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DoubleBear Productions  has released a bunch of new screenshots for their Zombie Survival RPG Dead State, ahead of its expected Alpha build demo next week at PAX (30 August to 2 September).
The turn-based RPG boasts of a character creation system, non-linear levels, tons of loot, morale system, shelter management and base-building mechanics, as well as reactive dialogue with choices that have consequences leading to multiple outcomes. In the past week there’s been a fair amount of boring behind-the-scenes work like ‘getting the build to work on different machines’ that saw the inestimable EasyPickins plunge his hands into the mainframe and tinker with .dll files until everything was shiny. As such, we’re now in full-on ‘correct and polish stuff the big obvious stuff that IWBUMS testers will spot and report in a single, solitary second’ mode. Oh, and this is a contender for the best bug we’ve had since alcoholic watermelons: it’s an easy fix, but right now when chairs are dropped from your inventory they become Lilliputian.
So right now it’s basically all the things we know need correcting that we know we can remove from the (glorious) wall of noise that’ll happen when the build hits public testing. From my end right now it’s more balancing than bug fixing, the bugs I do have in the pipe are pretty small.
In terms of sounds I have some reports about people not hearing ambient stuff without headphones, so I want to add a new volume slider to raise up fridge hums, water drips, birds, the wind etc. It’s stuff like frequency scanner upgrades, recording onto VHS and audio tapes, learning recipes and gaining experience from instructional TV shows, the swear filter option and TV entertainment having an impact on moodles.
Lel, I always call people who play minecraft, Gamers, and sometimes I call them Minecrafter(s). Another prime motivation for its development, meanwhile, has been to aid the development of the suburbs area of the Louisville map.
For players and developers alike then, to aid in the thankless task of creating thousands upon thousands of houses until brains ooze out of ears, Build 33’s Creative Mode has a House Generation Tool. Right now the tool generates a completely random house within a specified area – it generates furniture [incomplete at time of video], doors, windows and roofs. As Creative develops beyond Build 33, the plan is to be able to take town creation to higher levels for players less interested in creating buildings, letting them concentrate on road networks and zoning for individual areas. Clearly a main focus right now is finishing off 33 and merging our various dev streams into a glorious whole, but Build 34 preparation work is also happening – and in the case of our animator chap Martin it’s been happening for a while! Also joining us to help out for a little while from the start of next month, meanwhile, is the return of Serge and Gennadii from General Arcade who previously did some ace and complex work prepping Zomboid for Steam integration. Writer Will, meanwhile, is writing up scripted Army chatter to complement what you hear over the official news channels. RJ’s sound adventures in FMOD continue, and he’s at the point at which all the primary and ambient sound effects are in and working – subject to MP testing. A quick public service announcement from EnigmaGrey, the oligarch of the official SpiffoSpace servers. Speaking of mods, we’ll be running our second Mod Spotlight blog this Thursday and it’s a really interesting conversation with ORMtnMan the creator of the Real Guns mod. Finally, check out this AMAZING fan art from Evilmonk77 – his twitter here, and his art page here. Today’s featured image from the wondrous Teepee over on Steam, who got on fire and ran around a wooden kitchen. The obvious change is the addition of a classic RPG stats panel, and the renaming of some of the descriptions. Well, my name is Paul (RingoD over the interwebs) and I first got involved with PZ back in the first alpha tech demo. Unfortunately Bedford Falls isn’t named after a cool little market town with a badass Nandos! Travelling west again leads us to Bedford Falls Industrial park and then on to another large residential area just before you leave town. Thank you Ladies and Gentleman, this concludes your tour of Bedford Falls, if you’d like to find your way back to Muldraugh, head west 2 or 3 kilometres from the Asylum, or alternatively, West Point is located about the same distance to the north west of town.
The current version of Bedford Falls is 25 cells big and has 700 buildings with around 7500 different rooms.
Look out in the near future for Bedford Falls V2 and also for The first iteration of The Mega Map Mod which will include, for starters, Bedford Falls and Dreadwood alongside Muldraugh and West Point.

