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Engadget reports that HTC is billing Boost+ as a way to "optimize, declutter and fortify" your smartphone. The app claims to increase performance by removing garbage files that accumulate over time as a result of opening apps and browsing websites.
Boost+ features an intelligent app management mode that lets you lock apps with a PIN code or your fingerprint. Periodically, Boost+ alerts you of any apps you've installed that are either infrequently used or draining resources in the background.
Despite their popularity, task and cache management apps are generally viewed as unnecessary on Android, particularly with newer versions. HTC hasn't explained how its task cleaner will produce any better results than the hundreds of similar apps already in the Play Store. While Chromebooks are mostly cloud-centric machines, there are still quite a few offline packaged apps available.
Your Chromebook can read and write to SD cards or USB drives formatted as FAT32, vFAT and exFAT.
Like portable flash storage, your Chromebook can use a USB hard drive for a lot more storage at the cost of portability.
You'll not be able to easily format a USB drive in Chrome OS, so you'll need to do that on another computer. It's easy to switch users on Chrome OS, and downloading a file to a removable drive through the file manager means it can be available for all users.
Of course you can also choose to not sync your Google Drive files offline to save even more space from the Google Drive app settings.
This is a little more extreme than any of the other options, and most Chromebooks don't support it because the internal storage is soldered directly to the board. Some notable models that can be upgraded with a bigger storage drive include the Acer C710, the Acer C720, the HP Chromebook 14, The Samsung Series 5 (and Series 5 550) and the Cr-48. It's easy to do on some models like the Acers or the Samsungs, and very difficult to do on the HP 14 — but it can be done. When you buy a $200 laptop that's built to be lean and speedy, you shouldn't expect a 500GB spinning disk drive under the hood.
With tempered and well thought out expectations, and these few tips you should be able to manage all of your storage needs. We have a feeling that Chromebooks with bigger storage sizes are coming, as it will soon be more expensive to spec out 16GB drives instead of 32GB.
Viruses and exploits get headlines, but they're not the most promising news coming out of Google's 2015 security recap. The funny thing about security, of course, is most of us on the end-user side of things tend to not worry about it until it's too late. HTC's theme store has a lot going for it: highly customizable themes, lots of diverse content, and easy sharing. Battery cases are always a compromise, but the Galaxy S7's Wireless Charging Battery Pack is the best take on this type of accessory. Computer Help Tutorials about software, apps, hardware, operating systems, maintenance and troubleshooting.
On the homescreen of Fastimizer there is a circle graph which shows the health score of my device, the amount of used space is left on my device, the total amount of space is on my device, and how much RAM is being used out of the total amount of RAM on my device.
I can also do an individual scan for junk files, and Memory boost if I don’t want to kill my background tasks while I do a disk cleanup, or if I don’t want to delete my cache files while I do a Memory Boost. There is also an update checker in Fastimizer menu to see if you are using the latest version of its app. The size of Fastimizer App is 1.6 MB in size to download from Google Play, so it won’t use up much data, and space to download and install on your Google Android device. Wise Fastimizer is a modern, fast, and simple to use disk clean up cache remover, and task killer app. A cellphone is one of the most important and integrated technological elements in our lifestyles.
But, there is a huge problem that exists in the information technology industry, and that is, the issue of security. Fortunately, these applications are available for android platforms, and these are cheap, and very useful and have a lot of unique security features.
F-secure is one of the most popular App to secure your mobile, Protect your phone against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and online identity theft. Heartbleed Security Scanner is developed by Lookout, the leading mobile security company that builds security & antivirus technology that protects people, business, governments, and critical infrastructure from the growing threats in the post-PC era. Protect your mobile device with 360 Security, a top of the line mobile security app designed to protect your Android phone against the latest viruses, malware, system vulnerabilities, and privacy risks. Security is a world leader in phone safety and works on all Android phones. It provides must-have safety features including anti-virus, privacy protection and harassing call intercept, alongside management functionality such as smartphone acceleration, bandwidth usage monitoring, private space and mobile security.
Quick Heal Mobile Security not only protects your Android smartphone from malware, but it also secures it against theft or loss. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android delivers the latest mobile security technologies – including superior anti-theft protection and Android antivirus. Lookout Security & Antivirus offers top-notch protection against mobile threats, phone loss and theft. DU Speed Booster is an Android optimizer & cleaner master with a FREE built-in antivirus security feature.
