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We’ve all seen the movies, the television shows, and the comic books, and asked ourselves, what would it be like to actually live in a zombie apocalypse? A companion has been wounded, and he’s certain it’s from a jagged piece of metal from that abandoned building and not a zombie scratch.
Your camp has been compromised and you’ve been forced deep into the woods to hide until things settle down. So, im sure most of you will have seen or palyed the Zombie Survival Quiz (Here), and if not..
I got a z+, which is apprently good, as Dr Bizmoe says:Your knowledge, strength and will to survive are unstoppable.
I got C's on Mental and Physical strength, and F's on Experience and Emotional Ratings, but I still got a Z+ on Survival rank.
That was a good quiz as each section was pretty accurate in each individual section, but I found it too easy to get Z+ as from what I've heard nearly everyone has.
15You've been living off starvation rations for almost a month, suddenly you stumble upon a treasure trove of canned and cooked food. This category is meant for puzzle, strategy, adventure and more games that cant be called "Action" games so theyre in here. Chain of FireTry to spread a fire, click one person, then move the mouse somewhere else to make the burning man running and light other people on fire too.
When Penguins Attack TDSave the human race from the onslaught of the evil warmongering penguins. The VisitorGuide an alien parasite through its new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror adventure, it's fun to see a violent point and click puzzle.
Orchestrated DeathPlay Death himself, or at least help him a little hand in this great point n click puzzle game. The Horror HouseA horror point and clickgame, great music and creepy black and white level designs.
Saw IV - TrappedTry to free both men from the rooms by handing them the right objects at the right time.
PsaiHow would you feel to wake up in a demented killer’s house, tied down by a chain with only the objects around you to escape?

Ray - Part 1Its more a interactive movie than a game, make choices now and then that will affect you. Age of WarBuild troops, defence and survive 5 ages to make it to the end, amazing strategy game! Nightmare HouseAn unofficial Nightmare on Elmstreet adventure with a nice interactive world to discover, not that hard for an adventure. Arrival in HellTry to escape prison in this bloody adventure where everything will go wrong.
HellvolutionA scary zombie point and click adventure which contains a lot of shooting scenes too.
Village DefenseProtect your village by placing gunmen near the path in this nice tower defense game. Darkness - Episode 2Part 2 of the puzzle games, this time not first person and you're a chick. Darkness - Episode 1Turn up your volume to complely enjoy this mysterious puzzle that will scare the hell out of you at moments. Stalingrad Tower DefenceVery nice world war tower defence, theres also a part 2 but thats less fun than the original, click on turrets to upgrade them.
Hapland 1This game is almost as mysterious as the Myst series, works a bit like it too, click the right things to solve the puzzle. Hapland 2Another large stickpuzzle, figure out what to do by clicking objects and stickmen. Zombie TakeoutNot a shooter but one of the rare violent puzzle games around, some action and some thinking makes a great combo! Random DefenceTower defense game with a few great towers, research centre, upgrades and more. Find Your Way OutA very difficult puzzle, get out of there without getting shot by the two snipers, a braincracker for sure.
Toy Town Tower DefenceVery well made tower defence, large map with loads of funny looking animals.
Icescape 2Officially this game is called a Point and Click Horror Shoot-Em Up Adventure Game.

Stickman JonesThis is a really bad drawn point and click game, click at the right time on the right place. Luncheon of the DeadDefend yourself and the few other people in the mall against the zombies.
Hyper SquareLike in Saw you wake up in some room and need to find your way out without dying.
Industry 2Since your balloon has been shot down you have to find your way out of the factory.
Flash Empires 2 - Christmas CrusadesVery nice and bloody Christmas defence game, build as much towers as you want! The popularity of The Walking Dead has made everyone ask themselves one simple question: How would I survive a real zombie apocalypse?
Humanity has regressed to a tribal, survivalist state, always struggling for resources and safety, while dodging the never-ending parade of undead roaming the world in pursuit of human flesh. The following test was creating using the expertise gathered from thousands of hours of zombie movie viewing, to determine how well you would fare and what your strengths and weaknesses would be in this deadly survival situation. Your final score will be tallied at the end of the quiz, whereupon our proprietary zombie survival algorithm will determine your chances of survival. I can craft some containers to capture water and then make a homemade filtration system that should get me by for a while. Violence is not a very much used theme in puzzlegames but I still was abled to find some of them. How many of you actually have enough preserved food for a week, own and can operate and maintain a firearm, have a home that can be fortified at a moments notice and own the tools needed to fortify it, and are in a good enough shape to combat the living dead?

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