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Orsos Islands are luxury floating dwellings that claim to provide all the advantages of both mainland real estate and luxury yachts, but could they also be the ideal zombie survival shelter?
Solar powered, with the ability to turn the ocean’s salty expanse into clean, fresh, drinkable water, Orsos Islands are completely self contained and can be positioned anywhere in the world. You also have to factor in that you would have to travel back to the mainland to scavenge for food that you could store up there. Definitely would NOT be pirate proof… Which will happen eventually with a apocalypse. I may not have the money for one but when the plague hits, People only have to find the nearest one and co-operate with the owners or take it by force.
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In my honest opinion, the best protection you could give yourself is just by having the basics: shelter free of zombies, weapons, an escape route, and an energy source. The heat recovered from the desalinization process even provides power to the air conditioning system. Meaning that anyone who owns one has to get it out of view of any mainland but not too far as to be destroyed by the sea.
Still, these are some cool unique ideas that are fun to check out.These are the winners of the competition.

Sited in the cliffs along the Tennessee River, it provides occupants with a scenic view of the landscape and a perfect spot to survey any trouble in the event of danger.
Nestled into the interior mass of the concrete entry stair lies a built-in weapons arsenal.For everyday living, the home boasts clean and simple lines of built-in storage and a spacious open floor plan.
Around the rear of the fireplace one may find the entry to the escape stairwell, which leads directly to the subterranean boat canal.
Silo families can maintain their own sustainable home through a 100% self-sufficient living solution. Families operate the numerous mechanisms in the silo with self-generated kinetic energy, thereby achieving strong physical health. By farming delicious protein-rich food, families can infinitely subsist in their Oil Silo Homes.PASSIVE DEFENSE Oil Silo Homes provide a passive defensive strategy, thereby minimizing weaponry requirements and eliminating hostile direct combat.
Oil Silo Homes utilize 3 crucial zombie weaknesses: unintelligence, physical weakness, and lack of agility. Ghouls cannot climb or penetrate the spherical geometry of a lofty silo, thereby restricting weapon usage to rare critical scenarios.SOLID STRUCTURE Constructed of fireproof high-impact steel, oil silos are virtually indestructible fortresses. While the bottom half of the oil silo is completely sealed off from zombie threats on the ground, the top half provides a pleasant open-air environment, comprising plentiful windows, photovoltaic solar cells, and greenhouse.WHAT IS AN OIL SILO HOME?52000 OIL SILOS WORLDWIDEAN OIL SILO, OR LPG VESSEL, IS A STORAGE CONTAINER FOR COMPRESSED LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS. NATURAL GAS IS BECOMING SCARCE AND OIL SILOS ARE NOW BECOMING ABANDONED AS STORAGE CONTAINERS.

Three additional fans located in the kitchen, greenhouse, and soil composting area capture energy from rising hot air.02 BIKE ENERGY A pedal power station generates kinetic energy through human exercise. Solar energy is also utilized to heat shower and kitchen sink water.04 WATER HEATER This mechanism uses solar heat to increase water temperature. As water runs through a pipeline of glass tubing, it is directly ex- posed to sunlight, thereby increasing its temperature.DEFENSE05 CORE The core is utilized to channel energy, water, organic waste, and methane gas through an infrastructure network of pipes and belts.
The bottom of the core recycles organic waste into rich compost soil for farming06 FLAMETHROWER In case of critical emergency, a rotating methane flamethrower is useful for eliminating zombie threats.
While purifying oxygen, the greenhouse also provides a recreational chill-out atmosphere.10 SILKWORMS The greenhouse also supports a silkworm farm for silk and protein production.
Air purification benefits the inhabitants’ physical health and psychological stability.12 GREYWATER 2 rainwater collectors provide fresh water for the kitchen and the hand-crank shower. Grey water is recycled for greenhouse irrigation and toilet water.What do you think about these safe-houses? In his free time he enjoys going to the shooting range, drinking Hennessy, and listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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