once thought to be zombies it has been recently proven that it is not the case. In some cases they have been known to explode when shot, causing anyone in a large radius around them to be burned with acid, so it's best to kill them from a range.
As a matter of fact, you should avoid all places with low visibility and no cover, as this means the zombies darker coloration and slow movement speed will not make much of a difference, whereas a well lit, cluttered area will often make zombies stumble about opening them to fire.. But surprisingly, they're not that different from the live ones, they still moan and groan about the men never taking them anywhere.
Ever.), shooting lasers from his and every other zombies left eye, shooting lava from his and every other zombies right eye and round house kicking holes in the space-time continuum. However, if you get lucky and manage to kill one, it will yield a Katana as a weapon drop, which can upgrade a basic Asian to Ultimate Asian. If you encounter these zombies, then pray to God you took Garry Kasparov (or better yet, Deep Blue) into your hideout, you're going to need someone smart to stay alive. The lightest chainsaw recorded was 25 pounds and it won't do you very good carrying that VERY heavy object around, while running from a crowd of pale-skinned freaks intent on eating you.
Also, it is not made to be lifted up into the air, so even if you can lift the mower, it will not stay up there for long.
Note that SMGs don't have the stopping power of an assault rifle but it shouldn't matter unless you are fighting zombified military personnel and police who wear bulletproof vests. If you are dumb smart enough to do this, make sure you have a friend tape it and stick it up on Youtube, you will get more hits then Achmed the Dead Terrorist, easy. The only downside to a flamethrower would be the presence of the "Smart Zombie" who would utilize his burning comrades to effectively, create a massive Zombie Fireball capable of a whole mess of destruction. It should not be used, other than to create a moment that you sacrifice yourself in order to buy a group of people more time.
Just pump a few savage, clawed, extinct reptiles into the crowd and watch these ancient predators tear the zombies limb from limb! At the conclusion, the remaining audience must all say "Amen", lest they suffer the wrath of the Lord. The undead persuasion must then elect one amongst themselves to serve in His Holiness's light, leading the procession until the throwing of the hand grenade, which then his services shall no longer be needed, because he shall no longer be undead, but dead. You can also use the much reliable Zombie Survival Guide that can be found at any local Barnes n Noble. Shotguns can be easily acquired by entering the police force or army, "borrowing" a shotgun and then leaving. Note that a maul will require 50 strength and 50 attack to use and is two-handed, but it will give its wielder the power to easily crush any Zombies who may penetrate their Zombie Shelter with crushing efficiency, which any healthy zombie-hating (living) person will enjoy. If done correctly the brain will fly straight and true, thus distracting the zombies.When tossing a brain, make sure you "show" the brain to the zombies, A thrown brain is useless if it's not seen by zombies.
Doom 3 can be acquired from your local Games store, (see Life Simulation) or from the endless pits of hell, located somewhere in the DMV.
Storm Survival kits can be found at your local hardware store and crack den, caution when purchasing a kit from a supermarket, as supermarkets are known to attract zombies in large numbers. When Healing Magic is used on undead tissue though the effects are quite different as only the living have bodies capable of healing themselves the normal way, the undead or zombie cells become hyper-agitated and literally tear themselves apart, often giving the illusion of dance (see Disco Fever).
The primary use of condoms in a zombie outbreak survival situation is to hold Holy Water, or to wear over the head as an amusing party trick, Or to have sex with the zombie right in front of you. Other shelters range from the massive zombie-proof mansions of southern Switzerland to the Neverland Ranch theme park created by legendary Zombie Hunter Ozzy Osbourne. It usually takes place on a small area of the skin (near the groin), and involves no more than twenty-five zombie growths. The larger number of zombies may provoke a swifter response from the body's defense system. Zombies will number in the thousands and spread out from the groin over hundreds of square inches. The only way you can survive this is if you get to the ocean with a ship full of guns, ammo, explosives, food, and water. There is usually very few of these zombies in an outbreak, as it would take forever for a shaman to create so many zombies. It is advised that if moving chemicals to not go past the local graveyard, as it is guaranteed you will hit a well placed bump and drop your cargo into said graveyard.
