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If you’re not sure about what tools and weapons you should have in your zombie apocalypse arsenal, I would definitely recommend the Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. Because of the range of weapons you get in this kit, you have a nice variety of what you can do with them all.
I gave the Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit an overall rating of 5 because it can cover so many situations and uses. The ax will easily kill any dead that comes your way, plus it will help you get wood from a tree or even take the whole thing down. When I first started using theInnovation Factory IF-221 Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool I was worried about the shock. The weapon does not weight too much, just under three pounds; but if you swing it around for a while you will get tired.
ThisInnovation Factory IF-221 Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool will kill anything that comes at you.
This kit comes with 3 knives, two machetes, a survival parang, and a camp axe, all tucked away in a sturdy canvas carrying case that is easy enough to carry. You get an LMF II infantry knife, a DMF folding knife, and an Epic Serrated knife to cover your smaller knife requirements.

You have a nice selection of larger weapons that allow distance between you and a zombie, and weapons for close quarter fighting. But you do need to take care of them, clean them up after dispatching the walking dead, and make sure you don’t allow rusting or blade dullness to ruin your weapons. Smaller knives can be made into spears, machetes can help hack away at zombies and undergrowth. As I pointed out earlier, the only down side is if you are travelling and have all of your weapons packed away, and get surprised by a zombie ambush. You wont last more than a month if you don’t know how to survive without needing to kill.
I am not a big person and was worried that hitting something to hard would force me to release my grip from the shock, ending in my death.
I have a few of these stored in my “safety” locations to make sure I always have the essentials I need to survive if I need to make a run for it. A Gator Machete and Gator Machete pro for hacking needs, along with the heftier Survival Series Parang, and one good old fashioned, high performance camping axe.
The damage done is only limited by a person’s skill in using the various weapons that come in this kit. Your camping axe can be used to chop wood for a fire, shelter, or whack the head off a walking dead body.
Everyone needs aInnovation Factory IF-221 Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool if they plan on surviving the outbreak.
Kill any dead that wondered too far into the woods, gathered firewood, even made a makeshift shelter.
Yes it was the same fate for the dead but, if one of them managed to get near me and I fell, It would be the end of me.

The ax weighs just under three pounds so there is a little weight, but one swing should do the job every time. Killing the dead, being able to have a fire, building a shelter, and even setting up defenses for your survival.
Not only will it let you kill your hungry friends, but this can practically build your shelter for you.
This worked really well a few weeks ago when the place I was temporarily staying in was breached by zombies. Pretty much everything you will need to protect your family and friends during a zombie uprising! What I like about this is that it offers enough weapons for a group to have at hand if you find yourself on the run from a zombie horde…even if they move kind of slow. No getting away, making it to a safe site, and discovering all you have is a rusty blade and mediocre axe. Bashing, throwing, hacking, stabbing…you name it, there is something in this kit that can cover it.
But if you are caught by surprise as you are travelling, unless you are wearing one or two of these weapons, they aren’t too quick to whip out from the canvas bag they come in.
There is an ice pick on theInnovation Factory IF-221 Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool to carve a path so I could defend myself while the undead fall.
I would suggest having a small knife and a machete on your body and leaving the rest packed away for carrying.

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