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Features:Some items upgrade when you buy them again, or you can say they stack and their effects stack too. Your hero won't regenerate Rockets like mana because Rockets don't just appear, unless you buy an item to give Rockets.
Fixed spawn zombies trigger to remove most of it's lag, still trying on a perm solution to it. Edit: Normal Blizz items don't show increase in movespeed, and there was no need to change the item effect.
With different zombies I meant in model, but all things you mention is good (power, model, gold reward).

Thanks for your post Aesthetics, too bad you feel it lacks, i do too hehe, that's why im trying to constantly update it, if you could suggest what to add it'll help development go faster, also check out the new version.
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Quick tip, you can build farms in front of the towers, that way ghouls and abominations are going to have a harder time reaching them. I took 4 footmen and arthas to take care of it, it was a bit hard with such a small force but it is doable. It can be a bit tricky with the meat wagons though, try to dodge their attacks because they are quite powerful.

Also, the final wave shouldn't be too hard at all, if you have a 90 supply army or something close to it. Also added a new 'tome' that gives you 25 attack damage, even if you have 10k attack damage you can still die. Even not without having an army it should be easy enough, since they won't be able to destroy all of your buildings in time.

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