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Palram Skylight Amber Sheds are made of virtually unbreakable, 100% UV protected polycarbonate panels and reinforced with rust free aluminium and galvanised steel frame, this shed offers high durability and sturdy structure. Select the Buy now, pay later plan presented at the checkout to pay for your purchases with your Argos Card. There have been a number of times recently when I’ve spotted something rather nice in a friend’s garden and have asked where they bought it. The tinted skylight roof has safe opaque external visibility for maximum privacy while panels transmit natural and soft sunlight. I’ve recently helped the local community garden source a Keter shed for the site (very generously donated by Keter) and discovered that they are also available from Argos.

Maintenance free with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels and tinted light transmitting roof allows natural light inside the shed.
Spread the cost further, then you pay interest on the whole balance from the purchase date, with a minimum monthly payment. So when Argos asked me if I would like to review one of their garden umbrellas I was happy to oblige. And I really like it – it’s a classic design, with a winch handle that operates smoothly and easily, and a 3m diameter that generously covers the area of the garden table.
The fabric looks and feels like canvas but is actually polyester which is lighter and will weather better.

The central pole and the struts are metal printed with a wood design which I was initially a bit sniffy about until I realised that no teak forest had been plundered in the making of this umbrella. Included with the pressure washer on offer is a cleaning tool and patio cleaning kit.?249 seemed a bit steep so I decided to see what others were asking.

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