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As gamers, we have all come across a reference to, or even a full-fledged title about, zombies. While there will be many canned foods and sealed containers to loot from nearby stores, they will only last so long. While most of your journey will be by foot, simply because it’s the cheapest, and quietest, always ensure your group has a vehicle available.
Highways and main roads would have been the first choice of escape and as such will probably be cluttered with cars of the long deceased drivers. While food will be one of your resources, it will not be the most important, not at first anyway.
While he may look like the outgoing type, he likes nothing better than to sit in front of his PC and play really bad indie games for lulz. I want to Dying light, but My wallet is a sad little cesspool of leather and useless plastic.
We are the Original Zombie Survival Camp, a hands-on, fully equipped training facility with sleeping and dining quarters and a private shooting range. Our trained instructors teach you what you need to know to prepare yourself for any disaster, whether it’s a natural catastrophe or the zombie apocalypse. Bring your partner (unless there is a reason you don’t want them to survive), bring your friends or co-workers, or come alone and make some new friends! Day camps are open to adults and teens 15 and over when accompanied by a responsible adult who is at least 25.
Our survival camps offer a unique experience for your corporate team building event or any special occasion. The time will come to repopulate the Earth and come together into large established towns, but while the food is scarce and the zombie horde still exists, that time is not now.

If you think 2 or 3 zombies are messing your day up enough for a bullet, just remember the 30 zombies that will be running towards the noise. A centre of operations will give you a single area to defend instead of permanently having to defend new areas as you travel.
Having to drive for hours on end, only to be hindered by a gridlocked highway with no way of getting off said highway, will really mess up your day.
Water and medicine will be required as soon as possible, and will need to be stocked up on.
Bow and arrows and crossbows will allow you to shut down a single target with devastating accuracy from a huge range.
Addicted to 'impossible' games and a sucker for a good story, he's been known to rage at anything that destroys his winning streak. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
With our hands-on training, you will learn and practice each new skill, from advanced first aid and close quarters self-defense, to crossbow and firearms training with live ammunition. Our day camps offer a fast-paced, fun-packed day focusing on our most popular classes, including basic firearms, crossbow, bug-out bag and supplies, first-aid and Zombitsu. There are people who have built underground bunkers and trained their children in munitions training and survival tactics. A zombie can easily be taken down by severing the head from the shoulders, or simply damaging the brain stem enough to detach it.
There is absolutely no need to be an Olympic athlete, but being able to jog a large distance and being able to lift and carry heavier weights can go a long way to survival. You may not be able to stay in one spot forever, but a fort will allow you and your companions a storage area, and a safe haven from the outside hordes.

Back roads are your safest bet if you feel the need to travel, and while they might take longer and not be as well lit, they should be mostly cleared and will allow you unhindered travel. Even a mild cold can hinder your party’s ability to hunt, scavenge and even defend itself, and a lack of water will kill you before the zombies do. They might not have the same punch as a shotgun or AR-15 rifle, but they can do massive amounts of damage if you’re good enough with them. Packages includes all classes, training and meals, plus a few extras during the evening hours.
We, here at G3AR, decided to give you, our readers, our top ten tips on not only staying alive during a zombie apocalypse, but helping those around you to survive as well. Aim at groups of 6 to 8, as this allows everyone to contribute while mitigating the speed at which your supplies will diminish.
Baseball bats and 2X4 pieces of wood allow you to quickly and easily take down a zombie 1-on-1, without attracting too much attention due to loud burst fire or explosions. You definitely aren’t going to have a stocked-up convenience store near you for very long. While they’re loud and will draw a ton of attention to you whenever you use them, their ability to get you out of dodge is absolutely unrivaled.
Arrows and bolts can also be retrieved from the dead once they have been dealt with, provided you’re brave enough.
These tips are deep seated in titles we have experienced first-hand, because if it works in a virtual reality, it should work in ours.

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