Offers real-time file system scanning with the SpIDer Guard monitor whenever attempts are made to save files in the memory. Give your Android mobile devices TOTAL protection from viruses and privacy “intruders” with Bitdefender Mobile Security! Phone Cleaner Virus Free is the latest Android phone master optimizer & cleaner with new user interface. Just Cleaner is junk file cleaner with many handy tools in one app, an app you can trust in! Assistant for Android Free is the best android app of the utility tool which improve your device performance. Android System Assistant is one of the system utility tool that improves your androids performance. If it forces close,please Clear the data of A Super Box on the "Manage Applications" screen or uninstall and reinstall it.
A complete set of tools to manage your device, Advanced Tools is: file manager, task manager, apk manager, system manager and now much more with new device-related tools (sensors, gps, flashlight).
A Complete Device Performance App For Android Smartphones & Tablets Remo Optimizer comprises of more than 15 functionalities to Manage, Optimize, Recover and Enhance your Android Smartphones and Tablets. Mobile Testing:- Testing of various device components and features – You can tests various features and sensors in your device. Assistant for Android is one of the system utility tool that improves your androids performance. Clean Master Fast Booster is one of the system utility tool that improves your androids performance. Clean Ram Master one of the top tool for cleaning your devices allowed you to manage your device and maintain good performance all the time. Clean Master is a new solution 2016 for optimizing & cleaning your phones & tablets Clean Master is the new and free app 2016 for phone cleaning or tablet, cleaner Your RAM Memory and Boost your mobile . The Cleaner Pro 2016 is very easy to use, It can remove hidden junk files with just one touch. The Cleaner Pro 2016 also helps in increasing your phone battery life by uninstalling unwanted applications and closing background applications. Easy Clean is perfect when your device runs slow, or if you stop to play games, or if too hot, or if you need to free up space to store more pictures and songs. Facebook has begun rolling out group calling for its Messenger app, letting you dial up to 50 friends concurrently over the internet. To back up your photos with Google Photos, install the Google Photos app and enable the “Back up & sync” option.

To view more details, tap “Storage” on the iCloud screen and tap “Manage Storage.” You’ll see the amount of space you have available and a breakdown of what’s taking up space in iCloud here, which will help you decide what you need to delete.
If you’ve uploaded all your photos to Google Photos or another service, you can tap “iCloud Photo Library” under Photos here to disable iCloud Photo Library. Tap the backup for the device you’re currently using–it’ll show up as “This iPhone” or “This iPad”–and you can manage more settings. To customize the individual apps that back up on another device, you’ll have to visit this screen on the other device.
You can also see how much space is used by “Documents & Data” in your iCloud account from here.
To free up space, tap an application in the list and tap “Edit.” You’ll have the option of deleting all its data from your iCloud storage or just deleting individual documents.
If an application uses a lot of space in iCloud and you don’t want to lose its syncing features, you may want to consider an alternative. If you’re using iCloud for your email, you’ll see a “Mail” entry at the bottom of the iCloud storage screen. To recover some of this storage space, you can open the Mail app on your device and start deleting emails from your iCloud Mail account. If you’re low on space and using iCloud for email, consider switching and using another email service instead. It also introduced a new system tuning app that will be available on every Android smartphone.
It can wipe temporary directories to free up storage space, clean running apps out of memory to increase performance and add extra security features to your device. App installers, ad tracking files and general temporary files are all cleansed intelligently by Boost+ to increase performance as required.
It ensures only you can access apps that contain sensitive data, preventing co-workers, friends and other people around you from prying on your personal information. It gives you a heads-up look at the apps running on your phone, letting you decide to remove ones you don't regularly open to save space and power. At its core, Boost+ is essentially another junk cleaner, deleting unnecessary temporary files, cache stores and other miscellaneous leftover data to speed up your phone. Android is now smart enough to manage its own RAM and keep tabs on running apps itself, making utilities such as Boost+ largely redundant. The app's security and privacy features may prove useful to many smartphone owners though, even if the supposed performance gains appear unlikely to benefit everyone. It isn't limited to HTC devices and will be available on every Android phone running version 5.0 Lollipop or newer. The 5.2-inch handset offers a large battery, improved camera, high-fidelity audio and a clear and bright screen in a bid to attract customers back to the brand.
Sometimes, when you have a lot of those installed alongside media like music, video and pictures, there's not much room left. Your Chromebook has an SD card reader on the side, and if you add a card to it, all the space on the card is available to the operating system for storage. The first is that you might not want half of an SD card or a USB thumb drive hanging off the side of your Chromebook where it can get broken. Your Chromebook can format or reformat an SD card, but it will only do it using the FAT32 file system.
Besides issues with file permissions you might run into, remember that journalizing may cause flash storage to wear out fast.
