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Opis produktuBrooks, author of the straight-faced parody "The Zombie Survival Guide," tells the story of the world's desperate battle against the zombie threat with a series of first-person accounts by various characters around the world. Once Adventure Mode has been beaten once, the Silver Sunflower Trophy is obtained, more Mini-games (at least one, but a maximum of three) and Puzzle Mode levels are unlocked, and Survival Mode is unlocked.
At the end of first through third and fifth through eighth levels, a new seed packet is obtained. The tenth level is a conveyor-belt level, and a seed packet that is important for the next area is obtained at the end of it. Unless otherwise specified, each level has one extra flag after the player finishes Adventure Mode. Taping the jugs back together is easier if you stabilize the top half to the bottom by pressing down gently with your chest and then using both hands to wrap the duct tape around. And don’t forget that we put all our winter sowing instructions in the latest issue of Quick!

Use this all-purpose blank journal to help develop, record, and execute your survival strategy.
There is an option to replay Adventure Mode; however, Crazy Dave will choose three random seed packets in the player's seed slots, each of which is different in every level and cannot be replaced or removed, but can be altered on most versions. At the end of Level 5-10, the player just gets another note from the zombies saying they give up and the Silver Sunflower Trophy at the first time.
The method takes advantage of natural temperatures and letting mother nature bring up seeds as early as possible with a little extra protection from frost from us (in this case milk jug mini-greenhouses). There are five groups of ten levels, which are Day, Night, Pool, Fog, and Roof; each with their own characteristics.
Bonus levels will be replaced with their corresponding Mini-game or Puzzle Mode counterpart, and a money bag containing $250 coins will be dropped by the final zombie each level instead of a seed packet or item (except 4-5, in which the bag only contains $100), though notes are still dropped. A new plant is unlocked and added to the player's roster at the end of most levels, and in the other levels the player receives an item or a note.

Every fifth level, except for Level 5-5, is later unlocked as a mini-game or Puzzle Mode level.
During Level 3-2, the mini-games mode is unlocked, and Puzzle Mode is unlocked during Fog Level 4-6. Almost every level has an extra flag, with a few exceptions, like 1-10, 2-5, 2-10, 3-10, 4-5, and 5-10. The game will only record the number of times the player completed Adventure Mode up to 2,147,483,647; after that, the game cannot store the value of the number of times the player has completed Adventure Mode.

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