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Well, we're tired of waiting for the official reveal, so we've decided to spell out what we want Treyarch to add to the Zombie formula.
Let us unlock new guns, gadgets, and perks just like the competitive multiplayer - except instead of unlocking Stinger launchers and claymores we get the Wunderwaffe and Monkey Bomb . Treyarch has mentioned they are using the multiplayer engine to run Zombie mode, so it's entirely possible we might see more than just four player co-op. Let us take a bigger group out into the zombie infested world and make death permanent, changing the fallen players into shambling undead.

Make it so zombie players have projectile attacks and buffed stats and it will be a good time. Or task half of the party to defend a home base while the others venture out to reach a distant objective and return. We've already seen this type of switching sides, infection gameplay from the other shooters, so it isn't too hard to imagine it with some zombies thrown in the mix.Co-op can get frustrating with player controlled allies, but this would be your chance to get back at your incompetent comrades. Now just let us spend our hard earned dollars on building walls and other stationary bonuses, then we could strategically funnel a horde, hunker down with our co-op buddies and fend of the tide of rotting corpses from a makeshift fort.

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