Most any USB hard drive will work, so look for the fastest one (USB 3) you can afford, even if your Chromebook doesn't have USB 3 ports — your next one will. Also note that there is no defragmenter in Chrome OS, so if the drive gets "clogged" up you'll need to do that on another computer, too.
Every account gets 15GB of free Google Drive storage, and it will show in the file manager where you can easily access any of it.
I'm building a new desktop workstation for the office, and I have 6.5TB of storage sitting here to go in it.
In the meantime, be sure to keep everything backed up somewhere, and learn to delete the things you'll never need again. It also has a lot of developers going against it as they see sales slip down the drain thanks to icon packs being uploaded without the copyright holder's consent. Fastimizer safely deletes junk files like App cache, and residual files which are taking up space on your internal storage drive.
I just need to click the scan button to scan my device for background tasks, unneeded system and application cache files on my storage drive.It takes a few seconds for the scan results to appear. Memory Boost lets you choose the background apps you want to stop, and uncheck apps like web browsers, or games to keep them from being stopped by Memory Boost, so you can go back to where you left off on apps, and games which you choose not to stop from running in Memory Boost. It has never crashed, freeze, or randomly restart after using it for a few days on Google Android. Fastimizer’s app also works on Google Android 2.3 and up, so it works on a lot of older Android devices which are many years old.
It will help you get back free space which is used up by unneeded cache files from system and application apps. We spend thousands of dollars every year, to buy that new galaxy, or the latest iPhone, that gets launched. There are a lot of hackers, crackers, and people, who is always looking for, to break into your confidential information, and play with your information, which may cause huge problems.
Block unwanted calls and messages, and get rid of malicious apps that may risk your privacy. The app also cleans application caches and junk files from your system, Increases the available storage space on SD card and boosts your Android phone. Mobile Security with free antivirus for Android secures against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans and even against loss or theft. Secure your phone and tablet with our top-rated free mobile security app with both antivirus and anti-theft protection.
AV-TEST, a leading independent organization in Germany, conduct regular appraisals of all antivirus products on the market and hand it awards for excellence.
It has enhanced Call & SMS filter that allows you to block unknown numbers and numbers starting and ending with a certain series. All the great features of Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security are now available in a single easy-to-use solution that is optimized specifically for smartphones and tablets. It can boost the speed of your phone by up to 60%, cleans junk (cache) files from your system, and increases the available storage space on your SD card. PC Security Labs heralded this cutting-edge app with a FIVE STAR AWARD, so you know you can trust it to keep your device, your information, and your privacy safe!
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile protects your phone or tablet from malware, infected apps, and unauthorized surveillance.
Protect your smartphone or tablet with Mobile Security & Antivirus, premium internet security solution from ESET and enjoy the web and shopping online. Our primary topics are inspiration, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Web Dev, Design Tutorials, news, and much more.
Amazing features had been added to this app to improve and boost your phone's speed by over 80%.
Android Assistant is one of the most powerful and comprehensive management tools to improve your android phone's performance.
From now on, if you're inside any group conversation, you just need to tap on the phone icon to initiate a group call. Keep now lets you save web pages, and its new hashtag feature makes organizing and categorizing notes easier than ever. Apple’s iCloud Photo Library automatically backs up every single photo you take to iCloud if you enable it. Every photo counts towards the 5GB of space, which is shared among everything you’re storing in iCloud.
Allow the app to upload your photos with “High quality (free unlimited storage).” The Assistant screen in the app will show you the progress and you can view your photos on the web. Tap “Disable and Delete” and you’ll disable iCloud Photo Library and delete the photos from Apple’s servers.

The storage won’t be freed immediately, but the next backup your device performs will be smaller. Some applications store their settings, documents you’ve created, and save games in Apple’s iCloud service to sync them between your devices.
The “Other Documents” entry in the list contains any personal documents you’ve stored in iCloud Drive. Emails–including attachments–will also take up space in your iCloud account and count against that 5GB of free storage. Most of the storage space is probably used by messages with large attachments, so you’ll want to target and delete those.
For example, Google’s Gmail offers a free 15GB of storage space shared between Gmail, Google Drive, and the larger photos you store in Google Photos. You may not like all of these suggestions, but if you don’t want to pay extra for more than 5GB of space, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. Add in Google Drive syncing, and running out of space is a real possibility — especially on the 16GB storage models. That's just not how Chromebooks are designed, and even the most expensive models only come with a 64GB SSD installed.
One day, I'll need to worry about it getting full, and I'll have to pay closer attention to what I save and where I save it. It also stops unneeded background apps from running to free up RAM, so your device will run apps, and games faster because there is more free RAM to run apps and games after Fastimizer stops all the unneeded background apps.
