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The zombie store was conceived in 2011 at the peak of the economic downturn in Las Vegas, which was ground zero for the entire US downturn. The most challenging aspect of the store is getting people who think they aren’t interested in the zombie genre to come in. Highlights of the store include animatronic zombie props and a completely themed shopping environment.
A surprising amount of people including friends and those we meet regularly have already heard about the store. Our mission is to be the voice of the independent zombie community and bring awareness and uncensored entertainment to the zombie loving masses.
Zombie Diary: Survival es un juego de supervivencia con cuatros escenarios diferentes donde debes realizar una serie de misiones cuyo objetivo es acabar con los zombies que encuentras en tu camino.
En el juego puedes conseguir distintos tipos de armas, pociones de vida, elementos para hacer correr mas rapido entre los zombies, conseguir misiles de distintos tipos, escudos para protegerte de los mordiscos y ataques de los muertos vivientes, tambien hacer mas fuerte los ataques de tus armas.
Pasaras horas entretenido con este juego con el fin de acabar con los zombies, haciendo uso pleno de los recursos que tiene para obtener mas monedas y cristales, permitiendote conseguir mejores armas y equipos auxiliares para hacerte mas poderoso. Zombie Diary: Survival esta disponible para dispositivos moviles con sistema operativo Android, desde la tienda de aplicaciones de  Google Play Store.
At the Zombie Apocalypse Store, you can buy everything you need to survive the end of the world; from freeze-dried scrambled eggs and water-filters to wind-up flashlights and stun guns disguised as cell phones.

Oh, and you also can buy a variety of swords, throwing knives, ninja stars and tomahawks…just in case, ya know, you should find yourself under attack by a swarm of flesh-eating zombies. Because despite the gimmicky name, the store is not much more than a camping and wilderness-survival supply shop. The Zombie Apocalypse Store can be found just off the Strip, on Spring Mountain road and the I-15. I'm a full-time freelance writer, social media marketing consultant and a life-long travel addict. Currently, I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I spend most of my time hiking, camping and daydreaming of where I'll travel to next (anyone want to go to Iceland with me?).
Las Vegas fell harder than just about anywhere else because it had grown faster ,and nothing grows forever. Our most popular is our Bug Out Section where you can build your own kit for your personal and family needs. We appreciate it that you take the time to read our site, and have come this far in preparing yourself for the apocalypse.
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The human-sized dolls come in various styles (one even resembles Osama Bin Laden) and if you stab or shoot the doll, it squirts fake blood.

How the owner, who also runs the jewelry store next-door, came up with the idea to go into the zombie apocalypse business, I have no idea, but it’s a clever business plan. Although they have the occasional true-believer visit the store with a serious intention to stock up on weapons for when a mysterious plague sweeps the planet and turns mankind into man-eating monsters, most of the people who visit the store are just curious. I am also associated with Jewelry store in Las Vegas and Las Vegas diamond jewelry, Engagement rings.
The economic climate was dismal and it was felt by most living here, as tourism was also greatly affected.
Fun zombie novelties and products interspersed with functional survival items such as knives, machetes, bug out stuff, real handgun and rifle ammo Plus, Plus! An evil pirate princess and her parrot in a small hamlet from the great state of Texas raised Sheena.
It was time to temporarily change course from our previously successful artificial grass business and open a zombie themed fun and functional store that would help us survive whatever was to happen next. Success was immediate and word rapidly spread around the world about the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas.

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