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Google’s fly-in menu system on the left removes the crazy tab system that was bolted into Gmail last year and places it in line with everything else, with a similarly collapsible Hangouts interface on the opposite side of the screen. The email and reminder creation bubbles at the bottom right hand corner of the display are nearly identical to leaks we’ve seen from multiple sources for future Google products, signaling a dramatic shift in how new functions are created within mobile and desktop apps. This interface also includes the new pin system that was spotted in the last Gmail leak, which replaces stars in Gmail as a way to to bring focus to important emails.
There’s no expected release date for any of these features, or even a guarantee that Google will implement them in the way we see them in these images, but after spending a few minutes in this interface it is clear that Google is eager to shake things up in Gmail. MindView is a project management software application with a focus on professional mind mapping for businesses. MindView is a secure web-based system that can be hosted by them, or it can be installed and hosted by the user. Built-in Gantt Chart - You can use the Gantt chart representation while taking advantage of the many project management features.
Built-in Project Timeline - The project timeline view allows you to visually present your project plan to audiences not familiar with Gantt charts.
Integration with Microsoft Applications - MindView allows you to convert your Mind Map work to Microsoft applications.
Ubuntu Phone was released last month and users have started to receive their Ubuntu Phones starting from last week. SinceA Ubuntu Phone doesn’t have many native apps, it is counting on web apps to fill the gap. Canonical has created an online web app package generator for anyone to easily create a new web app.
Once you log in with your Ubuntu One account, you’ll see a screen like the one below.
Once you submit all the details and click on the submit button, it will generate a click package for the web app.

Once you have your web app package generated, it’s time to submit it to UbuntuA Store.
You’ll receive mail (on the email account that you used for Ubuntu One) that your application has been submitted for review. Create a Contact from Email in Outlook Web App- Tutorial: A picture of a user adding a new contact from an email within in Outlook Web App in Office 365.
Recently we explored a series of new feature for the mobile Gmail client, and now we have images of what those same features look like on a desktop browser. There’s a certain comfort level found in the rhythm of performing one of the most boring and routine tasks in our digital lives. This setup lets you open everything up if you’re a fan of using the whole display for your email, but it also supports shrinking the window down so you can glance at your Inbox whenever you need it.
It’s a simple UI tool that lets you store multiple unfinished messages or reminders in a sort of ToDo list if you are so inclined.
You can use the toggle at the top of the UI to drag your pinned emails to the top of the pile, or leave it switched off and see everything in the order it arrived in your Inbox. With any luck most of these features will make the cut and we’ll see an all new Gmail any day now. You have the ability to export project timelines to HTML, as well as print them in a poster format. The XML export feature allows you to integrate MindView documents with other applications by implementing a transformation file. You’ll need to provide the necessary information such as desired name of app, URL and logo of the website for which you are creating the web app and few other obvious stuff. If everything is fine, it will take you to the last page of submission where you can review stuff. To create a contact from email in Outlook Web App, display the message in the Reading pane of the Outlook Web App and click the email address of the sender to open their “Contact card.” The Contact card is a small detail box that contains their name, email address, etc.

The bars that stretch across the display look a a little awkward at first, but when you keep in mind how much information can be displayed in those bars it is a setup that could prove useful to anyone who needs a more detailed scan of their Inbox when hunting for something. It improves the efficiency and productivity of meetings and project planning, quickly turning ideas into action. It provides you with professional templates which are simple to use and customizable to your needs. In this tutorial, we are going to see how can you easily create a web app for Ubuntu Touch.
If this is your first time, do click on the MyApps account link situated below the Developer namespace field. Since you are directed here through an email message, the “Email” and “Display as” fields will contain the email address of the sender. As a result Gmail’s changes are often subtle, are optional for a long time, and tend not to upset the overall workflow. You can also import Microsoft files into MindView when you need an overview of your project. In addition, you’ll have to provide a tagline, info, description, category and keywords for your application. If you don’t have an Ubuntu Phone, you can use this unofficial web interface to browse all the available Ubuntu Touch appsA and search your app here. The wave of features we’ve been invited to take a look at shows an entirely different user interface, one that is clearly designed to function across a variety of screen sizes without losing functionality.

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