Fastimizer Scan results shows me how much RAM is being used by background apps, and how much my storage is being used by my system, and application cache files. You would also get back free memory after Memory Boost kills unneeded background tasks which are using up a lot of RAM on your Google Android device. Our cell phones not only contain the personal photographs and contact information, and some private stuff, but, nowadays, they contain a lot more than that. And, trust me, with the term hackers and information stealers, I do not only mean those Chinese hackers, but also the people that stay around you, yes your friends, and your mom might also be checking into your whatsapp chats, which might cause a huge problem in the dinner conference later. We are using Simple Booster technique to make your phone fast enough, specially if you have old device. If you want to avoid the monthly fee but keep backing up to iCloud instead of to iTunes, we have a few tricks for you. Google Photos offers completely free storage of an unlimited number of photos as long as you’re willing to automatically compress them a bit to “high quality.” It even supports live photos now. You may actually see an old device here–for example, an old iPhone you upgraded from, or an iPad you no longer own. If you no longer need an individual document or no longer use an application, you can recover some space by deleting these. Or perhaps you can switch to an alternative app that won’t drain your iCloud storage space quite as much.
Think of the services that really matter to you, and which ones you’re willing to use alternatives for instead.
Fastimizer is made by Wise which makes the popular Wise 365 Care which is a popular system utility program for maintaining Windows PC. After The Scan is complete, I just need to tap on the clean button to stop background tasks, and delete my system and application cache files to free up RAM, and storage space on my device. Considering the features and versatility that the cell phone provide, we are able to implement their use in a lot of stuff, and even some of our professional and confidential agencies may be using it, and handling the national level security on that 5 inch device. There are other photo storage apps you could potentially use, like Flickr, but we really do recommend Google Photos. This can help you save space, especially because not every app really needs to be backed up to iCloud. Mail, or any other type of email account that isn’t Apple’s iCloud, your emails aren’t taking up any space in iCloud.
You give up iCloud Photo Library, for example, but Google Photos provides easy online backups of your photos without the monthly fee–that’s well worth it to us. The cleaning time only takes a few seconds to finish deleting all system, and app cache, and killing unneeded background tasks. The technology has advanced magicians, and the things that we used to fantasize and imagine a few years back, is available to us so easily and feasibly. Well, the very simple and basic way is to implement security on your cell phone, using those pattern locks, or passwords, etc, and another more secure, and more feasible option is to use some third party applications, that integrates security protocols in your mobile phone. You can also access Google Photos on the web, and there’s an Android app–something which makes it more cross-platform than Apple’s solution. For example, in the screenshot below, I could disable the Netflix app’s backup and save 41.5MB of storage space. Even if you have few number of apps or files, your Android device will slow down after some time. Many apps sync their data online like this anyway, so the iCloud backup isn’t completely essential.
In this article, We have listed the best five apps that will help you to maintain your android devices, it could be the smartphone or tablet.Maintaining the clean Android devices will help you to prevent slowdowns and give more free space for other resources. In addition, the optimization reduces the system burden by freeing up more resources as a result you can get faster performance and smoother operation from your device.Do You know?You can improve the speed of the Android Phone by using simple Maintenance Tips.
It will help you toA clean app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps. Compare to other apps in this category, it has more tools in one environment to easy to use.Clean App Cache module will clear the cache files that has been created by the All Apps.
If you are having the Android Phone that has low internal storage, Use the Clean App cache module to get more space. In addition, this app has the quick uninstaller and battery manager.The battery Manger module will display the battery status and battery life.
Use this to know you current battery status and play with your phone according to that battery stats.Android Optimizer feature will manage and optimize the Android device by killing the unnecessary background processes, services. If you feel lag in your Android device, use this module to get faster Android phones.GPS feature is useful for navigation and location-based services.
However, some Location App services will use the GPS in heavy mode and drain out your battery in no time. At that time, you can use this Kill GPS feature in this app to kill the apps that used the GPS services. It will optimize your device in the best possible way that will automatically y improve the Android system performance. A So far, this has been downloaded by more than millions of times, and now it is available for free in Play store.Android booster has theA  battery manager utilities for your Android phone and has one click optimization feature that will optimize your device completely.
App cache CleanerApp Cache cleaner is the handy tool, that will clean up all your application cache of all your applications. This app has the one tab cleanup feature thatA clean all cached files for getting more available space.
Startup Manager (Free)Startup manager helps you disable undesirable system startup entries when your phone or tablet boots. It monitors and shows the A list of start-up apps and resources.A To disable an item from system startup, uncheck the application from the list.
You can also re-enable the apps or resources using A this startup manger’s system startup entries list.
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