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H1Z1 is a a total sandbox experience, H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world where thousands of players must strategically align with friends and against enemies in order to survive the worldwide infection. It’s been 15 years since H1Z1 was first encountered and what’s left of the world before is overrun with the Infected. Everyday life in the Apocalypse means dealing with all kinds of wild animals and the brutality of other survivors, as well as finding your next meal and a safe place to sleep. Starting on February 17, 2016, H1Z1 will be splitting into two separate games: Just Survive and King of the Kill. From the Jurassic Period to the final frontier, we're counting down our picks for the best sandbox games of 2015! John Smedley, CEO of Daybreak Games, officially announced that he was leaving Twitter yesterday. Given recent drama with Daybreak Games, production for H1Z1 has fallen a couple weeks behind. Players and fans lashed out against Daybreak Games this morning after a reading between the lines on a 'technical difficulties' Tweet. John Smedley took to Twitter to reveal that somewhere around 30,000 cheaters have been banned from H1Z1 for use of the ESP hack.
Daybreak Games has revealed an all new look and with it comes a week long celebration with livestreams for many of their titles. H1Z1 gets a mighty Big Damn Patch bringing a host of updates and changes to the game including area revamps and a new male character model. Daybreak publish the development roadmap for H1Z1 throughout April, showing some great updates due for the early access zombie survival MMO through April. John Smedley announces on Twitter that H1Z1 has reached 1 million early access sales on Steam. 3,000,000 people have signed up to zombie survival DayZ through Steam Early Access since its launch on the service over a year ago.
A weekly look at all of the latest alpha and beta events going on in the MMO industry updated with a new post every Friday. Find out our early impressions of SOE's zombie survival MMO H1Z1 where hunger and thirst can be the greatest threat you face. 2014 is already half way over so we thought it was about time to look at the games that have been our top MMOs, what we're looking forward to, and more. Twitch is gearing up for E3 with an announcement of their scheduled broadcasts from the event. There can be no denying that H1Z1 is similar to DayZ but is it too similar and is that really a bad thing? A survival horror MMO set within a zombie apocalypse, where friends are few and death is finite. There's been a myriad of top-down zombie shooters, including Burn Zombie Burn!, Zombie Apocalypse, and All Zombies Must Die!
Yes, Minecraft isn't really a zombie game, but it is an incredible game that has a lot of zombies in it. I can’t say I have always been excited to try out The WarZ, an upcoming zombie survival sandbox MMO that puts players in the shoes of a survivor – exploring the world, scavenging for supplies and fighting the infected. Now it’s the end of the first day of Alpha (at the time of writing), and I am ready to begin sharing my experience in daily instalments – a survivor’s diary if you will. The first day of Alpha was usual routine, I had a pre-organized group of players who were keen to play together and we all jumped on TeamSpeak to await the release of the client download. After only 2 hours of sleep, one of my group members and I finally managed to log on and create our first survivors.
Everyone spawns with some basic supplies and a flashlight that not only lights up the area but can also be used as a melee weapon. Fresh spawns begin in a valley on the south of the map, currently there is only 30% of the map available so spawns are tight. As we moved down the hill towards the town, it was chaos – survivors fighting zombies that were littered all over the street, bandits beating down other survivors with flashlights, and several others scurrying in and out of the local stores and houses trying to find whatever scraps of loot they could.
Deaths were frequent, loot was only to be found if you managed to bring down another player and it wasn’t long before we came to the conclusion that if we were going to survive we needed to properly prepare and just head straight north towards the only available city. Logging out we discovered that you have a global inventory, sort of like a bank that you can store items in for safe keeping.
Using these coins, we bought basic food, medical supplies, bats, backpacks, and of course some masks. Decking our survivors out in starter gear, we logged back in and began heading north to where we figured the city would be. The first thing you notice when entering a town is that the zombies aren’t like DayZ; you can’t just sprint in to town, outrun the zombies and then lose them through a building. Taking an extremely stealthy approach, we began entering the city – looking through the various buildings we could find for loot.
