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This test is the first attempt to seriously assess the ability of individuals to survive a zombie apocalypse. The test administers a number of questions which are expertly chosen in order to evaluate the likelihood of an individual surviving a zombie apocalypse. A number of large surveys have attempted to quantify consumer consumption from a limited period of time observed. I have written a little function that allows users to run R scripts out of Dropbox directly from any location.
Love zombies, but can't quite find enough satisfaction in those simple quizzes with the same rehashed questions that are never a challenge? We’ve all seen the movies, the television shows, and the comic books, and asked ourselves, what would it be like to actually live in a zombie apocalypse?

A companion has been wounded, and he’s certain it’s from a jagged piece of metal from that abandoned building and not a zombie scratch. Your camp has been compromised and you’ve been forced deep into the woods to hide until things settle down.
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Humanity has regressed to a tribal, survivalist state, always struggling for resources and safety, while dodging the never-ending parade of undead roaming the world in pursuit of human flesh. The following test was creating using the expertise gathered from thousands of hours of zombie movie viewing, to determine how well you would fare and what your strengths and weaknesses would be in this deadly survival situation.

Your final score will be tallied at the end of the quiz, whereupon our proprietary zombie survival algorithm will determine your chances of survival. I can craft some containers to capture water and then make a homemade filtration system that should get me by for a while.

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