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I built the following map of the United States (shown below) identifying the 276 cities in the United States with populations greater than 100,000 people.
The majority of the hordes, on average, will probably get no further than about 150 miles for some of the following reasons. There are two exceptions to mention regarding the validity of zombie hordes moving through the 300-mile diameter (150-mile radius) zones that you see on the map.
Yes, much success will be had in communities banding together for their common purpose – survival.
I have a feeling that Alaskans will be just fine – and would probably barely notice any difference in their lives.
It will be better off in that being out of sight at a time like that, will largely be out of mind. The only bad thing about WV is route 64 runs right where that blank spot is and its really the only route to get over the mountains. The climate in the northernmost atates, even in New England, will weed out a large percentage of the populaton.
Most importantly, imo, are the government facilities and people should do their homework before thinking of moving there. To the best of my research, I painstakingly added a circle around every city of 100K or more. You can do it, Dawn… like you said, keep your head down, and make reasonable preparations.
There will be wide discrepancies in the cities which I’ve circled here, due to their own variances in population. The map (horde circles) does not reflect the effects of the highway systems and significant roadways of travel.
Within some of the horde zones, there are geographical obstacles (mountains, forests, canyons, etc.) which most of the horde will not attempt to traverse. Some peeps, you just simply don’t want to be anywhere near, especially when things get rough. We have only one, small area of agriculture, just north of Anchorage in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.

Much of it can be cannibalized, re-manufactured, and cobbled together to put it on the road if necessary. People have been told, movies have been made to include TV shows and they have always did nothing, but say perhaps laughed at it,been denial, perhaps watching the news doesn’t reach there brain. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
For example there are regions within some of the 300-mile-zones where there are no roads, or barely any at all.
However if you live in the burbs (like much of America), you stand a chance, but it depends on LOTS of things which I can’t answer here. They have an extremely short, but productive growing season, there are foods they just can’t grow there and produce little themselves. Back in the Depression (not this one, the one back in the 30’s), it was settled by homesteaders. AK is the only place I have lived where you buy a good used vehicle and (often) get a parts vehicle with it. Most things will then need to be mfg in Alaska, which will mean it will need to be done by hand as the mfg base is negligible.
A person has the right to make her or his own decision, they also have the right to bare the consequences or even die as a result of doing nothing. Like you said, consider your alternative means of cooking, get a drinking water filter, and keep on checking this and other websites for more ideas how to prepare.
I have visited Maine quite a number of times… a beautiful state with an amazing amount of low population density land (except for the southeast coast up to Portland). Since most of the horde will initially and primarily stick to the roads and highways, regions with no roads will be far less traveled. They are now dependent on the government, food stamps, and native tribal allotments, and the income from native corporations — they have largely forgotten the skills necessary to survive in a grid down stuff hits the fan situation. I consider myself a good Christian right now, but I am not handing out our stock to city folks that did nothing to prepare for crisis or disaster. Or, given your northeast location, you could bug out to Maine if you had a place to go (if it got that bad…).

Will just have to keep my head down and keep quiet and hope the hoards kill each other off. I personally feel there is no way that a gang could be organized enough to loot and plunder for 150 miles. Contrary to what many believe, we do grow things all over the state, not just in the Mat-Su Valley or near Fairbanks. Despite the horde circle zones, there is much of NH that will not be over-run due to its terrain and low population density there (upper half). There are some natives that hang on to traditional ways of hunting and gathering, but they are the extreme minority.
Most want what everyone else wants, and alcohol and drugs have really destroyed a sadly large amount of their culture.
Local farmer’s markets have sprung up in some (often) very unlikely places, and sell tons of produce. Without western conveniences and technology, there would likely be few out in the bush, as they have lost the knowledge their ancestors had through the actions of first the Russians and then the European-Americans after gold was discovered. However, if they truly wanted to live a subsistence lifestyle, most would be unable to do it because of one aid brought by the white man…metal.
Don’t forget, commercial fishing is a key Alaskan industry, and will continue for many years to come.
Fish populations would likely surge for a brief period of time as the outlets for Alaskan fishing products would slump briefly, creating less of a demand.
Oil that gets refined gets made into jet fuel most often, as the profit margin is highest for that product than other products at this moment.
Better know what to eat in the wild, and when to harvest it, as the ground is absolutely impenetrable in the winter (about 6-9 months, depending on where you are). Most folks in Anchorage, rotate out at a rate of about a third of the population every year or two, depending on the jobs.

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