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Aside from its association in ancient culture and traditions, deer are also closely related to religious values and ideals. Deer may be gentle creatures in nature but one cannot deny the rich and meaningful character it conveys. Everyone is familiar with Walt Disney’s animated film” Bambi” and just like what the character portrays, it reflects the gracefulness and child like attitude of one of the most magical creature in the forest. In Celtic myth, deer are known to be one of the oldest animals and considered to be “faerie cattle” or supernatural creatures that lead fairies and humans to the forests to the magical world.

Buddhists love to tell the story of their master’s first teaching and his presence attracted wild animals especially the deer. Tattoos represents our own perceptions and character and being having deer tattoos may mean more than just magic and gracefulness but a more profound personality deep within. The exceptional attitude of the deer conveys peace and harmony and affirms the conviction as “one who will not fight unless provoked”. In the Bible, the deer represents man and our gentleness and carefree nature is guided by God to withstand any troubles and temptations of life. An image of a slain deer with herbs in its mouth represents unrequited love or a love that is lost.

Another unique deer tattoos shows a deer trampling snakes which symbolizes spirituality overcoming temptation.

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