From their country-wide speeches, normal, everyday families will discover they'd rather eat their loved ones' brains than listen to the Democrats. So let’s have a look at some of the deadliest weapons you can make easily in your den and brag about it on the streets without causing any offend able violence.
It is crucial to your survival that you have a "zombie plan," that is, a plan that you can implement in the very likely case of a zombie attack.
But be warned, the rescue that they find always draws in a horde of zombies and never lasts long. It would be an insult to zombies if they were even contemplated to be in the same category as Chavs.
The majority of fast zombies have been found to have been overzealous gym instructors and annoying co-workers who won't let go of the "Can do attitude" even post-mortem. Luckily, the Zombie Chuck Norris made mistake early by approach Zombie Hunter Tony Jaa who not only smash its brain but also every single piece of bone in single blow (along with all bystanders, undead or not). Forget that the zombie survival guide said that it sucks, it is really cool except for the fuel tank part. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. This section though, will deal with the steps taken to create your own Household Survival Kit out of the following easy to acquire items.
Charsi, in the Rogue Encampment, sells Mauls for a reasonable price, they may also be found by killing the minions of hell.
Whatever your budget, there is always an affordable and effective Zombie-Proof Shelter available. If you find yourself in the middle of a class two outbreak, it is advised that you leave the general area of infection alone until the infestation is over. In addition to the threat posed by the living dead, the mass chaos and breakdown of law and order caused by your scarred visage is likely to claim additional lives. Dont even bother trying to commit suicide because as soon as the infection escalates to this level, your head will instantly explode. The mental breakdown influenced by this behavior is contagious, as the aura of the Democrats is left on the victims, much like the smell of a skunk.
Most of the time the Fast Zombies are very skinny as opposed to their horde friends and as a consequence are much less resistant.
If you are unable to master the art of healing, then Holy Water, Potion, Hi-Potion and Phoenix Down, among others may be used as a substitute.
Condoms can be found lying around school yards and maximum security prisons; alternatively, a less hygienic variety can be found in your local store.
No matter where, how fast or what you are driving you will wreck it causing needless pain for all involved.
The best way to defend against a class one outbreak is to stay calm, find a nearby comfortable area, and wait for the painkillers to kick in. Zombies are highly contagious and you may spread the infection to other areas of your body simply by touch. From there, worldwide zombification ensues, until the world is consumed by the deadly disease. In addition to fuel reserves they each have a weapon of choice ranging from pick-axes to machine guns.Prints of the images can be purchased online. Even though the Zombification changes their strength, the Fat Zombie's gluttony stays exactly the same so if you were to throw this team-member at them, they will stop following you and gorge. This could make all the difference in not only saving the world, but possibly taking it over afterwards, if you are an evil genius.
To correctly use, the directions may be found in the Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, verse 9-21.
Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it." Amen.
If you use a car and manage to live you will only be greeted by more zombies, good job flooring the pedal and making shit tons of noise genius. When you are a reasonable distance away from a Fat Zombie, get your team to focus fire on that one zombie Aim for the legs first, as it will force the fatty to crawl. Don't clean blood on your car, because to tell you the truth, zombies will not care and lick it off to sustain themselves. But a few hours later we noticed the napalm moat was still burning, and was diminishing rapidly, and with no way to put out the blaze it was gone by the next morning, and aside from the loss of the primary defense system, the temperature inside the shelter got so high, that several of us died from heat stroke, and fearful of the thought of zombies in the shelter, we threw them outside quickly. If you have the opportunity, get a boat and get about a hundred meters off shore, and bring a fishing rod. But, aside from that massive design flaw, the shelter works extremely well, the titanium walls have yet to be breached and all though the turret is nearly out of fuel, much like the moat, it continues to set alight many waves of the undead. To render one to an almost completely harmless state, you must shoot off all extremities - Arms, Legs and Head. Please note that if you are close enough to use a chainsaw, you are likely about to die so think happy thoughts.
So now you can have a good time laughing at them before you shoot yourself in the head and join the bastards. However, if you notice a piece of flesh fall off the anchorperson's face, ignore anything they have to say about how to avoid the zombies.

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