Created by Lunarea, this new pack will contain matching tiles, characters, faces and battlers – along with a few surprise bonus pieces. An cool addition would be to put night backgrounds with a full moon, to use as parallax, And if possible, add some battlers in VX Ace’s style.
Can you make a script of some sort that “zombifies” a normal sprite by overlaying a generic graphic over the sprite? The images below give us a pretty good idea of what the map display as well as inventory is going to look like, while also showing how players can assign various tasks to characters after checking out assignments on the job board. The PC version of the game is currently on track for a December 2013 release, though the developers have not ruled out other platforms completely. The primary Build 33 development streams have been crossed and it seems to be edging ever closer to the Public Test IWBUMS release hatch.
This was successful (huzzah!) and the full roster of our internal testers are now playing, and all are thankfully reporting that they’re having the most fun they’ve had with PZ for a long while. This includes stuff like checking difficulty levels on each new scenario, adding in clearer UI instructions to furniture movement, improving the TV UI screens so you can’t change channel without the device being turned on, making sure Erosion levels and radio signals are correct for relevant parts of the timeline you start in… the big clear-cut stuff like that.
The kind of stuff you don’t really need to have, but add so much coolness and… well… ambiance. Right now clicking light switches aren’t audible if you’re far away, guns have too much reverb, stuff like eating should be louder for the player rather than someone standing next to them in MP.
I really want everything in the right general area before we open the gates to the wider IWBUMS test. My basic plan is that in Six Months Later the zombie apocalypse is really hard at beginning, but becomes surmountable.
The current build is almost a go for IWBUMS, right now it’s just some (minor) bugfixes here and there. We’ll likely allow Twiggy to do a bit of Unified 33 streaming later this week so you can see how everything is being wrapped up, but that’s it for now. The Centralised Block of Italicised text would also like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. Creative Mode is an in-game building mode that will allow PZ players to collaboratively construct their own houses, towns and cities and upload them directly to Steam Workshop. At the moment it can only handle a single storey, but the ability to create multiple storeys will be added in future. Likewise, we’ll be adding in functions that’ll allow you to specify the facing of the house, auto-add gardens and yards, and even to draw out entire streets of houses with set properties that define their sizes, heights, loot richness and architectural style.
Their focus will primarily be on making the PZ MP experience a lot smoother and user-friendly, which will then in turn allow the core team to concentrate on the key remaining features we need in-game before we hit 1.0. You’ll only ever be able to hear this should you loot a powerful enough radio in the early days of the timeline, however. It’s something on the art side that’s far better seen than explained though, so we won’t be shouting about it until it’s integrated and ready to go.
He’s now running ‘Proving Grounds’ which is a heavily modded server featuring the majority of mods that are available on the Steam Workshop. It’s been great seeing how Steam Workshop has impacted on our most popular community creations – Real Guns mod for instance has gone from having average of 800 regular downloaders to 5700. A while back I made a version of it (v5.0) and I guess the rascals at 4chan loved it enough to pass it around. The not so obvious change is the slight desaturation of the paper, so that images with white backgrounds won't stand out so much. This week we’re still badgering away trying to get a version of build 25 that we can finally get out to the wider public. It was the first game which inspired me to start a YouTube channel, and also the first game I ever made mods for.
Is it because Will is from Bedford, and that’s a cool market town just north of London with a badass Nandos? Just south of here is the part of town that has a lot of horror stories attributed to it, thanks to Bedord Falls’ Insane Asylum, a massive, now abandoned asylum for the mentally ill and unstable. I love the Resident Evil mansion and how it has a nice long driveway and is hidden behind some dense trees.

I am replacing some of the buildings I have used more than once (mainly houses and some shops etc) with new buildings from various map modders on our forums as well as quashing any bugs with buildings etc that I have come across so far.
V2 currently has about 780 buildings with about 8700 different rooms and should be ready for testing in the next few days. Oh, and for those saying Bedford Falls is quite easy going in terms of zombie numbers, V2 will change that so don’t get too comfortable! The tiles span over several areas, including a hospital, shelter, science lab and military base. The characters, battlers and faces are created in a unique style, with plans to expand with more content. Survival, meanwhile, should let you in a little more gently but then raise itself up to a nightmarish late game. Also, movables needs some tweaking in terms of key layout changes to make it more straightforward, plus a bit of radio UI fine-tuning. One final tidbit though in that as we mentioned last week we’ve now got General Arcade back in working to simplify player interactions with starting servers and getting easy co-op games going. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. It’s a way of circumventing our toolset, which although highly effective can prove tricky to get to grips with. He’s also finishing off a pool of potential survivor characters who are narratively linked to the local area alongside our known cast members Kate, Baldspot and Bobby the Raider.
So, hopefully, we’ll have an updated build for a stream or two after next week’s Mondoid goes live. It’s a fun server, and helpful to modders who need to make sure their wares play nice together. Since our previous Mod Spotlight on Hydrocraft, meanwhile, downloads have leapt up to 13000 a week!
A new version is going into closed testing tonight, and we’re hoping to get another I Will Backup My Save (IWBUMS) version out soon after assuming nothing explodes. Then, with the help of awesome forum members, BobHeckling and Japer, we went about converting all of the buildings from the old map mod to work on the new version, which included adding proper room names to every room so that the correct loot could spawn and NPC’s could recognise what kind of room they are in once they are back in game.
Travelling West from the Uni building however eventually brings us to Bedford Falls 5 star hotel, which even has outdoor pools and a garden, with a small police station and all too familiar fire station close at hand. Running around here at night will almost certainly see you having many a sleepless night after the fact!
Then theres the 5 star hotel which looks absolutely beautiful, and last but not least, the super scary asylum, which is actually the size of Kate and Bob’s whole original neighbourhood.
If you want to start a MP server with Bedford Falls installed, simply install the same way as you would in SP and then start a new server. The characters contain some of the modern personas you might find in a zombie game (scientist, policeman, military, etc).
There’s stuff I need to fix, right now in 6 Months Later you spawn with all the curtains shut and peek out into the world (which feels awesome) but the zeds also have a habit of rushing you while you do so! Once all those are merged in with the main build there are still some final additions and functionalities that are either disabled or left out currently – these could easily be added during public testing if necessary though. It’s a pretty huge job, though, so it’s not something that’ll be dropped into any iterations of 33. With Creative Mode everyone can build their school or home town in a fun and engaging way, and then of course populate it with zombies for the whole world to experience. Clearly these characters will come in handy elsewhere too, but in terms of radio they’ll have broadcasts that’ll give information on abandoned safehouses, weapon stashes and, who knows, maybe even some sneaky booby-traps. Overall though I think the late game feedback I get when we release into IWBUMS will be really valuable, as it’ll need people playing for a long time and reporting back.

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