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There is something that we need to understand in the kingdom of God, and that is God loves to use weak people. So often we have mistaken God's ways by trying to intellectualize Him with our own wisdom.
Therefore, some of your weaknesses are deliberately allowed by God for the very purpose of demonstrating His power through you and enabling you to get a clearer and bigger picture of Him. Job was a typical example where God allowed his affliction and liberated Job out of his boxed opinion of God. Although we may not be perfect, the thing that is different about us, is that we have the grace of God available to us to overcome our weaknesses, problems and challenges that we face in life. In the course of my ministry, I have come across a lot of people who have been procrastinating to make themselves available as an instrument of God. For the law appoints as high priests men in all their weakness; but the oath, which came after the law, appointed the Son, who has been made perfect forever.
We come under the convenant blessings of Abraham today because of one man, who despite his weaknesses obeyed the CALL of God in his life.
However, the best way to tell is to have a professional come and assess the status of your deck. The second story was in even worse condition -- and I was careful to step only on the deck boards that were directly supported by the beams. Sometimes, when the damage is less severe, homeowners wonder about the tradeoffs of repair versus replacement. When a deck has started to decay in one area, usually it is only a matter of time before other areas start to show signs of decay too. Since repair was not an option with this deck, the homeowner asked me to give her an estimate for an exact replacement. I worked up an estimate and a detailed explanation of the job process -- and e-mailed a copy to her a week later for her review.
When I demolished the old deck, I took a closer look at where the substructure had failed and why. I try to be a good steward of the property when I am on site, and this job was no exception. My first encounter with Blue (my nickname for the owner's independent tomcat who lived under the house) involved snarling, hissing and a fast retreat on his part.
I also redesigned the second story deck to make more aesthetically pleasing and safer by railing off access to the roof.

Seriously speaking, no matter who you are, unfortunately, in reality everyone has weaknesses; it can either be emotional, intellectual, or spiritual, it doesn't matter! Sadly, God is not able to use a lot of people today because of our ignorance of who God is in our lives.
Your greatest miracle in your ministry will come out of your deepest weakness in your life, if you learn to totally depend upon God for your strength and enablement. People of great ability and gift are wasting away their lives because of wrong thinking that has mesmerised them to believe that you need to be perfect before God can use you. All the great man in the Bible that God was able to use mightily were not perfect super-humans.
It walks you through the process of discovering what to look for to determine when a deck can be repaired versus needs to be replaced.
The homeowner had recently noticed some problems and wanted an estimate for what it would cost to fix it. In about 80% of the cases I see, the deck substructure has reached the end of its life span because of rot and termites.
One example is a plant container sitting on top of the deck boards that has overflowed so often that wet rot has started to decay the deck boards.
And for these I recommend the homeowner hire a handyman or someone who does small repair jobs -- since they are the most cost effective. In those cases, I try to present their options and the tradeoffs, so the homeowner can make an informed decision.
We talked about decking materials and their pros and cons, as well as the features she wanted duplicated.
I found that the original concrete patio had been bricked around -- causing a drainage problem when it rained.
I also did a double treatment of copper based preservative to help all the pressure treated wood resist moisture damage. But, by the end of the project, you can see that Blue had decided I need close-up supervision -- a service he was willing to provide in exchange for lots of petting and scratching behind the ears. For more information about this project, see the Los Angeles Double Decker Craftsman Wood Deck in my portfolio. They were initially weak and imperfect people, yet they had a heart of character to be honest, humble and teachable. He is also the representative of Faith International Bible School for Malaysia & Singapore.

Of course, the only way to tell is to closely inspect the deck and find out not only what the problems are, but what is causing them. Typically, the first small signs of problems indicate the beginning of wide spread substructure failures -- unless the damage is caused by a specific factor and localized. Termites eat their way through the wood, creating channels that allow water to seep in and accelerate the rotting process. And since the symptoms sounded like the damage was structural, we set up a convenient time to meet so I could inspect her deck and give her a good idea of her options.
In several places, the frame was giving way and the deck boards were sinking under my weight. We spent about 20 minutes hammering out the design details and material choices so I could prepare an accurate estimate for a new deck. A couple of days before starting, I dropped by to discuss construction details, like where to stack the new materials and tools, as well as arranging for access to electrical power and a bathroom. It did drain slowly, but the extra drainage time meant the frame would be subjected to a lot of moisture. He is the founder and senior pastor of Full Gospel Outreach Ministry KL, a member of ECCM, Spiritual Adviser & overseer of Full Gospel Christian Church KL. Another example is when termite damage is caught early and only one small area is effected. This makes the wood even more vulnerable to termites, and starts an accelerating decay process that usually occurs throughout the entire substructure.
Most of the deck boards were loose and pulling away from the frame -- and many of the ends of the boards were showing signs of rot. Each time you invest in buying more time, you need to weigh the cost of the short term extension of use versus the cost of a new deck averaged over its lifetime to see when it makes sense to replace the entire deck.
This explained why the bottom of the original support posts were completely rotted from the ground up -- and the reason why the whole deck sagged. When I walked over and gave the railings a wiggle, they were all either loose or falling away.

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