You’re lucky to find a bottle of painkillers and a bag of chips in most locations; it has a real atmosphere of desperation because of this. Leaving some of the first buildings, we had already adopted a very Solid Snake approach to maneuvering – sticking to the ground and moving silently. He’s quick out of view before a massive hoard of zombies come piling down the street – filling it from gutter to gutter and looking like something out of The Walking Dead. I’m feeling at this point that there aren’t nearly enough enterable buildings in The WarZ, but we make our way through the city for a while before running in to another player. We’re having a lot of fun by this point; it feels just like DayZ but with its own differences. Client crashes begin kicking in as we arrive at the apartment from the first PvP video, they happen regularly as the servers begin filling up.

Due to so many players using their free cash shop money, we quickly begin stocking up on bats, masks, hats, and other gear.
It isn’t long before our global inventories start filling up, and the others in our group come online to play.
I decide to pick up what I can and hide next to the door in one of the surrounding rooms, the servers are pretty full now and some players are beginning to find guns. After a few quick and silent assassinations, I begin stocking up on all sorts of gear – including a shotgun and a pistol. There’s talk of police stations holding some great loot, guns, and chances of ammo – but the city is too crowded so the police station in the southern part of the map is our target. It isn’t long before another player turns up, and like many annoying survivors – stirs up every zombie in the area before meeting their fate or receiving a bludgeoning from our group. Crashes are becoming more frequent as the night goes on and it’s becoming extremely difficult to get in the servers. As we move through the suburbs of the city, taking down stray zombies on the street – we come across what looks like a doctor’s office.
One of our guys makes a move for the back of the building, trying to get around the other side – the guy with the gun hears him and makes a move for a back room.
Amazement and a message from the recently deceased reads “Well played sirs.” – One of many victories we would achieve throughout the night. There were also promises of more servers, so we called it a day and retired for some much needed sleep.
Blackroom is the new action-packed, hardcore FPS from John Romero and Adrian Carmack and it is blowing up Kickstarter right now! Slither.io tops the UK app store charts, with the iPhone version of the game climbing from last week's no 4 position to join the iPad version in the number one spot. The YouPorn eSports team, Team YP, has been banned from the Electronic Sports League due to a rule prohibiting certain types of sponsors. Atlus signed a deal with Condemned developer Zombie Studios to publish their horror game Daylight. What was neat about Daylight is the game generates a new abandoned hospital every time you play it.
If you have the PS camera, the game will take pictures when the scary stuff happens and you have the option to share them.
Enter a world that has been overrun by zombies and fellow survivors since the last outbreak. Humanity has been reduced to hiding in the shadows, searching desperately for food and water and anything that can help to survive even for another day.
The development team has been hard at work preparing the first much needed hotfix for the game. The shambling hordes of the hungry undead have managed to grab and claw their way into every facet of entertainment, from books to movies, comics to TV, and everything in between. If you can overlook the forgettable story, annoying characters, and frustrating time limits, a lot of fun can be had in this quirky world. It wasn’t until the Alpha crept up that I actually started to get a little excited, even a little optimistic about a game which has had a very questionable development background. Keep in mind that the things I discuss in this article are part of the Alpha build and could change at any moment, or potentially already have by the time of reading.
With very limited customization options, everyone practically looked the same to begin with, so we spawned in to a crowd of clones in about 4 different variants, making communication crucial from the beginning. There only seems to be two spawning points for fresh characters so far, which has led to the starting zone becoming a flashlight gladiator’s arena. The cash shop was surprisingly balanced, while there are a few things on there I probably wouldn’t sell – anything of real value is only sold for the in-game currency.
It wasn’t long before we saw a gap in a ridge and beyond it skyscrapers – we were there. In WarZ the zombies can kill you in just a few hits, and in order to kill them you must bash or shoot their head only.
There was plenty around, and barely a player in sight – our plan was working so far and we were finally finding some supplies. With loot being so rare, you really have to ration your supplies and ensure you are only ever using what you absolutely must.
As we moved across the street, I was watching our backs with a clear view down the road to a t-intersection when all of a sudden a player runs by the end of the road. We’re glad this sprint-happy noob has attracted all the infected in the area away from the direction we’re heading and we move on. We begin sneaking up on zombies, timing our strikes to take down multiple zombies at once without attracting others. We work out a routine where in the situation where someone’s bags are full, that person logs out and dumps gear in to their global inventory while the other stays in-game and guards the spot where they logged out. They all start making for the city, but in the meantime my friend is taken down by a sneaky bandit. Players seem to enter the apartment building one of the other, not together and definitely not friendly.
