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Over the weekend, I managed to have a conversation with Lunarea about her new  Zombie Survival Graphic Pack! I started by doing a lot of research at what existing games, movies and art were doing when it came to zombies and the apocalypse. When deciding on what to include in the tiles, my first goal was to create areas that could share objects. This plot also helped me decide what kind of characters and battlers to include in the pack. I noticed that this is your first pack to include battlers, something you aren’t really normally known for. Speaking of the sprites, and the new template, are you going to release the character template? The template wasn’t included in the pack this time around, as I wanted to make sure I had a few more characters created on it first. I am planning on creating more character packs with the template, as well as releasing various characters over time. Inside, he documents the biggest events and evolutionary concepts in mankind’s scientific history. Visit California asked pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist to dream big and try something completely new. Artist photographer, Qozop, asked Asian youths to swap clothes with their relatives who are generations apart. Professional crane operator Wei Gensheng decided to take some pictures from the second tallest building in the world. Ernest Goh is a fine art photographer, based in Singapore, who has recently made the switch from commercial photography to fine art. A Chinese artist, Zheng Chunhui, spent 4 years carving this masterpiece from a single tree trunk.
21 year young photographer Kyle Thompson from Chicago has been one of the most shared photographers online in recent days. Not everybody has the luxury of having private transportation during a zombie apocalypse, or have a multimillion dollar Zombie-proof home like this one. German design student, Zhi-Yun Zhang, imagines familiar cartoon characters as pop music icons in this latest series.
Animals turned to stone upon contact with this deadly lake in Tanzania, discovered by nature photographer Nick Brandt who found their carcasses washed up on shore. New public artwork by British artist Alex Chinneck has the front of a four storey house slide to the ground. The conceptual home which is shaped like a pyramid has a clean futuristic aesthetic thanks to it’s simple geometric shape. Amateur photographer Kai Fagerstrom ventured into the Finnish woods and discovered houses full of strangers he has never met. The dead might be rising, and it's up to your adventurers to stop them in their tracks.
Created by Lunarea, this set is a smashing compilation of familiar (tiles in the same style as the Modern Day set) and new (unique character template, faceset and battlers). You never know what you are going to get when you order the Zombie Survival Goods Family Pack!

You have from November 18, 2011 (11-18-2011) until December 2, 2011 (12-2-2011) to submit your poetry entries.
First place: Winner receives a special, signed edition of the ZSC anthology book, Undead is Not an Option.
Entries must be sent to command [at] zombiesurvivalcrew [dot] com with the subject “Zombie Poetry Contest.” Any entries received via Twitter, Facebook, or website comments will be disqualified.
We are really looking forward to once again being wowed by the talent hidden within the Zombie Survival Crew’s members.
Special thanks to ZSC Special Forces commander Billy Tackett for creating such amazing zombie art and for allowing us to use it! Disclaimer: Unless specifically mentioned in the post, we have no clue where this picture came from. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Created by Lunarea, this new pack will contain matching tiles, characters, faces and battlers – along with a few surprise bonus pieces. An cool addition would be to put night backgrounds with a full moon, to use as parallax, And if possible, add some battlers in VX Ace’s style. Can you make a script of some sort that “zombifies” a normal sprite by overlaying a generic graphic over the sprite?
I had previously interviewed her after the release of the Modern Tileset Pack over a year ago, which she had to remind me about, so if you want to learn more about her you can check out that one. With all the zombie media out there, where did you head to get your inspiration for this set? Zombies are very popular right now, so there was a ton of material to look through and feel inspired by. I wanted developers to be able to use it in more than just a zombie setting, and I wanted them to be able to add bits and pieces from other resource packs.
The developers who want a monochromatic look can still achieve it with screen tints and clever use of fog. The outside area has a lot of decorations for setting up barriers (sand bags, tall wire gates), as well as a cemetery.
The hospital and the science lab, for example, have a lot of pieces that fit in either setting. It took the characters from the streets to temporary shelters, then to the hospital and military base to stock up on weapons and healing supplies. I tried to make something that would fit each of the zones, but at the same time wouldn’t be out of place elsewhere.
There aren’t many zombie battlers in the RTP, and certainly not many modern-themed battlers.
Creating more characters allows me to spot any possible changes that the template needs to go through, and I want to make sure that the released template is the final version.
I have a pretty exciting event planned for zombie sprites, and you’ll get to read about it mid-November.
I keep getting impressed further by everyone who works on our packs, and yours are no exceptions. Three glass walls, floor and ceiling panels, allow visitors to control their vertigo and experience 1035m above ground.

He began taking photographs at the age of nineteen after finding interest in nearby abandoned houses. Whether you're mapping a science lab where it all started, the town and shelters where you found cover, or the military base where you find the weapons to make your final stand, we've got you covered! For instance, if Juliette didn’t have the uncanny ability to talk her way out of any dangerous situation, we’d have never made it this far. Please do not send document files, PDFs, or website links, or the entry will be automatically disqualified. The tiles span over several areas, including a hospital, shelter, science lab and military base. The characters, battlers and faces are created in a unique style, with plans to expand with more content.
A lot of the environments I looked at were pretty similar – rather desaturated and drab monochromatic settings, which can really help sell the idea of despair that the characters surviving in that world are feeling. So, I also spent time looking at unconventional zombie media – things that were colorful and cute. Finally, they go to the science lab from which the zombie plague originated and defeat the big boss.
The battlers still took quite a while to create, but it was a matter of days rather than weeks. I just love how his faceset turned out (especially the expression) and his character was a lot of fun to sprite. It can be in any style you wish, any length you wish, though we do ask that there be a minimum of 10 words and a maximum of 200 words.
The characters contain some of the modern personas you might find in a zombie game (scientist, policeman, military, etc). At the end of the contest period, your ZSC commanders will sit and read through all of the entries to pick the top three poems for first, second, and third place prizewinners.
All comments are the sole possesion of the commenters and do not reflect the opinions or values of MCS.
Movie would jsut waste your time when you should be killing zombies, and alcohol would impair your judgement and make you less alert. Lot.) That being said, we want to see how talented you all are, while simultaneously emptying out our swag closet. It was quick and easy to create, but it didn’t fit the serious vibe the rest of the pack was shaping up to be in. A boom box with the song Thriller on a Cd would be good too so then you can kill the zombies while they are dancing. I was looking at 20+ battlers, and the painted style would have still pushed the release forward by a few weeks.

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