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DMS Truck Outfitters has AMISH built treated wood buildings ranging in sizes from 8x8 all the way to 14x60. I suspect the competition from the nearby Shiloh General Store might have been too great (more on that business later).Wholesome Country CreameryWholesome Country Creamery 6400 Windsor Rd.
The man, JohnA Hostetler, was from the Union Grove community and lived right near the Windsor Country Store, I learned.
There were three or four other flavors including chocolate and peach which I had to leave for next time. You might also find their goods retailed in other NC stores, including in Charlotte.Wholesome Country Creamery 6400 Windsor Rd.

Hamptonville, NC 27020 336-468-4789Other Businesses – Union Grove AmishAside from these, there are a few other businesses in the Union Grove area.
This is the Vinyl Structures storage buildings business.I believe this greenhouse is Amish-owned. It's located in the little community at Roseville, Illinois, a one-church…An Amish Country Store Opens in Virginia The North Carolina Amish community I visited a few weeks ago has a daughter settlement, in Chatham (Pittsylvania County), Virginia. The Holmes County New Orders started in the 1950s mainly regarding spiritual matters…supporting Bible study, Christian piety, non use of tobacco, etc. There is a small group called Tobe New Order that was the result of differing views amongst the Tobe people who broke away from strict Old Orders in Holmes County.

But the Union Grove Amish originate from more traditional Amish communities which over time allowed tractors and electricity and tended to resist tobacco usage. There are a number of other twists and turns but a lot of the details can be traced historically.

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