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Amazingly, when a Reeds Ferry building leaves our facility for your yard the doors, windows, and even the hardware are already installed!
Every Reeds Ferry small building is constructed with 2x4 spruce framing 16" on center in the walls and roof. This entry was posted in Design, House, Projects and tagged 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, base, concrete, custom, design, exterior, fabrication, footings, shed, wood. Back in 2007 I scratch-built an N-scale lumber storage shed as part of a furniture manufacturer diorama. It was then trivial to add the right-hand side wall, making sure that it was the same distance from the left wall in the front as it was in the back.
I stained the three walls (inside and out) and the floor space within those walls with the normal india-ink-and-alcohol solution. I didn't plan ahead far enough on this project, so I then had to install some boards on the two side walls to support the racks. I added two angled boards (highlighted in the photo below), to act as the supports for the platform. After I carefully stained the new second-story platform (to avoid splattering the new wood in the bottom shelves), I built some more piles of new wood for the upper two rows of racks. This photo shows my set-up for making the handrails for the upper platform, made out of 2x4 boards. This shows an overall photo after I installed the platform handrails and then stained it and the ladder. I just couldn't resist including this photo, showing an extremely close-up view of the lumber shed.
Next, I cut two sheets of 0.010" thick styrene to act as the roof's foundation (much like we would use sheets of plywood in the real world). I painted both sides of the OSB with some outdoor paint that I got for $7 a gallon to help it hold up a bit longer. I need to do a little touch-up paint on the floor, and paint the frame, but it came out flat, level, and not too bad.
As you can see, our delivery trucks are specifically designed for storage shed installations.

Completed in about three hours, this brand new 10x14 Vinyl Carriage Shed will provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Please feel free to download, use, and modify for your own application – you will need Adobe Illustrator CS5 or above.
I had so much fun with that project that I decided to build another such structure for my S-scale layout. In my N-scale version I first built the wall studs and then covered them with the outside boards, like you would do in the real world.
I first glued the vertical studs at 2-foot centers, as shown for the wall on the right in the photo below. I wasn't sure about how the rest of the platform was going to be used, which is why I didn't stain that yet. These were built on top of the walls so that they matched in shape and size (being careful not to have any excess wood glue accidentally connect the pieces to the wall). The bottoms of the vertical boards of the handrail were glued to the front face of the platform. What prompted me to do that was that I was thinking about how I wanted to do the roof, and I wanted to have a figure up on the second story platform. I forgot to take a photo of those installed (I used five-minute epoxy to glue those to the structure). You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I purposely do not perfectly line up the front and back edges of the boards, and I also roughed up their ends, to indicate wear and tear over the years.
The right-hand side of the foundation will be up against the track (to be used as part of the unloading platform), so the first wall was lined up with the left edge of the foundation. Again, using angles, I glued the back wall perpendicular to the first side wall and the foundation. When I used an S-scale figure, I realized that he was going to hit his head on the roof trying to get up the ladder.
I then carefully cut several pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil (bought at the grocery store) into scale 4-foot wide sheets, with their lengths matching the width of the styrene roof panels.

By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. I have never had to deal with it but i have only ever seen them around trees or decaying wood (places where it is constantly moist). All you have to do is approve the location of your new shed and watch our highly trained installation crew go to work. Because each site is different, consult a Reeds Ferry sales representative to discuss what the best site preparation option is for your new shed. It is going to be part of a hardware and lumber-supply diorama on my layout.I started off with some scale 12"x12" beams to serve as the foundation of the shed.
I found that using a razor blade worked best when cutting the aluminum foil (the popular X-acto blade ripped the foil).
Its overall size was determined by what I could fit on my layout, which is 49' wide and 33' deep.
I cut all boards to the length of the longest board needed (20'3"), lined them up next to each other, and then used angles and metal weights to carefully squeeze them against each other to form the tight wall. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. As shown in the photo, I used various measurement tools to make sure that the four core beams were perpendicular to each other as the glue was drying. When I finished the bottom three rows of racks, I built a platform base out of 5x5 boards, which you can see in the photo below because they are not yet stained. To attach them, I used a small brush to apply a thin layer of Aleene's original tacky glue to the styrene, and then carefully pressed the delicate panels to the styrene.
I installed some cross members, needed to support the roof (these won't be visible from the normal viewing angle. After that was done and the glue had dried, I sprayed Testors Dullcote over the roof panels and let that dry overnight.

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