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Black Pearl, black lining ink, este pentru linii curate si inchise, cu care se poate trasa un tatuaj cu usurinta si in aceasi timp va ramane negru. Tusurile pentru tatuat, Black Pearl, sunt realizate cu cele mai avansate technologii, cu peste 10 ani in productia tusurilor tattoo.  Aceste produse sunt folosite de cei mai renumiti artisti tatuatori din lume. Pentru un aspect negru al tatuajelor va recomanda producatorul Black Pearl Tattoo Ink, atat pentru umbre cat si pentru linii.
Indepartare tatuaj Indepartare tatuaj printr-o metoda simpla Multi dintre noi au tatuaje care nu mai repreinta nimic pentru ei. Sablon tatuaj cu Stencil Stuff Cum folosesti Stencil Stuff si indigoul special tattoo Cea mai usoara metoda de a aplica modelul de tatuaj pe piele.

Craciun fericit 2014 Cu mult drag ne gandim la voi, acum in preajma sarbatorilor.
This set of color flash was the first shop flash that Greg produced while working at Dean Dennis' shop in San Francisco in 1980. A tattooist who made his name working on South Main Street in Los Angeles in the 1950's, Line drawings made from acetate stencil rubs. The Pike was the home to many tattooists and these line drawings show designs from many of these artists. I enjoy making cute and kitschy designs influenced by my favourite animes and retro cartoons!

We handpick every single piece to make sure the love you will receive from us is priceless.

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