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With Season 4 of The Walking Dead now on our screens we thought we had better build a new survival kit for zombie fans.
Chosen for its blistering 248 FPS power and relative ease of hand cocking for quick re loads. Pretty much everything you need to survive the apocalypse bar a set of balls and a will to live. The second half Season 3 The Walking dead is back on the TV so we are bringing back the Apocalypse kit.
An extra pack of 6 x 17" bolts, a pack of three broadhead arrow tips and a cocking rope to make a quick reload stress-free. The MACHETE - Again I love it, SO LIGHT with a lovley grip, however its still a powerful blade I like it alot.

As for the site itself im well chuffed, very nice site as you can see, and great delivery will deffiantly be using again! 4 the machete is super cool feels awesome and is strong enough to help in the garden it even comes with a sharpening stone! 5 I''m now ready for zombies so that''s 5 stars at a bargin price and super fast delivery!!! First off the crossbow, absolutely amazing, even after watching videos on the internet I was still stunned at the sheer power of it! Free Download Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Full Metal Zombie PC Game – A Zombie apocalypse has taken over the hi-octane GAS GUZZLERS EXTREME universe! Call: 866-365-3084 _________________________________________________________________________ Hello Guest, Log in!

It introduces tons of new stuff, like ragdoll physics, zombie AI, blood and bodyparts flying around; taking the fun up a notch or ten!
First shot went straight through some ply wood and cardboard I was using and into the recycling bin!
Armed to the teeth in your rig, and with insane power-ups littering each arena, you should be more than capable of obliterating the hordes of the undead.

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