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Mind you, we only share videos you discover that someone else has made; if you "self link," by posting a video you have made, have posted or have interests in, you risk the ban hammer - read the posting guidelines before posting. Create New PlaylistXThis website uses cookies.This website uses cookies to improve user experience. With the release of Resident Evil and the new series of The Walking Dead, zombies are once again the biggest trend in popular horror.
When 28 Days Later arrived to our screens, it set a new standard for up and coming zombie films. Before the days of The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson liked to dabble in horror films, and his Dead Alive or Braindead has become a popular cult classic. Romero’s debut into the realm of zombies, Night of the Living Dead is a classic that can never be taken off any top zombie film list.

Although Dead Snow and Planet Terror didn’t quite make our top five, we also recommend that you have these films on your Halloween list. The Best zombie Films has been written by zombie film enthusiasts and Halloween costume retailer AFD. Scavenge for guns, supplies, survival items and crafting materials are what you can play in Aftermath.
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If the sifted video is in a play list, have a look at the play list to see other interesting videos the Sift users have linked together. We have seen some pretty amazing zombie films in our lives and below you can discover what flesh eating horrors we recommend for you to watch this Halloween. A nerdy college boy sets off onto the road to Ohio in search for his family with Twinkie obsessed and gun mad Woody Harrelson.
This post-apocalyptic film ensured that the undead will always remain at the top of the most terrifying monster list, and with its modern twist – making the flesh eaters fast, everyone remained at the edge of their seats. One of the goriest zombie films ever made, Dead Alive has been banned in several countries for its graphic scenes. Barbara and Johnny visit a small Pennsylvania town, but their adventure turns into the deadliest trip they have ever taken as Johnny is killed by a flesh eating zombie.

You will explore various locations including cities, farms, military bases, abandoned outposts, forgotten rest stops and hundreds of small encampments, and fight for your survival.
In PvP server you can play Town Liberations, a feature add more risks and player versus player content to the game. The famous scenes that took place in a deserted shopping mall are given a new twist, which to this day remains unique to this film – a pregnant zombie (well, we can’t think of any others, can you?). Their adventure takes them to Bill Murray’s house and eventually, to the playground of zombies that is the theme park. However, many would say that because the gore is so over the top it is more of a comedy than a horror. If the original never scared you, we strongly recommend that you watch the Dawn of the Dead remake. The game is inspired by DayZ that popularizes the standards of sandbox zombie survival experience.

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