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Here’s a little bit of my tiny house building story and some of the things I learned in the process.
On my first trip to the salvage yard I had no idea how much things should cost, or even the difference between redwood and fir.
At first I was hesitant to pay for those e-books, but I quickly came to my senses and realized the cost would more than pay for itself by saving me time and money spent making big mistakes.
I chose the shed-style roof because I’m really tall and wanted to maximize loft-space. Insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling is wool from Oregon Shepherd, which I read about from Tammy Stroebel’s project built by Dee.
Interior wainscoting is that same 30 year-old redwood, with tongues and grooved ripped off. Ceiling, and much of the kitchen cabinet, is reclaimed fir from a house on the Russian River that was pulled apart by a carpenter friend. LED tape lighting around the upper part of the walls is super-efficient and can’t be beat for creating a comfortable ambience. I love your house.It makes more sense that the shed type roof is used than the many faceted roofs that you see on many of the tiny homes. May I ask who you got the Hobbit through and also what is the chimney pipe size ( 6″ )? I hope this information will help or possibly inspire a few future tiny house builders, in the same way I was greatly supported by all you guys who shared your stories before me.
A few weeks later, the idea of taking a little extra time to find beautiful materials and design things a bit more uniquely was starting to make sense to me. And I definitely wanted a couple of windows in the loft, so I could gaze out while lying in bed. I went this route thinking that plywood would be lighter and stronger than drywall, and would add more visual light and less all-wood-monotony to the room.
It’s an amazing stove, and from my research was cheaper (and more attractive) than similar small US-made stoves. So I begged and traded for as much help as possible, and was blessed to know incredibly skilled people who sped up my learning curve immensely. Ask any questions you like in the comments section below if you’re building or thinking about building your own tiny house. I am doing construction A-Level ATM and one of our project is to design a tiny house, I was wondering what wood you used for both the frame and the outside of the house.
I am doing my research now and this would be useful information regarding the trailer needed.
The best things about this project were the support I received from friends and family, and getting to learn so many new things this year. Until a year ago, the stuff I built was almost totally designed from a functional perspective. Turns out interesting and older materials (usually cheaper, and almost always more time consuming to get) really impact the feeling of the house.
Then, after a month of searching to locate windows and doors that were roughly the correct size, I did a final design with those measurements. But a few months before I started my project I had the good fortune to work on a backyard shed with my friend Steve, who taught me all about using salvaged and old materials.
Tony sacrificed his back-health to get the four walls up, and freely offered consultations on everything from solar to framing to, well, everything. I would have imploded or gotten totally stuck on the electric and the plumbing, without help from Jim and Michael. Bruce and Duncan shared tons of amazing cabinetry and furniture-making wisdom, as well as the use of some pretty deluxe tools. I had a great time working with both of my parents, who each stepped in and helped me with many crucial aspects of the project.
And four amazing angels shared with me their beautiful property on which to build my house, and gave me a room to stay in until my house was liveable.

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