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Once players decide where they’d like to camp out with their teams, they can start designing and building their base up to protect against the hordes.
Players will be able to make big decisions based on a number of various situations, such as whether or not to leave the safety of their base to rescue a stranded or pinned down fellow survivor. With such an ambitious project coming down the pipeline, Undead Labs has decided to keep a very open, detailed and above all, candid journal. Search the neighborhood for supplies and desperately fight off the zombie horde in familiar local spots in this apocalyptic MMO.
Review disclosure: note that the product reviewed on this page may have been provided to us by the developer for the purposes of this review. 148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ventures that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. It will feature numerous MMO qualities, such as the ability to team up with other players in the open world to make a stand against the coming zombie apocalypse.
The developers have revealed that the settlement designing will take a more significant portion of the game than one might think, claiming that players can go so far as to create gardens within their walls in order to decorate or grow food for their colony.

Either way, the game acknowledges the concept of strength in numbers, so decisions such as that will carry weight.
Note that if the developer provides the product or not, this does not impact the review or score. The game will focus on balancing traditional MMO qualities with the action survival genre that zombie lovers have come to expect. Check out their journal for more information on Class3 and start arming yourself now for the end.
As Undead Labs states at the top of their website, “You know it’s not a question of if, but when. The less wealthy denizens of the world have been left to fend for themselves while their cities and societies start to crumble around them.
Please Stay Calm is a location-based multiplayer MMO of sorts in which players must scrounge for supplies and battle the living dead throughout various real world locations.
They can also establish outposts to collect cash and supplies from around their neighborhood and beyond. It was Please Stay Calm’s comic bookish art style that initially drew me in, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather interesting game underneath it all.

Energy, as with most freemium games, is the most important resource for players to manage as it allows them to do pretty much everything.
Having a number of different options for both that take up various amounts of energy (bigger payouts for larger chunks used, obviously) helps immensely in this regard. Between digging through real world spots for supplies and trying to rid a particular location of the walking dead players won’t be searching for stuff to do. Plus it does a surprisingly good job of selling the whole “zombie apocalypse” thing. I quite honestly enjoy almost everything about Please Stay Calm. It can also be a little troublesome to scavenge or clear a number of locations in quick succession as going back from a particular location’s info screen jumps straight to the main page rather than simply returning to the list of nearby locations directly. Even with a couple of minor quibbles it’s hard not to enjoy exploring my neighborhood in Please Stay Calm. It feels a lot like playing Urban Dead on my phone, only with graphics and real world locations.

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