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For the models, yes ^ ^" they are a little bad but i tried my best, maybe in the future with more work i can get better things, haha. Of course i will continue the project, i was like 3 years playing with Unity, i did a lot of things; one or two games too, but i never published them because i wanted to make a good one.
But i have good news, since you can change the clothes maybe he's not going to die, who know haha! It will be different modes of difficult of course, there are some people that can't play in hard mode, or other that likes to play on easy. R-Well, in most games like battlefield 3 the character don't cast his own shadow but you can see other shadows, why this?
You are right, but i need to split the character for not seeing the up parts of him, also having the hands give me more freedom.

The shadow of the character in multiplayer is not accurate, when i will put the animation, the shadows will be recalculated. Okey i got it, i did a crossfade instead of using another model, now it's better and more natural. I was thinking of doing a backpack and when you select an object, do the animation getting the object from the backpack (More realistic, since in multiplayer you can see for example the axe in the backpack). I was thinking in use Mecanim system too, but i don't know how to use it, so first i need to take a look to it.
Zombie StrikeZombie Strike is a survival game with zombies, powered by the innovative Unity 3D engine.
Zombie IncursionZombie Incursion is an action game with zombies in which you have to protect your home town from the zombie invasion. Zombie Pickup SurvivalZombie Pickup Survival is a game with trucks and zombies in which you have to rescue the civilians from the zombie apocalypse. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

Your goal in this game is to park the zombie truck on the specified parking space, before the time runs out. You are trapped in a farm crowded with zombies and your mission is to survive five waves of zombies with increasing difficulty, use big arsenal of weapons to shoot hordes of incoming zombies and try to survive in order to successfully complete your mission.
You are trapped in a farm crowded with zombies and your mission is to survive for 10 minutes using big arsenal of weapons to shoot hordes of dangerous zombies. After each level you can use the money you have collected to upgrade your weapon or buy a new one. Carefully choose which weapon you want to bring in the battle as you can't change them once you start the level.

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