The shotgun has 8 rounds in it, but the pistol is empty – weapons are extremely rare, but ammo is almost impossible to find. We make our way there as night begins to creep over, meeting up with the whole group now we move silently in to the fenced off compound of the police station and begin to silently take down zombies.
We are still persistent as ever, continuing to play and learn the mechanics of this new game. Three of us creep up to a window before we notice a guy sitting on the counter pointing a gun through the window.

Immediately the two of us still at the window make a dive through the window, I go over the counter and the other in to the hallway and in to the back room.
The crashes started to get extremely frequent and the servers became impossible to enter – the devs announced that a hotfix would be released the next day to fix the crashes and other issues such as invisible zombies.
Initially the launch of the dinosaur-themed survival game was scheduled for June 2016, but the release has now been pushed back to Fall, 2016. While a first person horror game may sound different from the typical Atlus game, Atlus has picked up other unique titles that didn’t originate in Japan like God Mode and Zeno Clash. In fact, the game doesn’t have any combat other than shaking ghosts off that grab you by wiggling the left analog stick.
I think for a horror game this is a clever idea since the environment is always unsettling since you never know where a ghost is going to jump out. You will find some of these as you look for a way out of the hospital, but you won’t find all of the pieces in one run through the game.
In H1Z1 every minute of every day is borrowed time and fearing for your life… unless you are the Danger (talking to you Walter), but life can and will go on… even in circumstances as dire as this. Players can purchase the Early Access on Steam and explore this survival MMO for the first time. At this point, any gamer worth their salt is more than a little familiar with these mindless creatures and knows exactly how to survive when the zombie apocalypse inevitably happens. That's why Dead Nation was such a breath of fresh air, because it was scary and gorgeous, with a fantastic co-op and a clever meta-game that pitted entire countries against each other.
I look at the game and see a survival horror game that gives you a pick-axe before violently shoving you into a terrifying world that's brimming with creatures that would very much like to eat you alive. No other zombie game gave you as many ways to take out the waves of zombies that are thrown at you, including football bombs, electric wheelchairs, chainsaw motorbikes, and so much more.
Most of us went to bed empty handed and resumed later – because the lesson is never learnt. Every fresh character gets a map, so it wasn’t long before we were able to find each other.
Alpha testers also received a small sum of free gold coins; the cash shop currency for WarZ.
It turns out it was the same city from the video, so we were extremely excited to check it out.
One or two zombies is easy to deal with, they are generally slow and very stupid – get a large group though, and you’re screwed. However supplies are scarce even when untouched, there aren’t grocery stores filled with cans and backpacks. He returns, we help him out and he joins our group for a while – we show him the ropes (aren’t we nice) before sending him on his way. It’s extremely nice that zombies are actually a threat and must be treated with caution, and the fact that they sometimes drop money makes them worth hunting.
It isn’t long before others start arriving, we hide in corners and doorways, hitting everyone who enters and watching their loot explodes out of them like candy from a pinata. I am quick to sneak up behind the bandit and take him out with a swift blow to the back of the head.
It seems everyone wants to enter my room, I am quick to smack people in the face as soon as they enter, killing them instantly. The issues were expected, but far too frequent – looking forward to tomorrow and hoping that stability issues are fixed. If you want to see the full back story you need to enter Daylight’s haunted hospital multiple times. Fight for your life against the infected and the brutality of others as you attempt to live and see another day. These skills didn't just come to us overnight, they were introduced to us through video games and honed by countless hours of gaming.
Dead Rising 2 did what all sequels should do: It built on what its predecessor did well and fixed many of its flaws. There’s gear everywhere, and I am left alone without any way to move all the gear to my global storage.
Several crashes, plenty of PvP, and a few dead friends later we manage to exit the city and make our way back south. Overall, the game definitely needs a ton of polish but it’s extremely fun so far, let’s hope they don’t ruin it. A representative from Atlus says they’re still working on the game and plan to change this before Daylight comes out.
Here are the ten zombie games that we should thank for teaching us the art of the headshot. The main characters were more likable, the story was a bit more interesting, and your arsenal of weapons and combos was greatly expanded.
Daylight has players hold the R2 button down to grab the doorknob and then move the analog stick back to open the door. It feels unfamiliar and strangely unsettling especially since you have to re-orientate your grip on the controller to shake a ghost off.

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